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35 Best Sex Toys for Men: Your Ultimate Guide

Sexual health is important, and gone are the days of people feeling embarrassed by buying sex toys. That’s why we’re counting down the very best sex toys for men you need in your life right this second.

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Are Penis Rings Safe?

We recently caught up with Astroglide’s resident sexologist Dr. Jess to discuss how safe penis rings really are. Below is everything you need to know. 

"Penis rings are safe if you use them safely," says Dr. Jess. "The biggest 'safety' issue I hear about when it comes to penis rings involves pulling/plucking of pubic hairs.

"Adding some lube around the area can reduce pulling — as can shaving/trimming. Generally, it’s suggested that you wear a ring for a maximum of 20-30 minutes before taking a break. But you know your body best, so use common sense and remove it if it feels painful, causes swelling or results in a lack of sensation/numbness."

How Will a Penis Ring Affect an Erection?

"Though [penis] rings can offer a slight increase to the size and firmness of an erection, you don’t want to overdo it," continues Dr. Jess.

"If it’s your first time wearing a ring, try it out for five minutes on an erect penis to make sure it fits and be sure to remove it if you ever observe any pronounced swelling.

"If you’re taking blood thinners, have a penis injury or you have a history of blood, nerve or circulation issues, check with your medical practitioner before using a ring. Some people with varicoceles prefer not to use the rings that wrap around the scrotal sac. "

Can You Use a Penis Ring with a Condom?

"You can use a ring with a condom — just put the condom on first and put some lube in the tip for added sensation. You might find that the ones that wrap all the way around the balls are more comfortable and pleasurable if you use them with a water-based lube. And all rings will be easier to remove with lube. If you’re using a silicone ring, use a water-based lube to preserve the integrity of your toy."

If you're interested in more advice from Dr. Jess, we recently discussed in detail the importance of finding the right lube in our guide to the Best Male Masturbators

The Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

The benefits of a healthy sex life are many, and some may even surprise you. 

As WebMD points out, sexually active people take less sick days, have lower blood pressure, and are less at risk of heart disease seeing as it counts of exercise. 

One study even goes as far as saying men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

If that's not the best excuse to buy a sex toy I don't know what is, and if does ever say anything about playing with sex toys, laugh it off and inform them they're going to die before you. 

Picking the Right Lube

Choosing the right lube for the right job is key when it comes to sexual fulfillment. The last thing anyone wants is to suddenly stop, pull out a tube, measure out the correct amount, apply, then carry on as if you haven't just ruined the mood for everyone involved. 

So, which lube is right for you? That all depends on a few things. 

Water-based lubricants are the go-to for anything and everything. They're easy to use, most come with nozzle attachments on the bottle so they're not fiddly, and it's easy to clean up. You won't go wrong with water lube. 

Next up is silicone-based lube. This lube is a lot stickier, but also provides a more, well, lubricated ride. Also, as it's silicone, it's automatically hypoallergenic. 

Just keep in mind, you shouldn't use silicone lube with silicone-made sex toys. The two silicone types will interact with one another, resulting in damage to your toy. There's also a chance of harmful bacteria forming. 

My recommendation is only to use silicone during sex or solo play. If there's toys on the table, avoid. 

For our final trip down lube lane, we have oil-based lubricants. The short version here is oil is great as a lubricant because of how long it lasts. One smattering of oil should last the entire session. The downside, however, is you've gotta clean up a ton of oil, which isn't easy. 

Warm water and a towel will help, as will some wipes. If you don't mind the cleanup process, oil is great. But if you just want something that's easy to clean, go with silicone or water-based lubes. 

Sex Toys for Men and Women

In my experience, sex toys designed for both men and women are useless. Male and female genitalia are very different beasts, so trying to get something that pleasures both at once is utter nonsense. 

Although the penis rings on this guide are geared towards straight couples, they don't always work. Women can orgasm from vibrations, obviously, but when the vibration is being taken on and off the clitoris due to thrusting (it's attached to the penis, after all), that can become quite frustrating for them.

It'll be fun for them, sure, but the payoff isn't there. 

That's why I'll always recommend getting individual sex toys for both partners, specifically for each partner's needs and wants.

If you're after ideas for her, my colleague counted down the Best Sex Toys of this year, so be sure to check that out. 

Best Male Masturbator

This isn't really a question with a definitive answer. I know, helpful or what? The problem is, what works for one penis doesn't necessarily work for another. Then when you factor in the different sizes and fits, objectivity goes out the window. 

That said, I've heard nothing but good things about the Cobra Libre 2.

I spent a long, long time researching the best of the best, and there are so many positive reviews of the Cobra that it simply isn't a case of one guy in an office making tons of different accounts. This thing is used by real people who absolutely love it. 

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