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9 Best Spreader Bars for Bondage: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Bondage spreader bars ought to be in the play bag of anyone interested in bondage. They combine the vulnerability and restraint of bondage furniture with the approachability, convenience, and ease of storage you’d expect from under bed restraint systems. Now, that’s a winning combination.

What Are the Best Spreader Bars for Bondage?

Blue spreader bar and black nylon straps Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unique blue color
  • Detachable cuffs
  • Expandable bar
Price: $45.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black Bend Over bondage bar with woman in heels modeling it
  • Doesn't make noise
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Trusted site
Price: $24.99 Shop now at EdenFantasys Shop now Read our review
red and black two spreader bar set with cuffs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • You get two bars
  • Four cuffs
  • Color choices
Price: $55.44 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Woman in black lingerie attached to the Liberator Talea cushion Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Uniquely padded
  • Trusted brand
  • Includes four cuffs
Price: $76.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black spreader bar with hook attachments
  • Wrapped in faux leather
  • Affordable
  • Attachments for four cuffs
Price: $74.99 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
Red and black bondage kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • One stop kit for kink
  • Two adjustable bars
  • Hot buckle and padlock cuffs
Price: $66.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Leopard print bondage kit in carrying case
  • For beginners
  • A great bondage intro
  • Flexible instead of rigid
Price: $94.99 Shop now at Vibrators.com Shop now Read our review
Woman in black head strapped into red and black bondage bar
  • No exposed metal
  • Good for beginners
  • Affordable
Price: $39.95 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
Steel bondage bar with black cuffs and padlocks
  • For those who love a lock
  • Affordable
  • Faux leather
Price: $39.99 Shop now at EdenFantasys Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Sovyime Blue Bondage Kit

    • Quick release cuffs
    • Choice of colors
    • Includes under bed restraints
    • Breaks down for storage
    • Exposed metal
    • Some may have difficulty with rings
    • Strange text on storage bag

    This Sovyime Expandable Spreading Bar is simple and straightforward while still looking attractive. 

    I’m loving this unique blue metal finish on the bar that really makes it stand out from the rest. They use ring locks on each end of the bar and two in the center instead of traditional pins to lock the expanding bar in place which means you can also attach a second pair of cuffs to these two ring locks. Locks like these are simple to use and are similar to pull-apart shower curtain rings. Because it expands, the bar can also break down into three smaller pieces for each storage.

    The bar comes with two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs made of sturdy nylon with a decorative woven pattern on the outside and soft, padded inside. They have a velcro closure which is I love because they’re easy to quickly remove. Clips are permanently attached to the sides of the cuffs so they never get lost.

    This set also appears to come with an under-mattress bondage system, the type that hides underneath your mattress when not in use and then you can pull out the four cuffs from the four corners for some fast, low-effort bondage. That’s a great deal for the price as you can pay this much for that piece alone.

    If blue isn’t your color, it also comes in blue cuffs and silver bar, blue cuffs and black bar, silver cuffs and black bar, silver cuffs and silver bar, and an interesting (read: not gorgeous) combo of blue cuffs and a red bar.

    This was also picked as one of the best sexy gifts.

  2. 2. Bend Over Bondage Bar

    • No metal clanking
    • Beginner-friendly velcro
    • Straight-forward design
    • Attached ankle and wrist cuffs
    • Not expandable
    • Doesn't break down for storage
    • Can't switch out cuffs
    • Looks cheaper than others

    For those with roommates or kids, having a toy with lots of metal clanking together isn’t ideal so EdenFantasys made their Bend Over Bondage Bar. It’s a rigid fiberglass bar covered in nylon with attached nylon ankle and wrist cuffs. Because all the hard components are covered in nylon, there are no bits to bang together so you can be a little more subtle in your play. (Or, the leg spreader will be more subtle but I can’t speak for the rest of you.)

    The four cuffs have a velcro closure so they’re easily adjustable as well as quick to put on and take off. This makes them great for bondage newbies who are still working out their comfort level to restraints. 

