How to Lose Weight: Top 5 Easy Weight Loss Tips

eat naked lose weight

It seems like there’s a new diet, weight loss supplement, or fitness regimen in the headlines every week. But through it all, we know that we have to keep an eye on our calories, carbs, sugar, and do some strength training. We have the notes.

If you are tired of the diet roller coaster and need a break from another wave of huge, sweeping changes, then try these five easy weight loss tips. They’re not hard, they don’t require a lot of money or sacrifice, and they have been proven to work. Good luck!

1. Eat Naked

eat naked lose weight2

If you usually eat out or if you have a big family, then this is obviously not the right method for you. However, if you are home for one meal a day and you have some privacy, then strip down and eat your meal or snack in front of a full-length mirror.

If the sight of your naked body makes you think twice about going in for seconds, then doing this should make you eat less. As bikini model Marissa Miller says (who uses this method):

I don’t think I could eat a plate of nachos naked, could you?

Although I’ve never tried this personally, I think that eating naked works because it raises your awareness about what you’re eating. If you had to go to the trouble to strip down every time you mindlessly snacked at home, then you’d probably think twice about filling about on empty calories. If   you think this method will work for you and you can’t try it for practical reasons, then even eating in your bathing suit could make you think twice about what you put in your mouth.

2. Drink 2 Cups of Water Before Each Meal

Image (1) Water-Diet.jpg for post 688044

It sounds too simple to work, but there’s some science to back this up. In a weight loss study, people lost more weight when they drank two cups of water before each meal of the day.

3. Practice Inside-Out Weight Loss

weight loss meditation

Try “inside-out weight loss” with this guided meditation. Meditation has positive effects on health and stress levels too, so trying this weight loss method only has upsides.

4. Get a Diet Buddy

crossfit workout

There’s strength in numbers, and it can be fun to be part of a team with a shared goal. Start your diet or weight loss journey with a friend or a family member so that you can keep each other accountable.

5. Buy Some New Plates

red bowl lose weight

Get Smaller Dishes

There is scientific research that shows that people eat consistently less on smaller plates.

Get Red Dishes

In a study published in the journal Appetite, scientists found that people eat less when they’re eating off red plates.

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