Top 5 Best Weight Loss Supplements

new years resolutions, weight loss, diet pills, appetite suppressant


It’s 2015 and chances are you’ve made the choice to hit the gym and drop those extra pounds that have plagued you all of 2014.

But sometimes success can be boosted beyond diet and exercise with the help of weight loss supplements. But first and foremost, you have to remember that weight loss supplements are just that: supplements. They aren’t magical pills that shed the pounds. Dropping those unwanted LB’s will take sweat equity and eating right.

Still, supplements can give you the extra oomph to get that metabolism going.

But before deciding to implement any one of these highly-rated supplements into your workout regimen and diet, consult your doctor.

Also remember that the prices posted here are reflective of when this article was published.

1. Garcinia Cambogia by NaturaBest

new years resolutions, weight loss, diet pills, appetite suppressant


Garcinia cambogia is a fruit-bearing tree with native populations in Asia, Australia, tropical and southern Africa, and Polynesia. Its fruit, known as “mangosteens”, is popular among many animals. Its rind however is what humans relish. The extract of its rind contains a chemical that is a known appetite suppressant. Many weight loss supplements contain garcinia cambogia as an active ingredient, but NaturaBest offers it in its purest form.

Every bottle contains 60, 1000mg capsules produced in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

Garcinia cambogia also promotes healthy serotonin levels and increases energy.


Price: $39.00

Buy Garcinia Cambogia by NaturaBest here.

2. Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer

new years resolutions, weight loss, diet pills, appetite suppressant


Ubervita W700 is a thermogenic herbal blend weight loss supplement.

Thermogenic means just what it sounds like. It’s meant to increase body heat to burn fat faster. This can be done with a number of compounds, but the most popular are caffeine and ephedrine. Thermogenic supplements are most commonly used by bodybuilders and other “show” athletes that want to give their body that extra-cut look.

Ubervita W700 is one of the one most trusted thermogenic supplements with certified ingredients produced in the United States.


Price: $28.85

Buy Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer here.

3. Xentrafen PM

new years resolutions, weight loss, diet pills, appetite suppressant


Xentrafen PM is a nighttime thermogenic weight loss product, which means you can lose weight while you sleep.

Unlike Ubervita W700, Xentrafen PM contains no caffeine or other stimulants that will keep you awake so it’s ideal for nighttime use. In fact, its ingredients even promote deeper, better sleep. It will also curb those midnight snack cravings which plague so many of us.

To see the best results of Xentrafen PM, pair it with its daytime counterpart Xentrafen.

Both Xentrafen and Xentrafen PM contain anti-phentermine chemicals, which are known and proven appetite suppressants.


Price: $35.00

Buy Xentrafen PM here.

4. One XS Weight Loss Pills

new years resolutions, weight loss, diet pills, appetite suppressant


One XS Weight Loss Pills contain appetite suppressants and fat burners all in one convenient pill.

Better yet, they’re made in the USA, in an FDA approved, GMP-certified lab, with fast acting ingredients.

Like Xentrafen PM and Ubervita W700, One XS Weight Loss Pills are thermogenic and the active ingredients include carcinia cambogia and green tea extracts.

One XS Weight Loss Pills are only sold online by Amazon.


Price: $39.44

Buy One XS Weight Loss Pills here.

5. Triphala Extract

new years resolutions, weight loss, diet pills, appetite suppressant


Triphala Extract is the kind of magic bullet of health.

It’s not only great for weight loss but also heart health, skin health, and digestion.

Triphala is a traditional Indian herb that has been used there since ancient times in holistic and homeopathic medicine. It’s also known as churnas, haritaki, maharishi, ayurveda, banyan, churna, ayurvedic, savesta, guggulu, ghee, gaia, ashwagandha, and many more names!

This particular triphala extract is made in the USA in a GMP-certified lab.


Price: $16.95

Buy Triphala Extract here.

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