  3. 3. Two-Bar Spreader Set & Cuffs

    • One small and one large bar
    • Adjustable
    • Four cuffs included
    • Endless configurations
    • Cuffs aren't quick-release
    • May not want two bars
    • Cuffs aren't removable

    Get double the restraints for your money with TMEOIIPY’s Two-Bar Spreader and Cuffs Set. It comes with one expandable bondage bar, one shorter bondage bar, two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, four mini padlocks with keys, and a velvet pouch for storage. The cuffs can be attached in nearly any configuration to contort your sub into all sorts of fun positions.

    This two-bar package is an option for beginners who want to start with a very small bar for their ankles and then slowly work their way up to using the standard size bar. Alternatively, it’s also nice for people who want to connect their ankles to the long bar and wrists to the short bar.

    Keep in mind that these cuffs are attached to the bar and can’t be substituted. If you want a two-bar set with removable cuffs, go with Exreist’s set.

    It comes with four cuffs with a soft lining. They have buckle closures with a tiny ring on the buckle so you have the option of using the included four mini padlocks to lock the cuffs in position. This is fun for more experienced users, but I always suggest beginners stick to cuffs that are quick to remove like velcro.

    I’m featuring the classic red on black but they have a black on chrome set.

  4. 4. Talea Spreader Cushion by Liberator

    • Unique padded spreading bar
    • Four velcro cuffs
    • Doubles as position aid
    • Good for beginners
    • Harder to swap for your cuffs
    • Can't adjust length
    • Too friendly-looking for some

    Liberator has a completely unique take on the bar with the Talea Spreader Cushion. It’s a metal spreading bar contained within a cushioned pillow with a removable waterproof cover. This makes the bar a lot more approachable for beginners as well as more comfortable to have to lay on. 

    A huge bonus of this design is that the cushion can be used as a positioning aid to help lift the hips and take the strain off your lower back. These sort of position cushions have been found to help lovers reach the G-spot and have deeper, more satisfying romps.  

    The Talea comes with four velcro cuffs, two on either end. These cuffs attach to the bar using a seatbelt-style connection which is nice and convenient but gets in the way if you want to substitute your own, higher quality cuffs. There is a D-ring there to attach your own cuffs but that chunky plastic connection remains in place.

    The cushion is 30 inches long and firm enough to support the weight of two bodies.


  5. 5. Totoro Leather Bar

    • Faux leather look is hot
    • Unique hardware
    • Four tie-downs
    • Cuffs not included
    • Doesn't expand
    • Wood core isn't as sturdy

    This unique four-way tie bar is entirely covered in realistic faux leather for an entirely different appearance. 

    On each end, there are two metal tie-down attachments for clipping onto the cuffs of your choice. If you don’t already have cuffs, pick up Fifty Shades’ Hard Limits Set, a mattress bondage kit that includes wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, mattress straps, and a blindfold. (Also just get an under-mattress bondage set. They’re so versatile and easy.)

    Because of the faux leather covering, this bar doesn’t expand so 23 inches is what you get. The interior of the bar is made of wood, which keeps the cost down.

  6. 6. 10-Piece Bondage Bar Set

    • Everything you need a fun night
    • Choice of colors
    • Two bars for the price of one
    • User-friendly ring locks
    • Ankle cuffs have a lead chain
    • Buckle and padlock is not for beginners
    • Too much too fast for some

    Looking to build out your selection of tools? This 10-Piece Bondage Bar set on Amazon comes with spreading bars as well as a whole host of fun extras to make for one seriously fun Friday night. 

    The kit comes with two bars, one short and one long. Both are adjustable in length and have tie-downs that can accommodate four cuffs on each bar. Having two bars opens up a world of possibilities in terms of positioning your sub. Those silver rings are actually the locking pins and they open and close, similar to some shower curtain rings you may have had in the past. (Hottest comparison possible? No, but it gets the point across.)

    The included cuffs are not necessarily beginner-level cuffs as they are designed to be buckled and padlocked in place. The little metal bit of the buckle is a small, blunt loop instead of the standard flat metal piece and that loop is built to hold a tiny padlock. Is the act of turning the key to lock someone into restraints extremely hot? Of course it is. But keep in mind that that means these cuffs are not quick release. You have to find the key and get it into the miniature locks on all the cuffs so these may not be the best choice for less experienced players. 

    One other thing to keep in mind is that these ankle cuffs have a fairly long lead chain that separates the ankles from the bar. This gives the sub more space to flail and squirm around instead of locking their legs in place.

