13 Best Sex Chairs & Furniture to Fulfill Your Fantasies

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Sex chairs and other supportive or bondage furniture can spice up your love life in ways few other toys can. There’s no substitute for the angles, comfort, ease, or bondage a solid sex chair can bring. For more bondage buys see my guide on how to build your own Red Room of Pain.

What Are the Best Sex Furniture Products?

Woman in purple lingerie on black adult positioning stool
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Better bounce
Price: $89.99 Shop now at Love Honey Shop now Read our review
Folding bondage board with woman
  • Folds for storage and travel
  • 18 tie-down points
  • Nearly any position imaginable
Price: $499.95 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
Red and black octopus chairs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very stable for rough use
  • Perfect for doctor kinks
  • Six colors to choose from
Price: $888.60 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black Liberator Obeir spanking bench
  • Aid for bondage and spanking positions
  • Trusted brand
  • Includes four detachable cuffs
Price: $249.00 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
Two black position enhancer chairs, one with a hole in the seat
  • No assembly required
  • Two seats to play with
  • Sturdy metal frame
Price: $274.99 Shop now at Love Honey Shop now Read our review
Black obedience bench Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Supports 400 pounds
  • Lots of quick-release straps
Price: $650.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black position wedge with handcuffs
  • Easy to store
  • Six bondage tie-down points
  • Makes positions more comfortable
Price: $59.99 Shop now at Love Honey Shop now Read our review
Inflatable positioning pillow and woman in lingerie Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Inflatable and easy to store
  • Washable cover
  • Position pillow and toy holder stool
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red torture chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Intimidating
  • Legs swing open
  • Adjustable
Price: $2,561.67 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
IntimiateRider and RiderMate Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Perfect for those with mobility issues
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Glides to create rocking motion
Price: $329.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black Liberator chaise lounge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Can pass for furniture
  • Available with bondage tie down or without
  • Makes positions more comfortable
Price: $439.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Sex swing Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes swing and stand
  • No need to install on door or ceiling
  • Real leather
Price: $434.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Folding chair with hitatchi magic wand Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Compatible with a wide range of toys
  • Good for solo or kinky partner play
Price: $199.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Bondage Boutique Sex Chair

    • Takes strain off knees
    • Versatile
    • Good for partner and solo play
    • Opens up tons of positions
    • Affordable
    • Not as bondage friendly as others
    • Only holds 330 pounds
    • Doesn't fold flat

    This Bondage Boutique Positioning Chair is extremely versatile with dozens of positions made possible and more comfortable with this little stool. With your partner lying under the stool, you can bounce on them with the support of the stretchy seat straps. That takes some of the strain off your back and knees. Or one person can sit on the stool and the other lay on the floor for more comfortable oral sex. 

    You’re really only limited here by your imagination. It’s built to hold up to 330 pounds.

  2. 2. Strict Folding Restrait Board

    • Folds for easier storage or travel
    • Looks like luggage when folded
    • Huge range of possibilities
    • Sturdy real wood frame
    • 65 inches long
    • 18 tie-down points
    • Easy-clean faux leather
    • Doesn't come with cuffs or chains
    • Not large enough to fit entire body for tall folks
    • Weigh 28 pounds

    The Strict Bondage Board is a folding platform with 18 D-ring tie-down points that can transform any surface into a dungeon slab and when you’re done it folds back up and can slip back into the closet or under the bed.

    With eight buckles on either side and one on the top and bottom, there are countless position possibilities once you add in your own wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and thigh cuffs. Want your sub pinned on all fours or bent in half? This can do both.

    With the addition of short lengths of chain, you can even create the 3D shapes shown in the images above by attaching the board to itself. Your flat bondage surface becomes a spanking chair or supportive wedge to bend a submissive over for all sorts of play.

    It’s plenty sturdy with real wood boards that are covered with high-density foam to protect hands and knees. The faux-leather cover is easy to clean which is essential. 

    When you’re done playing, the board folds closed, latches shut, and is small enough to be tucked away. It can pass as luggage or a briefcase even if anyone were to spot it.

    Unfolded it measures 24 inches wide, 65 inches long, and 2.5 inches tall.

  3. 3. Multifunction Octopus Chair

    • Perfect for medical kinks
    • Comes in six colors
    • Very stable
    • Discreet shipping
    • Too big for some
    • Doesn't fold down for storage
    • Needs assembly

    Play out all your doctor, bondage, and mad scientist fantasies with these Multifunction Octopus Chairs. They borrow from the design of gynecological exam chairs with the padded stirrups, but with an attached stool for the Dom and gripping handles for the person in the chair. 

