10 Best Unique Candles: Which Is Right for You? (2019)

unique candles

Candles are a nice item to add to your home, as they smell good and can also be used as a decorative piece. If you’re someone who likes to change things around in your home a lot, candles are a good thing to have as once you burn one down, you can replace it with something new. The other great benefit to candles is they are needed and can be used in every room in your house, so you can never have too many on hand. Read on for our list of the best unique candles.

unique candles, horizontal candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sits horizontally
  • 100% beeswax
  • Conversation piece
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unique candles, taper candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Multi colored wax drips
  • Two candles per package
  • Very inexpensive
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unique candles, maple syrup candles, wooden wick candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Vintage look
  • Sweet maple scent
  • Crackling wooden wick
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unique candles, flameless candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • No fire hazard
  • Natural flickering light
  • Nine candles in set
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unique candles, man candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Soy wax
  • Manly scents
  • Self trimming wick
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unique candles, succulent candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Small and cute
  • Look like real succulents
  • Larger than tealights
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unique candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Beautiful sculptural lid
  • Lovely fresh scent
  • Reusable container
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unique candles, rectangle candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unique shape
  • RIbbon wick with a cool flame
  • 35 hours of burning time
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pyropet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Modern shape
  • Choose from multiple animals
  • Burns down to reveal a skeleton
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unique candles, book candles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unique antique book smell
  • 60 hours of burn time
  • Reusable jar
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best Unique Horizontal Candle: Candle by the Hour Horizontal Candle

    • Unique candle sits horizontally
    • Made of 100 percent beeswax
    • Interactive, conversation piece
    • No scent is great for those who are sensitive to smell
    • Hard to keep lit for extended periods of time
    • No scent for those who want a scent
    • Can be hard to get the wax into the clamp to light the candle

    Unlike most candles that stand vertically, this candle is unique in that it lays horizontally on a stand. Made with all natural beeswax, the candle is coiled around the stand. You then pull the wax up through the top of the stand, where you then light the candle. Once the flame reaches the clip at the top, the candle will self-extinguish, so it’s great for those who forget to blow out their candle before they leave the house or go to bed.

    The candle will burn up to 48 hours, with every three inches of beeswax burning approximately one hour. If you are someone who is sensitive to smells, this is also a great option for you as there is no scent. This candle is a great conversation starter as it looks unique and is interactive. You can also purchase refills once the initial candle burns out.

  2. 2. Best Unique Taper Candles: Multi-Color Drip Taper Candles

    • Drips multi-color wax
    • Inexpensive
    • Two candles per package
    • Candles are 9.5 inches tall
    • Need to burn for awhile before seeing colors
    • Colors aren’t super bright
    • May need to shave sides a little to fit in a wine bottle

    These taper candles have a surprise inside, as once they start to burn down, they drip multi-colored wax. The candles are white on the outside, and have different colors on the inside, making it fun to watch them burn down. It’s great entertainment for kids, and could also be a fun dinner party conversation starter.

    The taper candles come in packs of two and are 9.5 inches long, and you could place them in a taper candle holder or even a wine bottle. It takes a little bit of burning to get the color to show, so make sure you have enough time to burn if you are planning on showing these to guests.

  3. 3. Best Unique Vintage Candle: Maple Syrup Candle With Crackling Wooden Wick

    • Unique vintage look
    • Maple syrup scent is sweet but not overwhelming
    • Wooden wick offers a crackling noise
    • All natural soywax
    • Some people find the crackling sound annoying
    • Wooden wicks are hard to trim
    • A little expensive for one candle

    This unique candle has a vintage vibe, as the all natural soy wax is poured into a tin maple syrup can that still has the maple syrup label printed on the outside. The candle has a maple syrup scent that is rich and sweet, without being overwhelming. A wooden wick is in the center of the candle, which adds an extra sensory element as it crackles while the candle is lit. The maple syrup candle is hand-poured in Canada, and it burns clean and even for hours. This would look great in a home that has a lot of rustic and vintage decor, and would also make a great holiday gift.

  4. 4. Best Unique Flameless Candles: Comenzar Flameless Candle Set

    • No flame
    • No need to replace the candles as they don’t burn down
    • Set has nine candles of various lengths
    • Comes with a remote control and timer setting
    • No scent
    • Need to have AA batteries on hand
    • Can tell that they are flameless if you look closely at the wick

    If flames freak you out due to kids and pets running around, a flameless candle set is the way to go. This unique candle set includes nine candles in a variety of sizes ranging from four inches to nine inches tall. The candles are battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone catching on fire. It’s also nice if you tend to forget to blow out candles, as you can set these on a timer in two, four, six, and eight hour increments.

    There is also a remote control, so you don’t even have to leave your couch to turn them on or off. Each candle takes two AA batteries, and there is a switch on the candle to turn it on and off. There is a flickering piece in front of the light that wavers when the candle is lit, so it still looks like a flame (unless you get super close). The ivory candles look beautiful staged all together, but you could also spread them throughout your house.

