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17 Best Sex Toys For Long Distance Partners

Sex toys for long distance can help you connect with your partner when you’re not able to see them in person. No matter the reason for your current separation, being apart is tough but luckily we live in an age when technology with toys like the rise of the Bluetooth vibrator which can help improve the sex lives of partners even when they’re miles apart. As a nice bonus, these toys are great for solo fun as well. They’re a good pick for stimulating long distance relationship gifts too.

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Ever Heard of Teledildonics?

Back in the day, when you couldn't see your sweetheart in person you had to write them snail mail, and if you wanted to be risque you could write them dirty letters. (The scandal of it all.)

With the advancements of the internet and video calls, cybersex was the obvious next step and a way for people separated by distance to still enjoy some quality sexy time together. 

But now we are living in an age of teledildonics according to Forbes. (Has anything ever sounded more cyberpunk?) Teledildonics simply refers to smart sex toys. We've got smartphones, smart lamps, and smart home fragrance devices--it wasn't going to be long before we humans made our vibrators smart too.

How Can We Be Intimate in a Long Distance Relationship?

You can build them the hottest sex room around, but sometimes distance wins out. But these days Smart devices can be controlled remotely from across the room or across the country.

Do you see where I'm going here?

Many smart sex toys can be paired to your phone and then, using a corresponding app, you can extend an invitation for your long distance partner to take control of the toy. 

While you may not be able to touch them physically, you can still create the pleasure they are feeling. 

Some toys can even synch up with each other and sense and respond to movement, sending that information in real-time to the second toy so it can react. That is some futuristic sex, right?

What Are Some Common Long Distance Relationship Intimacy Issues?

While studies show that long distance relationships have about the same success rate as geographical close relationships, many people still stress over how to make the physical distance thing work. 

And it's true. Long distance partnerships, whether monogamous or not, take work. It's important to make time for real communication and find ways to physically connect without in-person touch. 

When you can't be together, it's normal to get sexually pent up or feel frustrated. It's important to remember your partner probably feels the same way. There are lots of ways to release that tension including good old fashioned solo play and toys that help the two of you play together.

Is Physical Touch Required for a Healthy Relationship? 

Of course not. A lack of touch doesn't have to be what ends a relationship. Now more than ever in history we have the technology to bring people together across vast distances and time changes--so they can do it. That's the dream, right?

What About Sex in the Age of Coronavirus.

Recently, a lot of relationships suddenly became long distance overnight by way of crucially important quarantines. While incredibly important, we've got to acknowledge that it sucks. 

The cardinal rule right now is that if you're not living with them, don't have sex with them. We need to keep our contacts as limited as possible to starve the virus of hosts.

According to the New York City official guidance, "You are your safest sex partner."

So, in a way, you're doing your civic duty by staying at home and ordering a smart sex toy to improve your wanking sessions alone or over videochat. 

Just remember: this is temporary and teledildonics is here to help you make the best of it.