17 Best Succulent Planters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you’ve got a brown thumb, have a low tolerance for particularly persnickety house plants, or you’re shopping for gifts for hipsters who happen to love succulents, you’ll want to have the best succulent planters to make the most of their or your mini indoor greenscape.

Succulents are super easy to maintain. No need to whisper sweet nothings or play classical music to these hardy plants. They hold water in their leaves, so even if you’re away for a week or two, you won’t come back to shriveled and dead plants. Perhaps that’s why they are so popular with hipsters – succulents are equally independent.

Our favorite succulent pots have several features you’ll want to look for including drain holes, and drip trays so plant won’t drown and the pot won’t mar wooden tabletops or window sills. From a style standpoint, they are, for the most part, pretty tiny just like the plants they are meant for.

Whether you’re looking for hanging pots, groupings that can be spread or pots in brilliant colors, interesting shapes and multiple sizes, our selections are sure to please. Keep in mind, none of them include the succulent plants themselves or the potting medium, so you’ll want to get both to be prepped for your pots’ arrival.

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