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7 Best Under Bed Restraints for Easy Bondage

under bed restraints

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If you’re thinking about exploring bondage but you’re intimidated by all the equipment, I’ve got great news–you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a complicated or expensive setup. Give under bed restraints a try. They’re surprisingly quick to install and break down so the evidence of your weekend romp is easy to store out of sight.

Not everyone has room for sex chairs or larger bondage furniture but if you’ve got a mattress, you can have a quality bondage setup. They’re a great first step to building your own sex room.

What Are the Best Under Bed Restraints?

Sportsheets nylon restraint system
  • Can personally recommend
  • Quick-release cuffs
  • Strong nylon
Price: $69.95 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
Red bondage cuffs with mattress set up illustration Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Simple easy set up
  • Quick release cuffs
  • Fit's all mattresses
Price: $14.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black and grey bed bondage kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Variety of tie-down points
  • Straight-up looks kinky
  • Quick-release velcro cuffs
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black under mattress bondage kit
  • Affordable
  • Velcro-closer cuffs
  • Lightweight
Price: $29.99 Shop now at EdenFantasys Shop now Read our review
pink bondage straps
  • Approachable pink
  • Includes blindfold
  • Great for beginners
Price: $69.95 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
white mattress with black restraints
  • Good beginner cuffs
  • Fits all beds
  • Solid nylon will last
Price: $69.95 Shop now at Adam & Eve Shop now Read our review
Doll on illustration of under bed bondage straps Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 12 tie-down points
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
Price: $25.76 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

    • Beginner-friendly
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to substitute your own cuffs
    • Adjustable strap lengths
    • No leather or colors
    • Not everyone likes velcro
    • No bells or whistles

    The Sportsheets Restraint System is the one I use. I was looking for something simple, practical, durable, and not flashy and Sportsheets is a brand that delivers. 

    The section that sits underneath the mattress is shaped kind of like a stick figure with a central line with two arms and two legs. All five of these lines are adjustable using a buckle so it can work with any mattress size. Plus the cuff hookups are meant to come from the top and bottom of the bed so mattress width doesn’t really play much into it. Beds that aren’t king-size can also use the straps from the sides. 

    While it might not be as sleek as some others, I like that they place the adjustment belts right by the end of the strap by the cuffs because it makes it easy to adjust the tension after your sub is all strapped in. (And there’s nothing nicer than tightening the restraints just a bit after they’ve gotten settled.)

    It comes with velcro-closure wrist and ankle cuffs that have a soft, slightly fuzzy lining. Velcro isn’t the sexiest material but it’s simple, gives you lots of room for adjustment, and makes it easy for the Dom/me to remove them quickly if there’s an issue. Plus you can always switch them out for more substantial cuffs if that’s your thing. Each cuff has a clip attached to it that you clip on to the ring at the end of the straps and you’re good to go.

    When I have this installed under our bed, we just tuck the straps (minus the cuffs) underneath the mattress and leave them there so it’s all set to go when we want to use it again. 

  2. 2. Red Under Bed Bondage Kit

    • Cheap
    • Velcro cuffs great for beginners
    • Easy to hide
    • Colors to choose from
    • Thin cuffs can scrunch up
    • Advanced users might not be into it
    • Only four tie down points

    Want something simple and accessible? HLLMART’s Bed Bondage Kit is a great intro choice and comes with everything you need without any excess bells and whistles. You get an adjustable under-mattress strap, and four red velcro cuffs.

    The base strap is adjustable and will fit even king-size beds. The cuffs are soft and secure with velcro making them easy to put on and quick to get out of in case you need to end the scene suddenly.

    It’s a classic beginner set with thinner fabric cuffs and thinner metal connections that aren’t built to withstand heavier impact but can handle what most couples can dish out on a Friday night with no problems, up to 300 pounds of force. 

    We have a very similar design featured as one of the best sexy gifts because it’s a good intro piece that won’t intimidate beginners. 

    If red isn’t your thing, they also come in purple.

  3. 3. ‘Keep Still’ Over the Bed Cross Set

    • Eight tie-down points
    • Makes your bed look intimidating
    • Faux fur lined wrist and ankle cuffs
    • Comes with blindfold
    • '50 Shades' gendered branding
    • Harder to install and hide
    • Straps go over the top of the bed
    • Can't tighten the straps

    The “Stay Still” Over the Bed Cross Set does things a little differently. It buckles around the top and bottom of your bed as though your mattress is wearing two belts, but the restraint straps create a big hourglass shape on top of your mattress and provide eight different tie-down points to choose from.

