10 Best Pencils for Students: Your Buyer’s Guide (2019)

Just as with their ink-based brethren, those who love pencils and their attendant uses tend to have pretty strong preferences for their favorites. And just as with pens, there are choices to be made when selecting a pencil. For this list, we’ve focused on picks that are good all-around pencils. You can use them for writing, testing, note taking, or even sketching. You can read more about the various graphite hardnesses here, but most of our list focuses on the range from HB to 2B, which are situated on the darker side of the middle of the scale. You know, the kind of pencils they ask you to bring for a Scantron quiz; a standard #2 pencil. With the school year drawing closer, we present our picks for the top ten best pencils for students.

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