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15 Best Insulated Lunch Bags: Your Buyer’s Guide

Whether you want to pack your lunch to save money, eat healthier, exercise portion control or you just like your own home cooking a lot better than fast food, the best insulated lunch bags are a functional and fun way to carry your food. With styles for everyone, from rugged to cute, they’ll keep your meals cold, or warm, depending on which you pick, and what you pack.

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Insulated lunch bags and boxes can accommodate blue ice inserts, although there are a few that actually have freezable linings, so you don't even have to bother with additional cooling packs.

For the most efficient packing and food storage, there are also a wide range of containers and bento boxes made specifically to fit these insulated carriers, and some even snap together with cooling packs. Check out the selection of Lunch Blox boxes from Rubbermaid that let you perfectly pack everything from salads to sandwiches, sides and snacks.

Insulated lunch bags come in so many sizes, from teeny, to big enough to pack a picnic for four. They're great for family car trips, and long days at remote job sites, to keep your food and drinks cool all day long. Especially important, if you're taking them out in warmer weather, you'll want to find bags that are leak-proof, and can easily be cleaned up and stored after use. If your space is limited, a foldable lunch bag will take up far less room than some of the stiffer molded bags.

Whether you're shopping for back to school options, or you're just getting into the habit of taking your lunch to work, the best insulated lunch bags can save your budget, leaving more money to spend on the other things that make life more fun outside of your job. 

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