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11 Best Small Rice Cookers: Which Is Right for You?

The best small rice cookers require a minimal amount of space, yet offer the same performance you would expect from a larger rice cooker. In fact, if you’re looking for the most precise cooking technology, consider a smaller fuzzy logic rice cooker.

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Which Brand of Rice Cooker Is Best?

Zojirushi is a trusted brand name in the world of rice cookers. Its products are simple and straightforward and appear to be quite durable over time according to user reviews.

That said, you can't go wrong with any of the brands on this list. We've done the research to bring you several reliable cookers that deliver tasty rice in no time. 

Which Is the Best Small Rice Cooker?

Just because your rice cooker is a bit smaller, it doesn't mean that you have to expect a suboptimal performance. As with many larger rice cookers, you'll find many small rice cookers that are designed for multi-tasking in the kitchen.

Regardless of size, a rice cooker is simply a non-stick bowl inside an electric heating element. While this setup is optimal for cooking rice, you can do much more with it. Many people use their rice cookers to make various sweet and savory foods, from macaroni and cheese to cakes to steamed veggies and more.

Of course, if you're looking to stick with the basics, you'll find rice cookers that are designed for the sole purpose of cooking rice. These types of cookers are generally designed for cooking white rice, but you can successfully whip up batches of brown rice and other types as well. Many multi-cookers are a bit pricier and have varied temperature settings that allow you to cook different types of rice and food.

Most small rice cookers have a keep warm setting. In many cases, the appliance automatically switches over when the rice is finished to avoid burning or drying out the fresh batch. Some rice cookers feature indicator lights to help you keep track of your rice as it cooks.

Many cookers come with non-stick bowls, but if cleaning is a concern you will want to check whether your specific model is dishwasher safe.

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