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9 Best Thermometers: Compare, Buy & Save

With the coronavirus hitting the shores of the United States, the Center for Disease Control has recommended certain items you need to help monitor your and your family’s health. Thermometers are an important part of any home wellness kit. Compare, buy & save with our helpful list of the best thermometers to accurately gauge your temperature and start feeling better sooner.

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What is the Best Thermometer for Kids?

When it comes to taking temperatures infants, toddlers, and kids, in general, can be tricky. They squirm around, they are fussy and they typically don't like having it done. Luckily there are some thermometers out there that are perfectly designed to take a child's temperature.

The Smart Thermometer from Kinsa/Baby Doppler can be used while the person is asleep. It is small and lightweight and the best part is that it syncs to your phone so that you can keep all the information you've taken. This is great for moms and dads that need to chart their children's temperature during an illness. It is super easy to use and gives quick, accurate results. 

If your kids have trouble with oral or rectal thermometers there is an alternative that is pretty unique and insanely cool. The Temple Touch thermometer is a great way to gently take your child's temperature without being invasive or making them uncomfortable. This is one of the preferred ways of taking an infant's or small child's temperature. 

If you are looking for something a little more high-tech but still need something with minimal invasiveness then this temporal thermometer from Withings-Nokia should do the trick. Gently apply this thermometer to your child's temple or forehead and pull up the results on your smartphone. This is the future of thermometers and is insanely cool while also being gentle and comfortable for your child while they are not feeling well. 

This Wearable Underarm baby and child thermometer are just like a baby monitor but for temperature. It has a long 24-hour runtime and is gentle on your child's skin while resting underneath their arm. Place the sticker under your child's arm and keep the monitor on you to check your child's temperature for up to 24 hours. If it reaches a certain temperature then an alarm will go off on the monitor and you will be notified.