5 Best Christmas Tree Scents for Fake Trees (2018)

Confession: I live two houses down from a Christmas tree farm, but I have a fake tree and use the best Christmas tree scents to give it that fresh, pine smell.

I’ve had real trees and they’re beautiful, unique, and smell fantastic. And yes artificial trees don’t have that nostalgic pine scent, but you know what else they don’t have? Bugs living in them. So if the pine smell is the only thing you’re missing–we can fix that. I’ve omitted pine sprays because I’ve tried them and they work for exactly 15 seconds and I want something that will last.

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  • Scentsicles Pine Scented Ornaments

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    Scentsicles are Christmas tree ornaments that resemble icicles (except green) and are highly scented so that your tree has that lingering pine smell. If pine sprays are perfume for your tree which fades quickly, Scentsicles are those little pine tree shaped air fresheners for your car–but for your tree.

    A jar comes with six ornaments and how many you use at a time depends on how large your tree is and how intense you want your pine scent to be. These ornaments produce a strong, festive scent that fades over the course of around a week, so it’s best to ration these out if you can and replace them when they start to fade.

    These ornaments are available in It’s a Wonderful Pine, Christmas Time Spruce, White Winter Fir, and O Christmas Tree. You may be thinking, how many ways can a thing smell like pine? All the best fragrances are layered. One note scents tend to fall flat or be outright abrasive. So it’s all a matter of what the evergreens are blended with that gives it that Christmas tree atmosphere.

    It’s a Wonderful Pine has a foundation of amber, a heart of cedar and cypress, top notes of orange, Siberian fir, and pineapple, and traces of cinnamon. Christmas Time Spruce has a base of oak moss, cedar, and patchouli, a heart of Siberian pine and balsam fir, and herbaceous top notes.

    White Winter Fir has a foundation of fir and cedar wood, a heart of scotch pine and fir blooms, and top notes of blood orange zest. Lastly, O Christmas Tree has a woodsy base of moss and musk, heart notes of bright clementine, cedar wood, and juniper berries, with top notes of fir, oak, and pine. 

  • Thymes Frasier Fir Candle

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    While they aren’t directly on your tree, candles can make your whole room smell like the holidays. Sure, it’s one tiny extra step to light a candle when you decide to sit and admire your tree, but that also means your candle will last longer than scented ornaments. For an evergreen candle, I recommend this Frasier Fir candle by Thymes which has a burn time of around 40 hours.

    This candle has a heart of freshly cut fir branches with notes of cedarwood and sandalwood for warmth. The layered scent gives the candle more dimension and can make a pine scent feel more realistic somehow. The glass candle holder is wrapped in real wood with this festive fir needle design. Each candle comes in a sturdy gift box.

  • Scented Pine Cones

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    Yes, I know the idea of scented pine cones might bring back terrible memories of rushing into a store to get past the bins of pine cones by the door that has been drenched in artificial cinnamon. These aren’t like that.

    This six-cup bag of mixed pine cones potpourri has their natural pine fragrance enhanced so they are extra pine-y. Keep some in a festive bowl by the tree or place the larger cones in the tree. Pine cones are some of my favorite ornaments for my woodland-themed Yule tree because they look so natural. You can make your fake tree smell real by adding real pine.

  • Paine’s Cabin Burner With 10 Fir Balsam Incense Logs

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    For a rustic, vintage approach go with Paine’s incense. I’ve had one of these Log Cabin Incense Burners for years (bought with my own money). The burner is shaped like a little log cabin and when you burn your incense the smoke comes out the chimney and it’s just about the coziest thing to see in the winter.

    Paine’s incense logs are made of compressed balsam fir wood–nothing else added, just grounded up balsam fir branches pressed into these little logs. You get authentic, honest-to-goodness pine scent with these, though it’s more of the smokey, fireplace variety than the fresh-cut pine fragrance.

    Because they don’t have any sort of igniting chemicals added, these incense do take a little longer to catch so you’ll want to light these over a candle and not a match. Once they do catch though, they burn well. Unless you’re in a large space, I doubt you’ll ever need to burn an entire stick at once. This burner comes with 10 incense logs and replacements are easy to come by and cheap.

  • Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Scented Snowflake Ornaments

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    If scented ornaments sound good to you, but you’re not into the plain sticks or pine cones, check out these sparkly snowflake ornaments by Yankee Candle. This set of three green ornaments are scented with Yankee Candle’s Balsam and Cedar fragrance and will give off a fresh evergreen scent for your artificial Christmas tree.

    There are three different snowflakes and all are studded with silver glitter to better blend in with your other ornaments. I will say that these, while cuter, are not as strong as the Scentsicles sticks, but if you’re just looking for a light pine fragrance or you have a smaller tree these will work for you.