    Another change from standard medical chairs is the fact that this chair has seven legs for increased stability allowing your sub to squirm or bounce around with less chance of the whole thing toppling over.

    It comes in a range of six colors to choose from including Classic BlackMetallic GoldBaby Pink, and Red–perfect for building a 50 Shades Red Room of Pain.

  4. 4. Liberator Obeir Bondage Spanking Bench

    • Built for spanking and bondage
    • Position aid reduces strain on joints
    • Trusted brand
    • Removable microfiber cover
    • Four D-ring bondage tie-downs
    • Comes with four adjustbale cuffs
    • Foam my collapse too much for some
    • Need to have space to store it
    • Cover isn't waterproof

    If you’re looking for a bondage chair for spanking or flogging sessions, Liberator’s Obeir Spanking Bench is made for you. “Obeir” is French for “obey” so already we’re off to a great start.

    The Obeir is a sturdy, secure, yet comfortable base for all sorts of fun bondage play in sitting, standing, and prone positions. The two-surface chair measures 18 inches tall, 24.5 inches long, and 24 inches wide. It’s made up of high-density foam that’s soft but supportive. It’s never fun when a sub has to end a session because the position is putting too much strain on their knees or back and positioning aids like this help to prevent that discomfort in the first place so you both can focus on the sensations you’re going for.

    There are so many ways to use this from a kneeling bench to a bondage chair to a traditional wedge support. It has a removable microfiber cover for easy cleaning and comes with four adjustable cuffs to attach to the four D-ring tie-down points. 

  5. 5. Dominix 2-Surface Position Enhancer Chair

    • Comes fully assembled
    • Two seat designs to play with
    • Easy-clean faux leather
    • Sturdy metal frame
    • Makes queening more comfortable
    • Four nylon tie-downs
    • Doesn't fold flat for storage
    • Not bouncy
    • Tie-downs look flimsy

    This Dominix Position Enhancer Chair is versatile with two interchangeable surfaces to play around with. The flat seat is great for positional support and as a spanking bench. The seat with a nine-inch diameter hole in the center is perfectly designed to aid in more comfortable queening and oral play.

    When the queening seat is installed, the standard flat seat fits into the bottom of the chair so the person lying under the chair has some padding to support their back. I love this feature. This seat also has four nylon tie-downs to be used as you please but keep in mind they don’t look sturdy enough to allow for significant pulling.

    This chair arrives fully assembled and all you need to do is insert the seat of your choice. This is great because I hate assembling furniture and that means that the metal frame is that much more secure because I know I wasn’t the one putting it together. 

    Each seat is padded for comfort and covered in easy-to-clean faux leather. Overall, the chair measures 12 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 19 inches long.

  6. 6. Obedience Bench

    • Ergonomic for long-time use
    • Supports 400 pounds
    • Quick-release straps
    • Easy to clean PU leather
    • Will intimidate your sub
    • Adjustable
    • Good for elevated doggy-style
    • Need a place to store it
    • Too kinky for some
    • Bench could be wider

    For the kink-minded, there’s nothing like an Obedience Bench to make a sub feel exposed. The bench positions them face-down and legs open with straps on each limb and their torso to keep them right where you want them. It’s the kind of furniture that turns any room into a dungeon immediately.

    This position lends itself to all sorts of fun from spanking to flogging to penetration. It has thick padding and is designed to keep them in an ergonomic posture similar to a portable massage chair which helps prevent position-fatigue so you can play longer.

    Purposeful discomfort is fun–leg cramps are not.

    There’s an adjustable face cradle to support their neck but that is removable so you can have full access to their mouth when you want it. The knee and armrests are also adjustable in height to accommodate different body shapes. It can hold up to 400 pounds but the torso pad is only 8.5 inches wide so keep that in mind when ordering.

    With two straps on each point of contact and a sturdy steel frame, you’ll have them securely in place giving them free rein to squirm. They’re quick-release buckles so if they need to come off the bench quickly there’s not panic dealing with belt-style buckles or locks. 

