Nationwide Listeria Recall: Which Fruit to Avoid

listeria fruit recall.bmp

Wawona Packing Company has issued a nationwide, voluntary recall of their Sweet2Eat peaches, nectarines, plums, and pluots. Listeria infection is a rare but life-threatening illness.

This is a national situation because Wawona supplies large chains like Costco, BJ’s, Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, Walmart, Kroger, and Sam’s Club. The recall only affects the Sweet2Eat fruit packed between June 1, 2014 and July 12, 2014. Customers can get a full refund. Look at the list below for some of the most popular packaging on the recalled products (photos provided by Wawano).

Refer to the Wawano website or the FDA list for specific product codes.

Sweet2Eat Fruit Recalled in Listeria Outbreak:

1. Sweet2Eat Nectarines in a Bag

listeria fruit recall (1)

2. Boxed Peaches (Trader Joe’s)

listeria fruit recall (10)

3. Boxed Sweet2Eat Peaches

listeria fruit recall (9)

4. Sweet2Eat Organic Peaches (2 lb)

listeria fruit recall (8)

5. White Nectarines (Boxed)

listeria fruit recall (7)

6. Boxed Peaches (Summer Flame)

listeria fruit recall (6)

7. Sweet2Eat Plums

listeria fruit recall (5)

8. Summer Flame Nectarines

listeria fruit recall (4)

9. Summer Flame Peaches

listeria fruit recall (3)

10. Sweet2Eat Nectarines

listeria fruit recall (2)

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