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15 Best Crystal Pyramids: Your Ultimate List

If you’re looking for crystal pyramids, you’re part of a long line of humans drawn to this shape that stretches back over 4,000 years. See the end of the article for information on the crystal pyramids’ origins and meanings.

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Why a pyramid?

The pyramid is a symbol of connection, movement, and concentration. The square anchors to the ground while the points converge to aim at the heavens. 

For the ancient Egyptians, it represented the rays of the sun shining down as well as the ascension of the Pharaoh's spirit.  

In a related shape, Witchcraft's cone of power represents the collection of energy that rises and builds, moving upward and concentrating. 

This perceived movement of energy is associated with cleansing, meaning the negative energies are converted into positive energies in the process.

Crystals are a perfect match for pyramids as many crystals naturally form into points with a top like a pyramid. Their sloping angle looks a lot like the Bent Pyramid in Egypt. 

What are these pyramids used for?

Many people have varying beliefs as to the properties of crystal pyramid--far too many for me to cover here. For example, you might choose pyramids that are made of or contain crystals that symbolize different energies to invite those energies into your life, like choosing a tiger's eye pyramid if you're looking to draw in wealth.

They're also simply beautiful, so even if you don't do anything spiritually with them, having one in your home will bring you enjoyment from looking at it.

What is an orgone pyramid?

Some crystal pyramids are sometimes called orgone pyramids which are made of something called orgonite, developed and named by Karl Hans Welz. 

I know the name sounds like it's some type of stone, but orgonite is the name given to a layered mixture of metal shavings and other carefully chosen materials suspended in hardened resin. 

There is a belief that creating these shapes out of these materials will attract and harness "orgone energy," a term for life force, and so have a positive influence on your life. 

It's my personal belief that crystals enhance the energies that you bring to them. 

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