Briana Aguirre: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A nurse at the hospital were Ebola-stricken healthcare workers Nina Pham and Amber Vinson has blown the whistle on Texas Presbyterian’s protocols. In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Briana Aguirre said “I can no longer defend my hospital.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Briana Said ‘We Were Never Told What to Look For’

In the interview, Briana tells Lauer that there had been no discussions with staff about Ebola prior to Thomas Eric Duncan’s arrival at Texas Presbyterian. She says “We never talked about Ebola…we were never told what to look for.”

Briana said there was an optional seminar offered on Ebola but staff were not forced to attend. She did say that the standard of protective equipment had been upgraded. Although, according to Briana, there was a gap of a few inches between the mask and gown. She the suit left a gap below the chin. Speaking frankly, Briana talked about her reaction to the suits:

To be honest, I threw a fit. I just couldn’t believe it, in the second week of an Ebola crisis at my hospital, the only gear they were offering us allowed our necks to be uncovered.

When she raised the issue with the hospital’s vice president, he promised Briana he would get back to her, he never did.

2. Aguirre Looked After Nina Pham & Amber Vinson

amber vinson photo, ebola nurse dallas, frontier flight 1143

WEWS NewsChannel5 in Cleveland obtained this yearbook photos of Amber Vinson, who is from Akron, Ohio. (Twitter/@WEWS)

When Nina Pham and Amber Vinson were first diagnosed, Briana was one of the nurses taking care of them. On October 16, days after her diagnosis, Pham was moved to a hospital in Maryland. Vinson was moved to Emory University Hospital hours after she tested positive for Ebola. Aguirre was not one of the nurses caring for Thomas Eric Duncan.

3. She’s Worried About Losing Her Job Because of the Interview

Duncan family quarantine Liberia Dallas

A Hazmat squad member removing items from where Thomas Eric Duncan had been staying in Dallas. (Getty)

She has worked at Texas Presbyterian for three years. Speaking about her future at the hospital, she admitted that she may be fired because of her whistle blowing. Briana insisted though that coming forward was the right thing to do. She called the job the “best she ever had.” Telling Lauer, Briana said “I’m the breadwinner of my family. I’m terrified. I’m just like the majority of middle class, working class people.” She is the mother of two daughters.

4. A Facebook Page Has Appeared in Support of Her

Briana Aguirre Facebook


The page was activated almost immediately after Briana’s interview. One commenter on the page said, “What a brave nurse to step forward like that God bless her and I pray she will not suffer any retaliation.” Another said, “Thank you for making us aware of the negligence. We will do everything on our part to keep ourselves safe. That’s all anybody can do. Briana, you are an angel.”

Her case has also gotten support on Twitter:

5. She Is Not a Member of a Nurse’s Union

During the interview, Briana says that she is not a member of a nurse’s union. On the day of Amber Vinson’s diagnosis, National Nurses United demanded answers has to how two nurses at Texas Presbyterian got Ebola. One of the issues was over the lack of isolation given to Thomas Eric Duncan, reports of exposed medical waste not being cleared and the lack of training given to staff about the spread of Ebola.



Mike Goldstein

Agree 100%. Nothing stops Briana from covering her exposed skin with additional materials provided. Yet she blames everyone instead of her own self. How did this person even become a RN??? It smells of cash hungry unhappy employee looking for an early way out. I’d fired her in the spot and recommend suspension of her license. Incompetent, selfish, and clearly dumb.


Spoken like a true Jew. You’re special, and everyone else isn’t. BTW, Jews are the BIGGEST hypochondriacs I’ve ever encountered. Good luck getting quality care after you’ve verbally flogged nurses who raise valid concerns over their safety. I’m sure Briana wants to go home at the end of her work day to her kids safe and sound. Why criticize her for that?


She blames her own medical incompetence on the hospital. Revoke her RN license, fire her, and ban her from ever having anything to do with healthcare provisions. Coward and just looking for money she’ll never be able to make from working.

Sandra S. MD

I have to agree with you! She’s clearly a bitch with nothing else going for her. Sue the hospital just like some idiot nurses do when doctors tell them what to do. She’s better off going for minimum wage the rest of her miserable life. Dumb bitch not needed!


And the two sick nurses are “dumb bitches” as well? They followed the same protocol. Never heard a doctor talk like you. LOL.


Wow! Sandra S., MD – I am overwhelmed by your compassion, empathy, sympathy and kindness. I think you are in the wrong field of work. I suggest you follow your own advice and go get a minimum wage job. Clearly your “God Complex” is raging out of control. You appear to have the mental illness “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” AKA: NPD. I think you are not in a good place and seem to have a LOT of rage, anger and venom simmering inside you. I feel sorry for any person you come into contact with. Your personality is toxic. Why don’t you prescribe yourself some Valium or Xanax and calm the hell down? Please seek some therapy for your rage and anger issues. You are not a well or normal person. You reaction and thinking is unusual, abnormal and not even remotely healthy. If you are a psychiatrist? Then you reaction makes sense. After all psychiatrists go into psychiatry in order to learn what is wrong with themselves and seek a way to fix themselves and long ago ceased to know how to live a normal life.

Your reaction is strange, bizarre, abnormal, rage-filled, shrill, shrewish, ill-tempered, over the top, an over reaction and not at all typical of a person who is “normal”. Please seek help. Your level of irritability is not within the range of “normal” and shows that you are mentally ill. A “normal” reaction is one of calmness, practicality, rational thought, logical thought that you are missing. Instead? You went all postal and that is not even remotely “normal”.


The hospital did not even provide adequate equipment. There will be criminal charges brought up against the administration of the hospital. The coverals were not rated for liquids, required full face respirators, and did not have OHSA required training HAZMAT training for employees.


Typical TROLL comment. Ignorant to the point that I think you should be among those souls whom Ebola claims. Maybe you’re the reason for birth control.

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