5 Best Half Christmas Trees for Corners & Walls (2018)

Nothing makes a small space feel smaller and more stressful, than cluttering it up trying to make room for more things–even if that thing is something fantastic and fun like a Christmas tree. Don’t skip the tree–just skip part of half of the tree with a half Christmas tree.

I have lived in some small apartments in my time (480 square feet is my record) but we’ve always had a tree. A lot of guides provide suggestions such as storing unneeded furniture for the season to make space but my first reaction is, “Where could I possible store my coffee table?”

Half trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some are as large as full-size trees and other are small enough that you can hang them on a wall like a picture so you can always find space for your tree. Let’s take a look at the best half and flat back Christmas trees around.

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  • Home Heritage 7 Foot Half Christmas Tree

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    This half Christmas tree by Home Heritage is seven feet tall but under two feet wide which makes this a half pencil tree. It comes close with 552 branch tips that are pre-lit with 150 white lights.

    This half tree comes with a hinged metal stand with three feet, but it’s best to anchor the tree to the wall, even with just a nail and some wire or string to make sure it won’t flop over on you, especially if you want to load it down with ornaments. 

  • Classic 3 Foot Pre-Lit Wall Christmas Tree

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    If you’re looking for something smaller, easier, and that doesn’t require any extra decoration, this three foot pre-lit wall tree might be perfect for you. Three feet is not too small and not too big to fit on your wall. You can even hang it on your front door because it’s safe for both indoor or outdoor use. The half tree is decorated with red berries and pinecones and has a bright red bow in place of a stand or tree skirt.

    Two D batteries (not included) power 50 LED lights that you can turn on manually or use the pre-programmed timer to turn your tree on for six hours and have it automatically turn itself off for the other 18 hours of the day.

  • Vickerman 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Berkshire Half Christmas Tree

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    The tapered branches on this one has a much more natural, realistic look to that you see on evergreen trees in the wild. At 7.5 feet tall, this is no small tree, and it has width of 58  inches leaving you plenty of branches for ornaments. With 1083 branch tips, it’s full compared to even full-size trees.

    It's pre-lit with 500 clear bulbs, the type that if you pull one bulb out, the rest stay on. This one also comes with its base and a step-on button for the lights.

  • Northlight 6.5 Foot Pre-Lit Canyon Pine Half Wall Christmas Tree

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    This 6.5 foot half tree has unique thin, spiky needles that resemble a real pine tree. At 45 inches wide at the base, it’s a slimmer tree than some others, and a good choice if other full-size half trees are a bit too big for your space. It’s pre-lit with 150 clear lights and breaks down into five pieces for easy storage. The stand has three legs for stability, but you’ll still want to anchor it to wall for safety.

    It has 579 branch tips, but because those branches have wide, thin needles, it looks fuller than you’d think for that number of tips. This tree includes replacement bulbs and fuses so you can use it year after year.

  • Vickerman 2 Foot Pre-Lit Country Mixed Pine Half Christmas Tree

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    This two foot tall half tree from Vickerman is meant for wall hanging only and doesn’t come with a stand. It’s 24 inches wide at the base, which makes it a fairly stout two foot tree. The bottle brush needles are a combination of light and dark green for a realistic look and the tree is dotted with real pinecones and grapevines giving it a rustic feel. It’s pre-lit with 35 clear lights and has 73 bushy tips and will need so proper fluffy to give it that full look. There isn’t a base with this tree, so you’ll want to plan to attach it to a wall. This is a perfect choice for a cabin, country, or rustic atmosphere.

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