    This gives you the ability to choose to keep the legs and arms together or spread apart. You can switch it up to keep things fresh too.

    I like how intimidating it makes your bed look. A big black X with steel D-rings across your mattress? That really sets a mood. 

    The securing straps are adjustable to fit beds full-size and larger but you can’t tighten the straps that hold the cuffs to restrict their movement even more once they’re clipped in.

    It comes with faux-fur lined velcro-closure wrist and ankle cuffs which are a great choice for beginners. Velcro gives you lots of adjustability and is quick to put on and take off. You also get a matching blindfold and doorknob sign that says, “Mr. Grey will see you now,” which you can ignore if that’s not your thing. 

    This isn’t a system you can leave installed all the time, and you likely won’t want to sleep with it like this so keep in mind that this one is more work than most of the others on the list. 

  4. 4. Soft Touch Bed Restraint Kit

    • Easy on and off cuffs
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Cuffs removeable
    • Looks cheaper
    • Harder to tuck under mattress

    For those on a budget or looking for something lightweight and easy to travel with, go for the Soft Touch Bed Restraint Kit. It’s a straightforward design without complicated bells and whistles. 

    The long strap goes underneath your mattress and the four limb straps come out and up either on the sides or top of the bed depending on your preference. The straps are adjustable so the system can fit any size mattress and adapt to different levels of desired tension. 

    The cuffs attach independently so you can switch them out for higher-quality cuffs like this real leather cuffs and leash set by VP Leather.

  5. 5. Frisky Pink Bedroom Restraint Kit

    • Easy release velcro
    • Cute and good for photoshoots
    • Fits any bed
    • Not as strong as others
    • Pink isn't for everyone
    • A little pricey for what you get
    • Blindfold is cheap

    Dark and brooding bondage a little intimidating? How about this bright, cheerful Frisky Pink Bedroom Restraint Kit. It’s unusual to find a set that is entirely pink. Even the hardware has forgone the typical matte black finish and gone for a nice shiny chrome.

    All these things make the set more approachable for people who may be new to bondage play and aren’t looking for a dungeon aesthetic. They’re also great for people looking to have kink photoshoots as the brightly colored equipment can help your pics stand out. 

    The set comes with four velcro closure cuffs with a soft velvet lining. The straps are highly adjustable and should fit any bed. You also get a free black blindfold but it’s not exactly the most high-end type. If you want something that really leaves your sub in the dark, go with this faux leather blindfold from Scarlet Couture. 

  6. 6. Boundless Bed Restraint System

    • Detatchable velcro cuffs
    • Easy to hide
    • Often on sale
    • Misleading photos
    • No color choices
    • Not as many position choices

    The Boundless Bed Restraint System is a good choice for someone looking for a simple but solid system that can withstand strong play. The system is shaped like a large capital H with one central strap that runs the length of the underside of the bed and then four adjustable straps that connect at the ends for the cuffs.

    It comes with four cuffs, each with a maximum circumference of 16 inches, for wrists and ankles. They are padded, lined with faux fur, and made with black faux leather. They use velcro to close making them a great beginner cuff. There’s some confusion on the site as the listing photos show both velcro cuffs and classic buckle closure but the description only mentions velcro.

    It’s built to fit any bed with a maximum horizontal span of 126 inches. According to the Sleep Foundation, King beds are the widest standard available and they’re only 76 inches wide.

  7. 7. Mattress Straps Kit with 12 Tie-Downs

    • Affordable
    • Easy to install two-piece design
    • 12 tie-down rings
    • Adjust once and done
    • Not for being left on all the time
    • Longer shipping times
    • Feels a little cheap
    • Not as secure as one-piece restraints

    This 14-Point Mattress Straps Kit is a good option for beginners on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice variety. It’s a two-piece design restraint with two straps that fit around the top and bottom of your bed like big belts. Each belt has seven tie-down rings giving you a total of 14 points you can attach the included cuffs to. That’s a pretty decent setup to start out.

    The belts are adjustable in size to fit nearly any mattress and connect with a seatbelt-style buckle so once you get the length right the first time, you won’t have to adjust it again the second time you install these. 

    It comes with wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, both soft-lined and with velcro closure.

