Thomas Eric Duncan: Ebola Patient Lied on Health Form, Says Liberia

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Officials in Liberia say they will prosecute Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the U.S.

The government in Duncan’s homeland says he lied on a health form prior to traveling to American from Liberia via Belgium.

The Chairman of the Liberia Airport Authority told The New York Times:

He lied on his form. If he had answered truthfully, he would have been sent to secondary screening immediately and not allowed to leave.

Duncan left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the U.S. on September 20. According to CNN reporter Ram Rampgopal, Duncan had his temperature taken in Monrovia prior to traveling, and it was normal.

But the AP reports that on a health form asking questions about whether Duncan had contact with someone who had Ebola, he answered no. The New York Times reported that on September 15 Duncan helped a 19-year-old pregnant woman get to the hospital when she was convulsing and vomiting. The woman was so sick that Duncan had to carry her. That woman, and members of her family, later died from the Ebola virus. Ebola is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids.

Now some 100 people in the Dallas area, including five children who attend four different schools, are being watched closely after making contact with Duncan during his visit. For more details on Thomas Eric Duncan and the Ebola scare in Dallas, go here: