10 Cool Tapestries Available Right Now

cool tapestries


Cool tapestries come in so many shapes and sizes that it can feel overwhelming. You want a sweet wall hanging decoration for your room, and you just can’t seem to find the right one.

Consider a few things before purchasing a tapestry. How large of a space do you have to hang it? Do you want it to cover the whole area, or leave some wall space around it? Do you have a color preference? What about a specific design element?

It’s totally ok if you don’t have any of these figured out–just keep them in mind as you’re perusing cool tapestries.

Instead of heading to the dark corners of the internet, I’ve compiled a list of the best cool tapestries money can buy. The best part? They’re totally affordable and showcase amazing designs.

Each capsule has a superlative headline, so you can dive in for more info, or go rogue and find your own similar design.

No more floundering on where to buy cool tapestries. You’ll find the cream of the crop below.

1. Best of Cool Tapestries: World Map

cool tapestries


Wanderlust is such a common term that people seem to forget why it’s so important. The desire to travel and experience the world has been a condition of human kind since the dawn of civilization.

Identifying with this feeling makes it hard to want to stay in one place. But, life can get in the way of world travel….at least for right now. So, a tapestry displaying the world map will keep your desire for excursions at bay.

This baby will keep your dreams of travel alive and well. It’s constructed at 60″ x 60″, which is considered a “Twin Size”. It’s also made of cotton, so it can be washed easily–just don’t dry it on high heat, or it may shrink. If you prefer to be super careful, you can always dry clean this baby, too.

The tag is pinned on, so you don’t have to worry about ripping the fabric to remove it. Fuel your inner desire to travel with this world map tapestry.

Price: $9.90

Buy the Floral World Map Tapestry here.


  • Can be machine washed or dry cleaned
  • Made of cotton fabric
  • Great tapestry size – 60″ x 60″


  • May not arrive in exact colors shown

Find more Floral World Map Tapestry information and reviews here.

2. Best of Cool Tapestries: Tie Dye

cool tapestries


When it comes to tapestries, there are a few things people think of: sweet wall decoration and tie dye. Of course, not all cool tapestries are tie dye, but it’s a super popular design.

Not all tie dye is created equally. Some tie dye tapestries look like they were dipped with cranberry juice in a musty, old garage. Others are just kind of…lame looking. The Luna Bazaar tie dye tapestry, though, defies all of those stereotypes.

This baby features rich colors even Roy G. Biv would be jealous of. There are only seven colors in a rainbow…but a ton more exist in this wall hanging. The material is 100% cotton, which is super lightweight and soft.

It measures 60″ x 90″, which is perfect for smaller spaces. Adorn your dorm room, living room, or bedroom with this beautiful tie dye tapestry.

Price: $15.36

Buy the Luna Bazaar Tie Dye Swirl Bohemian Tapestry here.


  • Incredibly vibrant tie dye
  • Made of super lightweight material
  • Great for picnics or the beach


  • If hanging over a window, it lets in a lot of light

Find more Luna Bazaar Tie Dye Swirl Bohemian Tapestry information and reviews here.

3. Best of Cool Tapestries: Mandala

cool tapestries

Mandalas are a huge part of designing cool tapestries. A mandala is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol, which represents the universe.

Of course, in the context of tapestries, there’s less of a spiritual meaning behind them (although they always have their basis in it!), and are more meant as a beautiful decoration with calming roots. There are so many mandala tapestries out there, but Madhu International’s tapestry is absolute perfection.

A rich purple color adorns this awesome tapestry. The material is 100% cotton, so it can easily be washed and dried at home–but it’s recommended you hang it out to dry. It measures 84″ x 54″, so it’s definitely larger than other cool tapestries.

Don’t worry about receiving junk, it comes with a certificate proving its authenticity. Vibrant colors will make this mandala tapestry your decoration centerpiece.

Price: $7.99

Buy the Madhu International Mandala Bohemian Tapestry here.


  • Very large tapestry, measuring 84″ x 54″
  • Adorned with a beautiful purple mandala
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Can be machine-washed


  • May smell a bit funky when it arrives

Find more Madhu International Mandala Bohemian Tapestry X information and reviews here.

