The Coregasm: Can You Orgasm from Working Out?

According to Men’s Health and women online, some women can climax just by doing certain exercises. If that isn’t motivation to hit the gym, then I don’t know what is.

What is a coregasm?

About 10 percent of women experience orgasms while working out. One study reported that, among these women, about half ‘coregasm’ while doing core and/or leg exercises, especially those that engage the pelvic floor.

A Coregasmic Workout

There’s no guarantee, but Women’s Health magazine suggests these moves:

  • hanging straight leg raises
  • hanging side crunches
  • single leg planks
  • medicine ball blasts

Try the 2-minute core workout in the video above. Even if you don’t experience the elusive coregasm, you’ll have done successfully completed three effective core-blasting exercises.

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