Top 10 Ways Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Healthy drinking is a large part of healthy eating. According to Jeffrey Blumberg, Tufts University Professor of Nutrition, tea is a ‘plant-based beverage.’

You put those leaves in water and you heat them up and what you’re doing is extracting these phytonutrients that are very similar to those that you find in fruits and vegetables.

So what should we be drinking? Green tea, black tea, or white tea? All of them, including herbal teas, according to teamaster Jennie Goldin. And not only does tea enhance our health, it also helps to enhance our weight loss efforts.

Goldin says:

“Consumed in the morning, [tea] increases metabolism and energy. Consumed in the afternoon, it aids in fat reduction, and consumed in the evening, it aids in stress reduction. Consumed at any time of the day, tea can reduce cravings.”

Here are the Top 10 ways to lose weight with tea, with explanations and information from Jennie Goldin.

1. White Tea Can Help Reduce Fat Storage

“White tea is the least processed of all teas and due to its lack of processing, it retains properties that can help reduce fat storage. Containing very high levels of catechins, white tea can help block fat from entering the cell to be stored. Try adding 40 ounces or more of brewed, plain tea to your diet daily.”

2. Green Tea Boosts Metabolism

“Although it is processed more than white tea, green tea still retains high levels of catechins that when consumed regularly can support a healthy metabolism. Catechins increase oxidization in the body and essentially tell the body to burn fat. Try adding 40 ounces or more of brewed, plain tea to your diet for an increase of a 50-70 calorie burn a day.”

3. Oolong Tea Helps You Burn Fat

“For the tea drinker that desires a more full-bodied taste than what white or green tea can offer, consider adding full-strength oolong tea to your daily diet. Drinking about 40 ounces a day can increase your calorie burn an estimated 60 calories. Some studies even showed oolong tea can burn 12% more fat than dieting along.”

4. Drink Oolong After Large, Fatty Meals to Block Carb Absorption

Oolong tea is further processed than green tea which increases the levels of polyphenols that block absorption of carbohydrates and fats. Enjoy an 8 ounce cup of brewed, plain oolong tea after any large, fatty meal.”

5. Oolong Tea Reduces Sugar Cravings

“Another advantage of oolong tea is it can help when cravings for sweets hit in the afternoon. Drinking an 8 ounce cup of oolong tea as the craving starts can temper the craving.”

6. Oolong Tea Before Workouts Can Help Performance

“Drinking a cup of oolong tea 30 minutes before your workout can increase your energy to support your results.”

7. Pu-erh Tea Can Help Shrink Fat Cells

“Pureh tea goes through a fermentation process before it is brewed and as a result, contains an enzyme that can support the shrinking of fat cells. Pureh tea has a very deep taste and is perfect for someone that also enjoys kombucha tea, which is fermented during brewing.”

8. Black Tea Gives You Balanced Energy

“Black tea is the most processed of all teas; however it still supports weight loss. Containing caffeine and theanine, your body gets an energy boost from black tea without the jitters and can often calm you enough to focus on a healthy diet.”

9. Mint Tea Helps Reduce Belly Bloat and Gas

“Mint leaves can help with the reduction of gas and bloat. Try brewing mint leaves with the tea of your choice when relief is needed from stomach gas and bloat.”

10. The Less Milk or Sweeteners Used, the Better

“All types of tea can help with metabolic processes and oxidization in the body only if it is consumed without sweeteners or milk. When tea is combined with milk or sweetener, the milk and/or sweetener molecules bond to the oxides in tea and your body losses the opportunity to absorb them to support optimal health.”

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