    Adding to the bars, the kit includes a host of matching tools like a breathable ball gag (the ball had holes for comfort), a studded soft flogger, a blindfold, and a collar with a leash. 

    This set comes in this alluring red with black metal as well as red and chrome and black and chrome.

  7. 7. Beginner’s Non-Rigid Restraints & Bondage Kit

    • Good first step
    • Similiar position to spreader bars
    • Includes lots of bondage extras
    • Not a true spreader bar
    • Too floppy for most
    • Contains more than you might want

    Alright, this Beginner Restraint Set isn’t a true spreader rod but if you’re equal parts nervous and curious–this is for you. 

    It has the same shape and cuff placement as a traditional spreader but it’s flexible nylon. It doesn’t technically spread anything since you can fold the fabric in half but it can help you dip a go into the bondage world and see how you feel about this sort of position.

    This strip of leopard print nylon had four attached cuffs with quick-release velcro closures. That’s another huge bonus for beginners because if you want the cuffs off, they come off with one movement instead of having to struggle with buckles or locks. The wrist and ankle cuffs can be used simultaneously or on their own while you get comfortable. 

    It comes as part of a bondage beginner set that also includes a  blindfold, two wide strips for tying, a breathable ballgag, and two additional pairs of velcro cuffs.

  8. 8. Scarlet Couture Spreading Bar

    • Great first spreading bar
    • To metal clanking
    • Attractive red and black colors
    • Can't switch out cuffs
    • Can't extend
    • Not as sturdy as classic rods

    Scarlet Couture Spreading Bar is a good choice for people concerned about housemates hearing the clanking of metal on metal that happens with standard designs. This bar is made up of a flatter beam of metal covered entirely in nylon and has four attached nylon and faux leather cuffs that are padded and secure with velcro straps. 

    The simple design is great for beginners and the lack of exposed metal makes it more comfortable to touch skin (that steel can be ice cold!) and protects everyone involved from getting smacked by exposed metal. (I’ll admit to having taken a thack on the head from a bondage bar I had on my sub’s legs and it wasn’t a great time.)

    Flat designs like this are a little more streamlined but they aren’t as strong as tubes of steel so this isn’t built to withstand years of use or rough play as the metal may bend.

  9. 9. Padlock Bondage Bar

    • Looks very intimidating
    • Don't have to worry about pins
    • Loops wide enough to add handcuffs
    • Cannot swap out cuffs
    • Bar does not extend
    • Cuffs only fit up to 12 inch ankles
    • Locks aren't for beginners

    This Padlock Bondage Bar from EdenFantasys is a unique blend of beginner and advanced and I wanted to include it because it feels like there’s a section of the Venn diagram that will really dig this. 

    It’s affordable, which I love, and it doesn’t expand so you don’t have to deal with figuring out locking pins or assembling it. These two things make me want to place it in the intro category.

    However, the faux leather cuffs are intimidating and definitely more in the advanced category. Those cuffs close with a metal loop fitted through a slot that is held in place with a small lock. These types of cuffs aren’t secure unless you’re using something to keep the loop from slipping out of place so the set includes two mini padlocks and two keys so you have a spare just in case.

    Don’t get me wrong, cuffs that require a lock and key are hot and I appreciate the drama of it, but they probably aren’t the best choice for someone new to bondage. If the sub decides they want to end the scene and get out of the bondage right now, it’s going to take a moment to get a hold of the keys and unlock each restraint. For beginners to bondage, I always suggest velcro, quick-release cuffs

What Are BDSM Leg Spreaders?

Spreaders are a bondage tool made up of a rigid metal bar with ankle cuff attachments on either end. They prevent the person wearing them from being able to close their legs, leaving them exposed and open to whatever fun torments you both have in mind.

How Do You Use One of These?

They're fairly straightforward. Attach the ankle cuffs to either end of the bar (some bars come with cheap velcro cuffs included) and strap in your sub's ankles. That's it and you're ready to play.

The bar makes for a great handle to position your sub because you only need one hand to control both of their legs. This frees up your other hand for whatever you want. I like leaning on the bar to force a partner's knees up to their chest while they are on their back. 

