9 Best Pencil Christmas Trees: Your Ultimate List (2019)

Christmas trees always take up more space than you expect and, with the small apartments I’ve lived in, having a pencil Christmas tree has been the difference between festive and clutter so let’s take a look at the best pencil Christmas trees of 2019.

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Which style Christmas tree is right for me?

Artificial Christmas tree selection has changed a lot since I was small. Instead of the flat, plasticy fringe we grew up with, some artificial trees today have branches that have been molded from actual pine trees. The branches are rounded, soft, and just plain realistic.

The advantage here is that these modern trees can fool the eye and appear like a real tree, which is great if you've always had real trees in the past. The only disadvantage is that because they have a more realistic look, you often can't hang ornaments on the very end of branches, just like a real tree. And while they're still strengthened with wire and pliable, the thickness of the branches limits the range of motion.

If you've grown up with artificial trees and want something traditional, they still make the flat needle trees so you can stick with what you know works. It all really depends on where your priorities are in terms of tree appearance and ornaments.

What's the right size Christmas tree for my space?

Height is important, but it's the width of the tree that makes life difficult. The best thing to do is block it out. Get some masking tape and a measuring tape and start blocking out the size of the trees you're looking at to see how they fit into your space.

Pencil trees cut that width in half, at least. You can still get all the height you want, but instead of finding room for a circle with a 5.5 foot diameter for a 7.5 foot tree, you're looking at 2.8 feet smaller. That's closer to the diameter of a four foot traditionally shaped tree.

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