Pilates Workout Video: 30-Minutes to Long and Lean


Pilates is an amazing workout for strengthening your core and getting firm, but Pilates classes can be expensive. Developed in the 1920s, Pilates is a series of highly controlled movements that build strength without bulkiness. It also helps prevent injury and improves flexibility.

Try this 30-minute mat Pilates workout video for a sculpted, lean look and a strong core. Pilates helps to give you a ‘dancer’s body’, aka long muscles and good posture.

Two things to Remember:

  1. Mat Pilates uses your body as resistance, so prepare for a full bodyweight workout.
  2. Breathing is a large part of Pilates, so you’ll also be doing some mind-body work.

Equipment Needed: Yoga or Exercise Mat

Mat Pilates Exercises in the Video:

Calf Raises
Squats on Tip Toes
Pilates 100s
Rolling in a Ball
Leg Stretch (alternating knees, with core activated)
Legs Up and Down (alternating straight and bent legs, core activated)
Leg Scissors
Double Leg Lifts (core activated)
Crisscross (Bicycle)
Bridge with Calf Raises
Bridge with Leg Lifts
Leg Lifts on Your Side
Knees Touch- Toes Touch
Knee Circles on Your Side
Glute Stretch
Grasshopper Heel Kicks
Butt Kicks (Facedown)
Forearm Plank
Straight-Arm Plank
Standing Tricep Arms Press
Standing Straight Arm Twist
Bicep Press
Calf Raises with Heels Touching
Wide Squat with Heels Up (Plie)
Toe Tapping
Plank to Yoga Push-Ups

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