  5. 5. Best Unique Candles for Men: Man Cave Scented Candles

    • Three different manly scents
    • Self-trimming wicks
    • All natural soywax
    • Makes a great gift
    • Candles are on the smaller side
    • Aroma isn’t strong enough for some people
    • Container is not unique

    Candles seem girly, but what man doesn’t like a nice smelling room? If floral and sweet scents aren’t your thing, this Man Cave scented candle set is for you. The set comes with three different manly scents (straight razor, leather, and mahogany), which means you can have the benefits of a nice smelling room without losing your manhood. Handmade in the USA, the candles are made with natural soywax and have self-trimming wicks, so they are super low maintenance. You can place a couple near each other to get a mixed fragrance, or you can spread them throughout your home for all man, all the time. The set is also really well-packaged and would make a rad gift set.

  6. 6. Best Unique Succulent Candles: Mini Desert Green Succulent Shaped Candles

    • Adorable candles shaped like mini succulents
    • Bigger than tealight size
    • Four candles in one set
    • Makes a great gift
    • Unscented
    • Shape will change as the candle burns down
    • Small size

    Succulents are all the rage in the home and garden world, so why not add some succulent candles to the mix? This set of four succulent candles is super adorable, as each mini candle is shaped like a different type of succulent. The round, unscented candles are two inches by two inches, so they will burn longer than tealight size candles but not quite as long as larger candles. These would look adorable on a mantle, smaller shelf or lined up along an outdoor table, and they’re cute enough that you may not want to even burn them.

  7. 7. Best Unique Artsy Candle: Michael Aram Garland Candle

    • Beautiful art piece attached to lid
    • Nice smelling candle
    • Container could be used for other things once the candle burns down
    • Makes a beautiful gift
    • More expensive than other unique candles
    • Need somewhere to put the lid while the candle is burning
    • It takes some work to reuse the container after the candle is finished

    This unique candle has a handcrafted garland piece on top, designed by the artist Michael Aram. The top makes the candle a beautiful decorative piece, and once the candle is burned down, you could continue to use it as a container to hold knick-knacks, small craft supplies, bathroom items, and more. This specific garland candle has a floral white flower aroma, with undertones of sheer musk and white wood.

    If the garland candle isn’t the scent for you, there are many other varieties ranging from white orchid to butterfly ginko. Each candle has a different art piece attached to the top that is associated with the scent, so you could even collect them over time. This candle would make a beautiful gift as well, as it’s more of a luxury candle.

  8. 8. Best Unique Rectangle Candle: RibbonWick Large Rectangle Brownstone Candle

    • Unique rectangle shape
    • Ribbon wick has a cool flame
    • Burns up to 35 hours
    • Nice amber scent
    • Ribbon wick can be hard to light at first
    • Takes up more space than a cylinder candle
    • Relatively expensive

    While the majority of candles are cylinder shaped, this unique candle is rectangular in shape. Because of it’s boxy form, it would look great on a long table or shelf, or even layered against taller decorative items. The container for the candle has a black/bronze finish, so it will match most home decor. With notes of citrus and bronzed musk, the candle has an aromatic amber scent. The other unique thing about this candle is the signature ribbon wick. Rather than a traditional or wood wick, these wicks are slightly curved like a ribbon so they have a unique flame when they are lit. The estimated burn time for this candle is about 35 hours.

  9. 9. Best Unique Candle for Cat Lovers: PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle

    • Cool cat shaped candle that melts down to reveal a skeleton
    • Three color choices
    • Arrives in a gift box
    • Larger sized candle
    • Unscented
    • Need to have something underneath to collect wax
    • Burn time is only 20 hours

    If you like candles that are unique in a weird way, this cat candle is for you. Made from paraffin wax, the candle is shaped like a cat on the outside. When the candle burns down, a metallic cat skeleton is revealed. The candle is 6.7 inches by 3 inches by 4.5 inches, so it’s a decent sized candle and will burn for approximately 20 hours. It’s delivered in a nice gift box so it’s a great gift for cat lovers, and even kids will get a kick out of watching the wax burn down to reveal the cat skeleton. The candle is available in gray, pink, and black.

  10. 10. Best Unique Smelling Candle: Antique Books Scented Candle

    • Unique smell of antique books
    • 60 hour burn time
    • Reusable jar and lid
    • Makes a great gift for book lovers
    • May take a few extra days to make/ship
    • Scent isn’t strong enough for some people
    • Jar is not very unique

    Lighting a nice candle and curling up with a cozy blanket to read a good book is the ultimate relaxation scenario. If you love the smell of old books, this unique candle is the perfect addition to your book reading nook. With aromas of aged leather and old weathered paper, this candle will have your room smelling like a used book store. The candle is made from natural soy wax, is eight fluid ounces, and has a burn time of approximately 60 hours. This candle would make a great gift for the book lover in your life, and may even inspire you to read the book you’ve been meaning to finish.

While there are many standard candles and scents that can be found in stores, a unique candle is a good way to bring a fresh scent into your home that also works as a conversation piece. Whether you want something cool, artsy, or a little on the weird side, there are plenty of unique candles to add to your home.

Unique candles also make great gifts for friends, family members, and even housewarming gifts. And since they have a one-of-a-kind vibe, the recipient will totally appreciate the personal touch.

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