4. Best of Cool Tapestries: Elephant

cool tapestries


Elephants are such amazing, beautiful creatures. They’re insanely intelligent, and very gentle, given their massive size. It goes without saying that an elephant tapestry is the perfect addition to any dorm room, bedroom, or beach towel collection.

Because tapestries aren’t just for hanging on the wall, they can easily double as a picnic blanket or table cloth. If you’re looking for the coolest of cool tapestries, though, you definitely need to check out the Jiamingyang Elephant Flower Tapestry.

It features a breathtaking, vibrant image of an elephant. The elephant is wearing a beautiful headpiece, adding to the aura of exquisiteness. It measures 80″ x 60″, but you have the option to purchase a smaller version at 59″ x 51″.

Made from a polyester fiber, you’ll never have to worry about it being too heavy. This multi-functional elephant tapestry is perfect as wall decor, a bed spread, or beach towel!

Price: $21.99

Buy the Jiamingyang Indian Wall Hanging Elephant Flower Tapestry here.


  • Features a beautiful elephant design
  • Made of lightweight polyester fabric
  • Choose from a small- and large-size


  • May fade if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time

Find more Jiamingyang Indian Wall Hanging Elephant Flower Tapestry information and reviews here.

5. Best of Cool Tapestries: Black and White

cool tapestries


Without light there is just darkness. Without black, there is only white. The yin is balanced with the yang. Black and white symbolism has existed since the dawn of time. And a black and white tapestry really dives into that uniqueness headfirst.

Most cool tapestries are super colorful and vibrant. So, a black and white tapestry really stands out amongst the crowd.

If you’re a fan of choices, this beautiful tapestry is available in three sizes: extra-small, small, and large. Extra small measures 54″ x 54″, small measures 54″ x 82″, and large measures 82″ x 92″. Regardless of the space you’re looking to fill with this black and white tapestry, there’s a size to fit your needs.

These cool tapestries are made with 100% cotton, so you can wash them at home. Black and white, good and evil–however you interpret the two, don’t miss out on this awesome YinYang Wall Hanging Tapestry.

Price: $16.13

Buy the YinYang Wall Hanging Tapestry here.


  • Available in three sizes: extra-small, small, and large
  • Made of 100% cotton – can easily be washed at home
  • Fantastic price


  • Edges may fray over time
  • May smell a bit funky when it first arrives

Find more YinYang Wall Hanging Tapestry information and reviews here.

6. Best of Cool Tapestries: Hippie

cool tapestries


Hippie tapestries are a dime a dozen. It seems like every single tapestry has “hippie” somewhere in the description. While they may fit the vibe, most of them don’t feel “right”.

Since “hippie” is such a broad term, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. In this instance, hippie refers to an earthy, calm tapestry–people may refer to it as “crunchy”. The Dremisland Hippie Tapestry fits the term to a T.

It features an off-center, beautiful, blue and brown mandala, with white mandalas curving around it. The tapestry is made of a polyester fiber/cotton mix, and the design is screen printed on. Because of this, it’s ideal to hand-wash this baby.

Choose from a medium- or large-size. Medium measures 59″ x 52″, and large measures 80″ x 60″. Let out your inner flower child with this hippie tapestry.

Price: $15.99

Buy the Dremisland Indian Wall Decor Hippie Tapestries here.


  • Comes in medium- and large-sizes
  • Features a beautiful hippie, mandala design
  • Made from polyester fiber/cotton mix – environmentally friendly


  • Must be hand-washed

Find more Dremisland Indian Wall Decor Hippie Tapestries information and reviews here.

7. Best of Cool Tapestries: Blue

cool tapestries


Blue is such a beautiful color. It’s reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day, and the ocean on a day where the water is like glass. A calming feeling easily enters your body when you’re surrounded by the color.

So, why not purchase a blue tapestry to emit that same feeling of calmness? Every time you enter the room, you’ll smile to yourself because of the beautiful Hippie Bohemian Blue Tapestry.

