Top 10 Best Outdoor Easter Decorations 2018

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Easter is almost here. The ground has thawed, the crocuses and tulips are blooming, and we’re gathering together with our loved ones to celebrate Easter.

It’s the first holiday of the year where we get to be outside so if you’ve decorated the inside of your home, don’t forget your lawn. As winter comes to an end we celebrate that weather is warming enough that we can enjoy our patios and our yards again, making this a great time to either bring your Easter gathering outside, host an Easter egg hunt, or simply get out into the fresh air to set up some easy but adorable decorations.

If you’re hosting the family Easter gathering this year, having festive outdoor decorations has more than one benefit.

It helps guests find your home. Even in a time when everything has GPS, it still inevitably says you’ve arrived either five houses before or after where you’re actually trying to go. Easter decorations help your house stand out from the others in the neighborhood so family in friends who either haven’t been there before or haven’t been in a while can locate you more easily.

It helps your house stand out which is a plus by itself. It’s nice to be that house in the neighborhood that makes everyone smile when they go by.

The kids will love it. Add to the magic and fun of the Easter bunny by turning your lawn into an Easter wonderland.

The party begins even before you get in the house. A decorated home puts everyone in a good mood and gets the gathering off on the right foot.

Your yard is already beginning to sport Easter colors with pale green leaves and pink and yellow blossoms. Complement it with these outdoor Easter decorations.

1. Floral Easter Bunny Yard Stakes

Three pastel bunny yard stakes easter decorations, collections etc

Collections Etc.

For a subtle but undeniably adorable look, there are these three Easter Bunny Yard Stakes. They’re made of covered iron metal so you know they can handle being outside in the rainy spring weather. Each rabbit has intricate floral cut outs in the metal and is a bright Easter pastel color. These would be perfect to line a walk way, set up against a fence, or in front of the shrubs around your home. They’re a good size with the tallest bunny at 25 inches high. I also like that you could get away with leaving these out past Easter because they’re just really cute spring bunnies.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Floral Easter Bunny Yard Stakes here.

2. Inflatable Easter Bunny in Basket

inflatable easter bunny in basket, Easter inflatables, inflatable Easter Bunny


Really announce it’s Easter with a four foot tall inflatable Easter Bunny complete with basket, colorful eggs, and “Happy Easter” message. The bright fun colors are eye-catching and it lights up so it can even be seen at night. As far as set up, it comes with stakes and tethers to securely anchor it and a built-in fan makes inflating the decoration easy. But nothing is easier than taking it down. With inflatables like this, just let the air out and then fold it up so you can store this big decoration in a tiny space. When inflated it’s four feet tall, 28 inches across, and 26.7 inches deep.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Inflatable Easter Bunny in Basket here.

3. Solar Lighted Easter Bunny Pathway Stakes

Three white rabbit solar stakes, easter yard stakes


Make sure the Easter Bunny and your little egg-searchers know where to go with these cute bunny pathway stakes. They come in sets of three and the bunnies are made of durable and weatherproof ceramic. They are illuminated with a white light powered by a solar panel and they can glow for up to eight hours when they have a full charge. If you don’t want them glowing, there is a switch to turn the lights on and off. Each bunny is about six inches tall on a four inch stake. They’re perfect for pathways, gardens, and driveways.

Price: $25.98

Buy the Solar Lighted Easter Bunny Pathway Stakes here.

4. Silk Tulip Easter Wreath

Purple and yellow tulip easter wreath, easter door decorations, the wreath depot

The Wreath Depot

Wreaths are a lovely way to decorate your home for any holiday. Plus they’re extremely easy to set up and this one even has a built-in hanging loop. This tulip Easter wreath from The Wreath Depot is bursting with beautiful spring colors. It’s made up of over 240 realistic silk artificial tulips with bright sprigs of greenery. It has a diameter of 19 inches and is over five inches thick with plush flowers. It’s best if you have a covered doorway as it’s not really meant to withstand being rained on. This wreath arrives in its own storage box for in between seasons. Just keep in mind that direct sunlight will cause the colors to fade eventually, as it will with most decorations.

If these aren’t your colors, this wreath is also available in Pink and White, Yellow and White, and Coral.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Silk Tulip Easter Wreath here.

