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5 Best Under Desk Ellipticals: Compare, Buy & Save

under desk elliptical


If you have a desk job, you’re probably spending eight hours a day sitting. Unless you’ve invested in a standing desk — and if that’s the case, go you!)

Now, you can power through a workout while you work, game or read — right from your computer, with a mini elliptical. Easy on the joints, the under desk elliptical is a low-impact workout that can bring more movement into an inactive lifestyle, whether that’s at your desk or dining table.

These are our top picks.

cubii under desk elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Syncs with FitBit and HealthKit
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Whisper quiet
Price: $219.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
jfit under desk stand up mini elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Designed for standing AND sitting use
  • Super affordable
  • Adjustable angle
Price: $144.44 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
fitdesk mini elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Foot-shifter for hands-free adjustment
  • Quiet for the workplace
  • Works with desks as low as 25 inches
Price: $129.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
stamina inmotion compact portable elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Use while seated or standing
  • Cords for arm workout
  • Great for gamers
Price: $132.51 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sunny health and fitness Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Auto mode & automatic shutoff
  • Non-slip floor mat included
  • No assembly required
Price: $242.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Editor’s Choice: Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical (Bluetooth Enabled)

    • Reach your step goal by gliding at work
    • Easy assembly
    • Bluetooth enabled elliptical (syncs with FitBit and HealthKit)
    • It’s small but not “every day portable” (it’s 27lbs).
    • If you’re looking for a hardcore workout with tons of difficult resistance, this isn’t it. (You'll need a full-size elliptical!)
    • Some people report experiencing issues connecting to the app

    Optimized for seated use, Cubii is guaranteed to give you a calorie-burning and muscle-growing workout. With eight different resistance strengths to choose from, there’s no excuse to sidestep your fitness goals. The Cubii claims it can burn up to 250 calories an hour.

    It can fit under low desks and even if you’re tall, your legs won’t brush the bottom of your desk, thanks to its ergonomic design. 

    If you don’t want to mess with the app or Bluetooth connectivity, you can save some money and buy the Cubii Jr instead.

    Overall, the Cubii is the best mini elliptical on the market today. Is it expensive? Yes, but you get what you pay for. This is a quality trainer that will last the test of time. It’s also in sync with the latest health trackers and social media!

    It’s been recommended by brands like InStyle, Forbes, AARP, Popsugar, TIME, Mayo Clinic and more.

    Pick up a travel case here if you are planning to travel with your Cubii.

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  2. 2. jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical/Stepper

    • Portable with a front handle, top handle and rear wheels
    • Burn up to 300 calories an hour while sitting
    • Monitor your time, distance, speed and calories burned
    • It’s a little bigger than others on this list
    • Wheels can get squeaky, but can be fixed with the oil provided
    • It works better on a carpeted or non-stick surface

    Larger wheels allow a smooth and quiet ride with the jfit, so there won’t be any side-eyes from your co-workers. This also helps it stay more durable.

    Two machines in one for an affordable price! Get your legs moving while sitting reading, eating, working or talking on the phone… then when you have time, amp up the resistance (yes, it’s adjustable) and get standing! Adding arm weights turns this into an even better workout for your time.

    JFIT claims their machine burns up to 300 calories an hour while sitting and even more while standing.

    If you used this for only 60 minutes a day, you could burn up to 2,100 extra calories a week while building muscle mass… at your office!

    All in all, this is an excellently designed portable elliptical (and standing elliptical!) and for the price, it’s a steal.

  3. 3. FitDesk Portable Elliptical (White)

    • Includes six function display with desk stand
    • Works with desks as low as 25 inches
    • Foot-shifter = hands-free tension adjustment
    • Slightly heavier than others on this list at 30 lbs.
    • It's able to work with such low desks because the pedal rotation is only 8 inches
    • Some people found it was hard to put together, but it comes with all necessary tools

    With a small pedal rotation of only 8 inches (making it perfect for low desks), the resistance on the FitDesk isn’t that strong, but it will get your blood pumping at your desk. If you just need to get your legs moving — whether that’s for physical therapy or because of the sedentary workday — this little device is perfect for you. 

    Unlike most under-desk ellipticals, the FitDesk uses magnetism for resistance rather than a friction device. That makes for smooth and quiet operation; the machine is whisper quiet and can be used in an office environment. If it does start to squeak after some time, a little oil (WD-40) will fix it.

    Plus, it includes a digital display for your desk with six functions that track your exercise. 

  4. 4. Stamina Inmotion Compact Strider

    • Use seated at your desk or standing for a more intense exercise
    • Medium resistance tubes with padded and adjustable handles
    • Get your workout in while gaming
    • Weight limit: 250 lbs
    • Small range of motion, so not the best choice for taller people
    • Some people experience clicking after some time

    The Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider does weigh a bit more than others on this list at 31.5 lbs since it can be used for both standing and sitting. It has a handle for portability. 

    This machine’s middle name is flexibility.

    Getting a complete workout is no longer a struggle — tone your upper body with the attached medium-resistance cords. Sculpt your lower body by either standing or sitting. Improve your cardiovascular endurance at work or while you’re reading or gaming. 

    What’s cool about this one is it becomes a standalone, full-on exercise machine when you need that.  When you don’t, you can just move your legs a little at your desk.

    The tension is adjustable so you can customize your workout. There are even reverse-motion pedals that help work other parts of your legs; if you pedal backward, you will feel the burn in your quads.

    Last, the multi-function display monitors your strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time and calories burned to help keep you motivated.

  5. 5. EZ Stride Motorized & Auto-Assisted Mini Elliptical

    • Automatic shutoff after 30 minutes
    • Non-slip grip on pedals and floor mat
    • Ready to use out of the box
    • Digital monitor
    • There are reports of pedals falling off after 6+ months. Purchase the insurance if you go with this one.
    • Motorized mode is louder than manual, and may not be appropriate for an office environment
    • Some people report a rigid motion when peddling

    The lightest of all under desk ellipticals on this list, the EZ Stride by Sunny Health & Fitness is a motorized, automatic elliptical. That means that the pedals move by themselves.

    The automatic mode is especially great for rehab or older legs that just want to get moving or keep blood circulating. Of course, it can be switched off and the “manual” setting allows you to stride with resistance.

    If you’ve tried other portable ellipticals and found yourself distracted, the motor in this little machine might be what you’ve been looking for. It can be set to automatic low, medium or high speed and the same can be said for manual mode.

    Best part? It’s ready to use right out of the box — no assembly required.

There's no doubt about it: sitting too long hurts your health. It hurts your heart, it can shorten your life, it can lead to dementia or diabetes, it causes weight gain and anxiety... there are so many reasons to move more. But many of us don't.

The number one reason many Americans say they don't work out? They don't have the time.

Now, we overcame that excuse. You can work out while sitting and even focusing on something else.

Under desk ellipticals aren’t just for burning calories. You’ll also be working on your posture, glutes, hip flexors, core, hamstrings, quads and calves.

It may not replace your current workout, but at least you’re doing something. If you peddled your feet just 30-60 minutes a day, you can burn an extra 1000 calories or more while you sit at your desk responding to emails.

You won’t sweat like you do on a full-sized elliptical, but you’ll feel the burn!

Another fantastic use for the mini elliptical is rehabilitation. Enjoy rehab at home and set a comfortable pace for your stretching and exercising.


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