This lovely wall hanging features a blue mandala. But, it’s not just any ol’ blue–it’s a rainbow of blue colors, ranging from bluebird to a dark navy blue. It’s made of 100% cotton, but it’s best to hand-wash this baby, then let it air dry.

Because it measures 84″ x 90″, make sure you have enough space before purchasing this exquisite blue tapestry. Your inner-calmness will thank you.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Hippie Bohemian Blue Tapestry here.


  • Features a mandala of every blue under-the-rainbow
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Fantastic price
  • Very large in size (84″ x 90″)


  • Must be hand-washed

Find more Hippie Bohemian Blue Tapestry information and reviews here.

8. Best of Cool Tapestries: Trippy

cool tapestries


If you’re being honest with yourself, of all of the cool tapestries available, you really want a trippy tapestry. Trippy tapestries are generally what you’d expect out of that type of wall decor…because it has a 420 aura.

While you’re not outright saying you’re a part of the lifestyle, you can definitely benefit from the type of decor. And there’s no better trippy tapestry than one designed specifically by an artist.

Artist, Chris Dyer, created this crazy piece of art and had it made into one of the coolest tapestries I’ve ever encountered. Choose between two different sizes: 30″ x 45″ and 60″ x 90″.

Use it as wall decor, beach blanket, or bed cover. If you happen to have 3D glasses on-hand, look at this bad boy. You’ll be in for quite the visual ride. This 100% cotton trippy tapestry is exactly what you need to round out your room.

Price: $31.95

Buy the Sunshine Joy 3D Yes Yes Yes No No No Tapestry here.


  • Made of 100% cotton – can be washed
  • Looks incredible when viewed with 3D glasses
  • Design was created by an artist


  • May smell a bit when you first receive it

Find more Sunshine Joy 3D Yes Yes Yes No No No Tapestry information and reviews here.

9. Best of Cool Tapestries: Purple/h2>

purple tapestry, cool tapestries


Most cool tapestries are rectangular or square. (Although that’s rather redundant, given that by definition, a square is a rectangle!) In order to stand out amongst the crowd, a circle tapestry is in order.

And what better color than a purple tapestry? A circle purple tapestry. Try saying that 10 times fast. All jokes aside, the Round Lotus Flower Purple Mandala Tapestry is easily the best purple tapestry around.

A lotus mandala adorns this beauty, featuring an array of purples, ranging from lavender to deep purple. It’s made from 100% cotton. The diameter is approximately 72″, which is to say it’s about 72″ wide.

Hand-wash this artistry in cold water and let it hang dry. Each purple tapestry is hand-dyed, so every one is unique. Indulge in the color of royalty.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Round Lotus Flower Purple Mandala Tapestry here.


  • Hand-crafted, so each one is unique
  • Uncommon circle shape
  • Made of 100% cotton


  • May smell a bit when it arrives – you can use febreeze

Find more Round Lotus Flower Purple Mandala Tapestry information and reviews here.

10. Best of Cool Tapestries: Boho

cool tapestries


Boho tapestries, just like hippie tapestries, feel like they’re on every street corner. The difference between boho and hippie, is that boho is more light and ethereal, while hippie is crunchy and colorful.

Boho tapestries tend to be flowy and light, focusing on less-pigmented hues. The Zest For Life Citrus Fruit Mandala Tapestry taps directly into that feeling.

This boho tapestry takes a unique twist on mandalas, and throws in a delicious fruit: the orange. But, the orange is very light. Think less orange juice, more early sunrise. It measures 80″ x 52″, so make sure you have a space large enough to accommodate it.

Plus, it’s designed with loops at the corners for easy hanging, anchoring to the sand at the beach, or tying. This zesty boho tapestry is an easy choice.

Price: $14.95

Buy the Zest For Life Citrus Fruit Mandala Tapestry here.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Large size – 80″ x 52″
  • Has loops in the corner for easy hanging


  • May be thinner than expected

Find more Zest For Life Citrus Fruit Mandala Tapestry information and reviews here.

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