5. 6 Easter Yard Pinwheels

Three Easter pinwheels with chick, egg, and bunny, outdoor Easter decorations


Harness the spring winds with a pinwheel set. Made of sturdy metal these six pinwheels come in in packs of six with two each of three different styles: painted Easter eggs, baby chicks, and Easter Bunnies complete with polka dot bow ties. The pinwheel section looks like a flower from far away, but when you get closer you can see it’s actually six carrots which is too cute. They’re two feet tall and 4.5 inches across so they’re great for marking pathways or for scattering in your flowerbeds. The movement of the pinwheels makes them impossible to miss.

Price: $17.95

Buy the Easter Yard Pinwheels here.

6. Easter Tulip Carrot Door Decoration

Carrot made of orange tulips, Easter door decorations, Easter wreath, SwayM.E. Vegas

SwayM.E. Vegas

This tulip carrot is a clever and fun way to decorate your door this Easter. It’s made of orange silk artificial tulips with ferns for the carrot leaves on a grapevine form. The full bow in bright Easter colors is wired so while it will probably arrive a little flat from shipping, the ribbons are easy to fluff back up to your liking. Like most wreathes, this one will last longer if it’s displayed on a covered door out of the rain. At two feet long and 19 inches wide, this flower carrot is big enough to get the attention it deserves. You should allow a couple of days for it to be made because each one is handmade to order so you’re supporting a small business in America.

Price: $76

Buy the Easter Tulip Carrot Door Decoration here.

7. Solar Easter Egg Stakes

3 Easter egg lawn stakes that light up, collection etc, outdoor Easter decorations

Collections Etc

These glowing Easter eggs are solar-powered and decorated with satin bows and artificial juniper branches. That addition of a little greenery really adds to the spring look of these eggs. They come in a set of three and light up from within when their solar panel is charged. The total height, including both the egg and the stake, is three feet tall which is a nice height to be seen from the street.

Price: $32.99

Buy the Solar Easter Egg Stakes here.

8. Set of Large Inflatable Easter Eggs

7 inflatable Easter eggs, Easter inflatables, outdoor Easter decorations


Announce your Easter egg hunt with this set of huge inflatable Easter eggs. The tallest egg is over three feet tall and the whole line of eggs is eight feet long. This is the type of big display that will be admired and pointed at by people driving by. The seven eggs are all different shapes and colors but are connected in a line so that you don’t need to inflate each egg separately. The piece is self-inflating and comes with the stakes and tethers for securing down. When plugged in, these Easter eggs even light up so they can be seen at night. Like all inflatables, this one stores easily once deflated.

Price: $89

Buy the Set of Large Inflatable Easter Eggs here.

9. Outdoor Easter Yard Stakes

Stone path with Easter walkway stakes, outdoor Easter decorations, Easter yard decorations


For something a little less flashy, these pastel Easter pathway markers are perfect for lining your walkway or driveway. This set comes with 10 decorations: four Easter Bunnies, three different colored Easter eggs, and three different colored hatching baby chicks. They’re weather-proof plastic with 20 metal stakes included, two for each, for ease of sticking in the ground. I know I’ve snapped a few plastic stakes in my time so I like that these are metal. The stakes arrive unattached to the images but install quickly and easily into slots on the bottom of the decoration. This allows you to choose how many stakes you want to use and their position. These decorations are made in America with materials sourced from America.

Price: $33.99

Buy the Outdoor Easter Yard Stakes here.

10. Inflatable Easter Bunnies With Carrot

Big blow up carrot with easter bunnies, Easter inflatables, inflatable Easter bunny, outdoor Easter decorations


When you’re giving directions to your house for Easter dinner, “Look for the giant carrot,” is a pretty solid way to ensure folks find your home. This four foot tall inflatable carrot displays a festive Easter message with two adorable white bunnies climbing on it. There’s even a patch of “dirt” as part of the inflatable so it looks like the carrot is sticking up out of the ground of your yard. It’s self-inflating and includes stakes and tethers for securing it. At night, you can plug it in for the carrot to light up so everyone can see it. It’s definitely a fun conversation starter.

Price: $55

Buy the Inflatable Easter Bunnies With Carrot here.

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