Another way to really spice things up is to pick up a pair of thigh cuffs and try those out with your new toys.

What Are Spreader Bondage Bar Features to Look For?

While they all share the general design of a straight bar with restraints, there are some features that will differentiate which bar is a better fit for you.

Adjustability. Many bars are adjustable and can be shortened or expanded to your desired length. This is a really nice feature if your partner is new to bondage and isn't sure what size bar may be their comfort level. That way they can start slow and move up. It's also great if you have partners of different heights or desires. 

Two, Three, or Four-point restraints. All bars have tie-down points on the far ends of the bar but some designs have one or two additional points for connection closer to the center of the bar for attaching wrist cuffs. 

Breaking down for storage. Some designs pull apart into three smaller pieces making them easier to store and less likely to be identified by prying eyes if someone were to come across a set of thin metal rods under your bed. Why do you have those? No reason. You could even pass it off as personal protection. 

Material. This mainly has to do with weight, preference, and allergies. Some metals are lighter than others and it's up to you whether or not that's a good thing. People who have metal allergies should stick to stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is also a good way to go as it's more moisture-resistant and there's a not unrealistic chance it might come into contact with moisture. You know.

Appearance. Some bars are simple and utilitarian while others are more ornate or even padded. 

What Are Some General Safety Rules to Follow?

First things first: communication, communication, communication. Discuss what you both want so you can come up with a list of things you both agree to.

Check in with your sub or Dom/me as often as you're comfortable with to make sure they are not uncomfortable in a way they don't enjoy. 

If asking, "Hey, are you okay?" kind of ruins the moment for you, you can use a safeword gradient of green, yellow, and red to check in instead.

That way you can ask, "Green?" and if they respond, "Green," you know they are good to go.

If they responded, "Yellow," you know they're getting close to a limit and to slow down or back off a little.

A response of, "Red," means the scene is over and it's time for aftercare and communication.

Careful with those cuffs. Never apply cuffs so tight they are uncomfortable or yank on the bar so hard or violently you could potentially sprain or injure someone's muscles.

While we're on cuffs, make sure you're using something nice and wide to help distribute the pressure. Thin ropes can cut into to skin restricting blood flow and even damaging nerves. 

Go with something made for bondage like this Leather Bond Padded Cuff Set or for something softer, this VP Leather Cuff Set with faux Chinchilla fur.

One last thing: it's metal. If someone is throwing their legs around in the throes of passion, these bars could deliver a decent bonk on the head to their partner. As much as pain can be fun, ending the night with a broken nose isn't on everyone's wishlist.

Play aware and play safe. 

What About That Scene from 50 Shades?

While plenty of the kink community is grateful to books and movies for the 50 Shades Effect of bringing bondage and power play into the public arena, there's a lot about the books and movies that should never be recreated or believed. (Like the idea that Christian is kinky because he was abused--something that even Psychology Today waded into to point out that people who are into BDSM are no more likely to have a history of abuse than anyone else.)

One of those things is the scene where Christian straps Anastasia into a bondage bar and then uses that bar to forcefully flip her over.

Don't do that.

You're likely to injury your partner's ankles, knees, or hips and then playtime is over. Use the bar to restrain, manipulate and position your sub, but not to fling them around.

Fun (Untrue) Fact: In an interview with People Magazine, Jamie Dornan states that the spreader bar was invented by the 50 Shades books and so the only way it could be used in the movie was for the prop folks to build it from scratch. That is false.

The whole bondage community is giving you the side-eye here, Jamie.

Why Are There So Many Construction-Type Results in My Google Search?

Funny story, the same term used for this adult toy is also used for a certain type of rigging used in overhead lifting. They're not the same at all, but share the name. 

Luckily, it's pretty easy to tell them apart.

Am I Weird or Unhealthy for Liking Bondage?

Not in the slightest. if the success of the 50 Shades franchise didn't prove that to you, there have been a series of studies that show how common these desires and practices really are.

An article in Smithsonian Magazine cited numbers that 36 percent of American adults engage in bondage or kinky activities. That's 16 percent higher than the global average of 20 percent. America coming out on top.

Are Leg Spreader Bars Only for Women?

Of course not. Bondage can and is enjoyed by all genders and in every partner combination in the rainbow. 

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