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5 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs: Compare and Save

lightweight wheelchairs 2018


Getting around isn’t always so easy, especially as we age. Many people don’t fully appreciate their mobility until it’s compromised. If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty walking, wheelchairs are an effective, safe, and trusted method for everyday travel.

Since the wheelchair is a fundamental component of rehabilitative and long-term patient care, there are a lot of options out there. Here are five of the best lightweight wheelchairs on the market, and we’ve found options for every budget. If you’re looking for a gift for the senior on your list who needs a bit of assistance to spend time with you, these are also some really great options. Save some serious money on the best lightweight wheelchairs based on our research.

lightweight wheelchair foldable red Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Folds easily and is sturdy
  • Doesn’t mark up floors
  • Adjustments for just about everything
Price: $159.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ultra light Desk Arms Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Breathable nylon upholstery
  • Good quality for the price
  • Leg rests elevate for comfort
Price: $241.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ergonomic wheelchair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very lightweight and foldable
  • Narrow frame and overall size
  • Quality materials
Price: $599.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
manual lightweight padded wheelchair folding red Amazon Customer Reviews
  • No tools and almost no assembly required
  • Gray wheels don’t scar floors with marks
  • Fits through standard size doorway
Price: $639.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Pace of a brisk walk & electronic
  • Lightweight. foldable
  • Zero point turn radius
Price: $1,699.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Transport Chair: Adult Folding with Handbrakes, Red by Medline

    • Folds easily and sturdily
    • Effortless to maneuver compared to other lightweight wheelchairs
    • Adjustments for just about everything
    • Doesn’t mark up floors
    • Best bang for your buck
    • Unfortunately, quality transfer and wheelchairs are more expensive. Some users have experienced problems with the wheels, but have been able to return the defective product.
    • Handbrakes may be hard to press for some, but they are adjustable. Many negative reviews are from people who don’t utilize the adjustment features.
    • Connections for folding can wear out over long periods of time

    It’s important to note that this is a transport chair, not a wheelchair. Transport chairs make it simpler for caregivers to help you or your loved ones get around with comfort and ease. This chair needs to be pushed by someone else to move, but it’s much lighter and more compact than a regular wheelchair. Its back wheels are slightly larger for better handling.

    Handbrakes and seat belt are for safety and this lightweight transport chair weighs in at only 23.5 pounds while maintaining comfortable nylon upholstery, full-length armrests, and detachable footrests. Supports up to 300 pounds and has a comfy, wide seat: 19″ W x 16″ D. Folds into 32″ H x 24″ D x 10″ W.

  2. 2. Lightweight Wheelchair with Flip-Back, Desk-Length Arms and Elevating Leg Rests for Extra Comfort, Gray, 18” Seat by Medline

    • Flip-back, desk-length arms make it easy to navigate under tables and through doors
    • Raised leg rests elevate comfort and remove easily
    • Breathable nylon upholstery
    • Smooth-rolling mag wheels with low-maintenance flat-free tires
    • Good quality for the price
    • Not the best for carpet; you would need to invest in a better quality wheelchair for that
    • Some experience problems fitting through doors
    • Pieces get loose and woobly over time

    This smartly engineered chair is simple but sturdy enough to support 300 pounds. Perfect for those who want a lightweight design for on-the-go travel, this Medline wheelchair is 33 lbs without leg rests. Enjoy easy access to flip-back desk arms and the comfort of elevating leg rests that remove easily. The backrest is adjustable and the seat is available in three different widths.