    I like two-piece restraints because they’re easy for one person to put on the bed but the downside to that is you can’t leave them on all the time like you can with restraints that are fully hidden under the mattress and because they’re separate, the sub will have a little more wiggle room with this design than they would with a more X-shape system. Once you’ve clipped your sub in, you can’t restrict their movement any more than that the way you can with single-piece under the mattress bondage by tightening the straps.

What Is an Under the Mattress Restraint System?

Instead of attaching cuffs to your bedposts (if you have them) or attempting to install them into the wall (which is a nightmare if you have a landlord) these systems take advantage of your mattress. 

Instead of trying to tie onto something, the restraint wraps around underneath the mattress so the weight of the bed holds them in place.

Have you ever tried to do a sit-up with a mattress attached to your back? It's not gonna happen.

If they yank on one side of the restraints, it pulls on the other so you've both eliminated the situation which would normally rip restraints out of your drywall and have now forced your sub to fight themselves. Clever right?

How Do You Use Under the Bed Restraints?

There are no screws or drywall anchors involved here. It will depend on which system you choose but generally, the installation is as follows. Having a partner help you always makes it go faster. (Then again, you could always instruct your sub to install it for you.)

Lift up half your mattress and arrange the X-shaped portion of the restraint system in the center so that the two cuffs on the side you have lifted up hang off the edge of the bed. Then set the mattress down.

Lift up the other side and pull out the other two cuffs. Tug to center the cuffs.

If the straps are too long or too short you can use the buckles to adjust the length. That's it. 

If you and your partner live alone, you can leave the system in place but if you have roommates or kids, just lift the mattress and yank to remove the restraints. They tend to ball up pretty small and don't take up much space at all to store so your secret stays secret. 

Can I Use Them With a Platform Bed?

Yup, I've had a traditional boxspring bed and currently have a platform bed from Leesa, and I haven't had issues. 

What Can You Do With Under the Bed Bondage Cuffs?

You're only limited by your imagination. Tie your sub face up or face down. Some systems have the ability to move around your cuffs so you have even more control of how you position them. 

If you're looking for something easy to store that can restrain your partner but isn't connecting to the bed, you might want to consider spreader bars.

Is It Weird That I Want to Be Tied Up or Want to Tie My Partner Up?

Many studies have been done on this and they tend to that between 58 and 72 percent of people have fantasied about bondage--both genders either submissive or dominant. And found that 46.8 percent of the general population had engaged in kink activities in the past year.

It's not weird at all. If you're being safe, sane, and consensual, then just have fun with it.

Can I Recreate Fifty Shades of Grey?

The success of movies like 50 Shades of Grey proves that kink is something way more people are interested in than we realized. That said, the novel and movies didn't do a great job of showing safe, healthy D/s relationships. It's not an instructive movie and an article in the science journal PLOS One noted that there was a spike in both hardware store sales of rope and BDSM-related injuries after the film was released.

Rope bondage injuries can cause nerve damage so it's important that you the right materials designed for this, educate yourself, play safe, and above all--listen to your partner.

If you're interested in learning how to incorporate healthy BDSM into your fantasy life, check out my take on it in How to Build a 'Red Room of Pain.'

What Is Safe Bondage 101?

Those are the three most important rules in D/s: safe, sane, and consensual. While there is an inherent risk in anything, it's the responsibility of everyone involved that those risks are minimized and that communication is open so everyone is consenting actively along the way. 

Bed bondage removes some of this risk because you're using cuffs instead of rope and rope along with scarves, ties, or other things that were never meant to be used for bondage have a nasty reputation of skin burns, injuries, and cutting off circulation. 

The biggest risk with cuffs is the compression of the nerves in your wrists. Make sure you're using cuffs that cover a wide surface area and be careful about how much the restrained person is struggling (They can get a bit carried away so it's important for the Dom/me to keep track of them.)

Keep communication open and anytime they have wrist pain, numbness, or tingling, remove the restraints. 

And definitely avoid metal handcuffs or anything that's secured too tight. If you have wrist issues and have concerns, make sure you talk to your doctor about what types of restraints are safe for you. (Don't worry, they've heard it before.) When it doubt, a thicker, wider, more padded cuff is always safer but listen to your body (or listen to your sub) no matter what. 

And don't forget to ensure that there's a clear safe word or signal in depending on how restrained your sub is. If they're wearing a bondage hood, a hand signal might be better than a word.

Now What?

Grab your restraints and go have fun! 

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