  7. 7. Inflatable Bondage Sex Cushion Cuffs & Blindfold

    • Easy to deflate and store
    • Makes variety of positions more comfortable
    • Six bondage tie-down points
    • Comes with wrist cuffs and blindfold
    • No air pump included
    • Chance of springing a leak
    • You'll want to cover it

    If you love the idea of a large position wedge but don’t have room for a permanent one, consider this Inflatable Sex Cushion

    This wedge goes from flat enough to store anywhere to an inflated wedge measuring 24.5 inches by 13 inches by 35 inches. The shape is designed to lift your hips and support your back, opening up a world of sex positions that are more comfortable than ever.

    If you want to add a little bondage, the wedge has six tie-down points and comes with a pair of detachable handcuffs and a velvet-lined blindfold. Any cuffs that can clip onto D-rings should work with this wedge so you can really go wild with bondage positions.

    The only thing is it has a flocked surface for comfort that isn’t easy to clean so I recommend a moisture-proof sex throw.

  8. 8. Koli Inflatable Multi-Purpose Cushion

    • Can deflate and store flat
    • Works as a positioning wedge
    • Slot to hold vibe or other toys
    • Washable cover
    • You could maybe pass it off as a bolster pillow
    • Can adjust firmness
    • Inflatables have seams
    • Not as sturdy as solid cushion
    • No color choices

    This Inflatable Multi-Purpose Cushion is good for solo and partner play because you can use it in a variety of ways. In addition to it being a regular, run-of-the-mill cushion you could use as a leg pillow (when partially inflated) or reading pillow, it also works as a positioning wedge to lift the hips while supporting your back. It makes the positions that can put a strain on your back and knees more comfortable. 

    It also has a hole on top of it where you can insert a vibe or other toy and you can use it as a mountable chair or stand it up on its side flat against the headboard. 

    Being inflatable means this cushion is easy to store out of sight since you can deflate it to almost nothing. The soft flocked surface is washable and waterproof.

  9. 9. Bondage Punishment Chair

    • Makes any room a dungeon
    • Will intimidate your sub
    • Adjustable
    • Legs swing open
    • One locking wheels
    • Not easy to store
    • Too kinky for some
    • Pricey

    This is a chair that will make your sub weak at the knees when they see it. The intimidating Punishment Chair has five points of restraint: wrists, thighs, and neck. 

    The leg portion swings open leaving your sub vulnerable to whatever tortures you’ve agreed upon. To adjust for different heights, the neck restraint bar can be adjusted up or down. 

    It’s made with sturdy oak with foam padding and easy to clean upholstery. The red and black color fits nicely into any kink decor. To move it into position (or wheel your sub wherever you’d like them) the chair is on locking casters. 

    For extras, it comes with wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs as well as an enema kit.

  10. 10. The IntimateRider & RiderMate

    • Perfect for those with lower body weakness or paralysis
    • Easy to store flat
    • Mat for partner is available
    • Can build rhythm with little effort
    • Fabric isn't silent
    • Pricey
    • RiderMate is sold separately

    For those with mobility issues, the IntimateRider is a godsend and allows for those with limited motor function to create a fluid rocking motion with very little physical effort. 

    The weighed seat glides on bearings with the smallest movement so those with lower body weakness or paralysis can still build up a rhythm using their upper body for more satisfying intercourse.

    When not in use, the chair folds flat to be stored in a closet or under the bed. 

    The RiderMate is sold separately but links up perfectly with the IntimateRider for your partner to lay on at a matching height.

  11. 11. Liberator Esse Adjustable Lounger

    • Makes positioning more comfortable
    • Trusted brand
    • Can pass as furniture
    • Colors to choose from
    • Bolsters are adjustable
    • Moisture-proof lining is machine washable
    • Made in America
    • Also just a comfortable lounger
    • Available alone or with bondage tie downs
    • Too big to store out of sight
    • Bondage version is less subtle
    • Have to have room for a chaise

    The Liberator Esse is a comfortable lounger designed to allow you to have more comfortable, ergonomic sex in a wide range of positions. Plus I like that it could pass as normal furniture to most people and wouldn’t look totally out of place in your master bedroom. 

    The shape works with your body so you feel supported however you and your partner want to get down. It has a headrest and scoop bolster can be used or removed for different kinds of support.

    Esse’s removable covers have a moisture-proof lining and are machine-washable which will be pretty important. It comes in black, red, aubergine, and espresso.

    For those who look at this and have kinkier thoughts, Liberator’s Black Label version of the Esse comes with over a dozen tie downs all over the sides of the lounger as well as wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs. 