  3. 3. Karman 25 lbs Ergonomic Wheelchair with Removable Footrest, 16 inch, Pearl Silver or Rose Red

    • Narrower than other wheelchairs in its class, so able to fit in places that might otherwise be difficult. (This also makes it best for smaller people)
    • Very lightweight and foldable
    • With effortless self-maneuvering, this chair can provide long distance independence
    • Able to handle multiple terrains, including speedbumps and parks
    • Engineered with quality materials and more comfortable than a standard wheelchair
    • No seatbelt
    • Arms are not removable
    • Very Expensive

    This beautiful chair is lightweight and comfortable for anyone from children to adults. Weighing in at only 25 pounds, the patented S-Shape Seating System provides anti-slippage support. Ergonomic design conforms to the human body to increase stabilization, relieve pressure, and lower the risk of scoliosis and pressure sores. The armrests are ergonomic, too: a wider arm pad offers support for the elbow.

    Comfy cushions are equipped with Aegis anti-bacterial technology and stain-resistant material that eliminates and controls odors, stains, and natural deterioration.

    The Karman wheelchair is especially ideal for those who also plan on self-propelling due to its effortless ergonomic hand-rim that enhances comfort, mobility, and flexibility.

  4. 4. Lightweight Wheelchair with Full length Padded Armrests and Hand Brakes

    • No tools and virtually no assembly required
    • Total assembled weight is 21 pounds, the lightest wheelchair on this list
    • Fits through standard size doorway
    • Able to check the wheelchair in its bag onto an airplane
    • Gray wheels don’t scar floors with black marks
    • Arms are not removable, but do flip back
    • Not very many verified purchases as compared to other wheelchairs
    • Sometimes it's difficult to fully fold

    An ergonomic manual wheelchair weighing just 21 pounds, this wheelchair uses the lightest yet strongest materials – magnesium alloy, which is stronger than your typical aluminum wheelchair. With a foldable and compact frame, any family member or caregiver can lift and store it with a convenient bag with a hand strap.

    Luxurious padded armrests and cushions connect to swing away leg rests. A high solid and flexible front fork “hinge” design helps prevent obstacles. Rear hand brakes coated in non-slip rubber make it easier to control speed. If you are self-propelling, front hand brakes will stop with the push of a button.

    The seat width of this chair is 17.5 inches. Weight Capacity: 220lbs.

  5. 5. 2018 NEW FDA Approval Electric Power Wheelchair – weighs only 50 lbs with battery – supports 295 lb.

    • Elderly users find this wheelchair intuitive and easy to use
    • Takes up less space than a traditional wheelchair
    • Gives the rider much more independence by not requiring a caretaker or physical effort other than moving a joystick
    • Zero point turn radius. This means the turning radius is zero inches, the lowest possible; the wheelchair can turn within its own footprint.
    • Moves at the pace of a brisk walk
    • A little sluggish to get started, but a quick brake
    • Other electric power wheelchairs can propel its user faster, but this chair compromises top speeds for portability and a lower weight.
    • Obviously slightly heavier than other options

    This feather-light electric wheelchair does it all for you or your loved one. Weighing only 50 pounds with the battery, the Innuovo power wheelchair is newly upgraded and more stable and secure than ever before. It supports up to 295 pounds and is easy to operate with a high-tech joystick that allows for one free hand.

    Safety is among the biggest priorities with this chair. State-of-the-art features of this electronically propelled wheelchair include premium rear wheels, very durable construction, and a stable footrest. Only one hand is needed for quick stopping. The front-wheel shock absorber supports a comfortable seat. This lightweight electric wheelchair will last for years and years, but it’s still light enough to pack up into a vehicle, on an airplane, or in storage.

    Newly upgraded – more secure and stable.


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You may also find a wheelchair storage bag useful for holding purses, glasses, groceries, and medical supplies. For even more passenger comfort, this wheelchair cushion with a removable cover is a great choice, especially for the price.

We compared costs, features, and reviews for you so you don't have to. Before ordering, please check your door width to ensure to the wheelchair you choose will fit through your doors at home.

Priced from the most budget-friendly to the most luxurious options, there's one for nearly every budget.  Of course, the higher-priced chairs are more durable and a truly worthwhile investment. You'll only ever need to buy one if you choose quality over price.

Check out what WebMD has to say about lightweight wheelchairs and how they can benefit the user. 

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