  12. 12. Strict Sex Swing & Stand

    • Includes stand and swing
    • Holds up to 300 pounds
    • Great for folks with limited mobility
    • No more door swings
    • Real leather
    • Built-in head cushion
    • Can't fold up and store in closet
    • People may need assistance getting in the sling
    • Needs assembly

    This sex swing with stand gives you all the movement and weightlessness you’ve been looking for without having to install a swing into your ceiling and hope it doesn’t fall.

    I get the appeal of sex swings that hang from doors but in practice, it’s rarely a good time. The chances someone is getting the back of their head banged on the door are very high. Concussions aren’t sexy.

    This heavy-duty stand provides plenty of room to swing and bounce your bottom as hard as you want. It can be used how a sex swing is meant to be used. 

    You can adjust the length of the chains for the perfect height and the wide sling is much more comfortable than thinner-strap versions. It even has a head cushion built-in. Plus the sling is made of real leather and nothing competes with the smell of leather. 

    The only downside is that it’s not easy to store but if you have space, this swing more than earns its place.

  13. 13. Hands-Free Toy Mount Folding Chair

    • Folds up for storage with included bag
    • Easy to use
    • Good for solo or partner play
    • Great for kinky bondage
    • Easy clean up
    • Works with toys one to 2.25 inches diameter
    • Storage bag says Lucy's Novelties
    • Cold, hard metal chair
    • Won't fit all toys
    • Doesn't look fancy

    Whether you’re looking for something that will help you play with your favorite toys hands-free or something to tie your lover down to, this Hands-Free Wand Chair fits the bill. 

    Sure, it’s not the fanciest sex chair out there but it’s functional and more affordable than other elaborate models. The folding metal chair has had a hole cut in the seat and an adjustable clamp has been attached. The clamp is sized to hold toys with diameters from one inch to 2.25 inches. Not all toys this size will definitely fit as shape, base size, and if they have a suction cup play a part. 

    It will fit most wand vibes, though and that’s where this thing shines. Wands can get heavy after a while and a chair that holds it for you so you can grind away is ideal. It’s also nice for toys that you wish had a suction cup base but doesn’t. 

    For the kinky types out there, set this chair up with a wand vibe, tie your sub to the chair, turn the wand on, and watch them squirm for hours of entertainment. This also works with seating them down on a vibrating dildo, especially a Bluetooth vibrator that you can control from across the room–or across town. 

    Being a metal chair, it’s easy to clean and that’s going to be essential here, trust me.

    I love that it folds flat and includes a storage case but I do with the case didn’t include the “Lucy’s Novelties” logo because it kind of defeats the purpose. 

Who should buy sex furniture? 

Absolutely anyone who wants to, but there are certain folks who would benefit more than others. 

Furniture that is designed with getting down in mind is fantastic for people who find themselves frustrated, uncomfortable, or in pain with certain positions. This includes partnerships with a wide difference in body type or height and everyone as we age.

As we get older, our bodies are less happy to put up with the wild positions we used to love and certain furniture can adapt those positions to make them comfortable again.

People with physical disabilities should definitely give certain furniture aids a try. There are lots of expected and unexpected physical roadblocks that can show up in any situation when you're disabled and sex is no different. I have physical disabilities and I've run into my fair share of them. 

Positioning furniture can help take the strain off of your body and enable you to try positions you might not be able to otherwise. That could be something as simple as a cushion to support your spine and reduce your pain or something more involved like a sex bench to hold limbs in place. 

Disabled folks have been characterized as non-sexual in literature going all the way back to Greek myths. So show your partner a night they'll want to write a book about.

I'm looking for more bondage gear to build a dungeon.

Obedience benches and sex chairs are dungeon essentials and this list has great examples of sex furniture and additions that will turn normal furniture into bondage furniture. For more inspiration check out my guide to building your own red room of pain from the Fifty Shades franchise. 

Where do I store my sex bench or cushion?

That's the kicker with some of these items--they can be big. Which makes sense. If you're going to have two adults moving around on them, they can't be flimsy but that still creates issues when you have houseguests. 

If you absolutely need to be able to hide your furniture, stick with ones that are either inflatable so you can store them deflated, toys that can fold flat like swings, or wedge pillows that can pass as something else. 

For more substantial pieces you'll need a dedicated spot or be willing to stash them in a closet or other storage area. 

Make sure you're communicating any issues you're having with your doctor as pain during sex should always be checked out and certain medications can affect drive and/or enjoyment. 

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