9 Best Indoor Electric Grills: Your Buyer’s Guide

indoor electric grills


The best indoor electric grills allow you to enjoy the benefits of grilling without worrying about the weather. They’re generally more versatile than your average grill pan, and can be used to cook your favorite foods.

cuisinart griddler Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Five-in-one design
  • Integrated drip tray
  • Panini-style handle
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
indoor electric grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for meat and veggies
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray
Price: $88.37 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
indoor grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 1800 watts of power
  • Two available cooking modes
  • Audible alerts
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george foreman grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Removable plates
  • Nonstick coating
  • Indicator lights
Price: $31.93 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
electric grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact
  • Indicator light
  • Cool-touch handles
Price: $45.60 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
indoor grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Dishwasher safe grease tray
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Dual cooking controls
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
electric grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Family-friendly size
  • Nonstick surface
  • Adjustable thermostat
Price: $46.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
indoor grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with a lid
  • Nonstick cooking plates
  • 1700 watts of cooking power
Price: $82.26 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best indoor electric grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cool-touch base
  • Removable nonstick pan
  • Tempered glass lid
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Cuisinart Griddler (GR-4N)

    • Removable nonstick cooking plates
    • Floating cover accomodates various food types
    • Comes with red and green indicator lights
    • Bulky design
    • Can take awhile to heat up
    • Some find it difficult to clean

    Many indoor grills are designed to cook your food properly, but the Cuisinart Griddler (GR-4N) takes it to the next level with its multi-tasking capabilities. You’ll find five grill types in one, including full and half griddles, half and full grills, a contact grill and panini press. From veggies to burgers to toasting buns, the Cuisinart Griddler handles a multitude of tasks. The nonstick cooking plates are removable and reversible for added convenience. Grease buildup is less of a concern as the cooking plates drain the grease, while an integrated drip tray captures any lingering grease that drips down when cooking.

    A panini-style handle keeps you in control of your meals. The Griddler also has a floating cover, which adjusts to suit a variety of food types. Adjustable temperature controls help you stay in charge as you cook. The highest available temperature is 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The Griddler has user-friendly knobs on the front so that you can quickly and efficiently whip up snacks and meals.

  2. 2. Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill (EB-CC15)

    • Dual-layer nonstick grilling surface
    • Heat range includes temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Drains excess fat for healthier food
    • Doesn't come with a lid
    • Can be tedious to clean
    • May smoke a bit when cooking

    The Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill (EB-CC15) is an all-around solid choice for an indoor electric grill. Not only is this indoor grill versatile, meaning you can use it for seafood, veggies, steaks and more, it also stands out for its durable nonstick dual-layer grilling surface.

    As the food cooks, excess fat and oil drains away. Not only does this help keep your food healthier, it also makes cleaning easier once you’re done cooking. The drip tray is also dishwasher safe. A heat range of 176 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit caters to a wide variety of food. Both the handles and base are designed to stay cool after cooking.

  3. 3. T-fal OptiGrill (GC702D53)

    • Cooking indicator light
    • Automatic sensors automatically adjust cooking time based on food thickness
    • Comes with six cooking programs
    • Relatively small grilling area
    • Some find the temperature sensor isn't always accurate
    • Not the most user-friendly controls

    The T-fal OptiGrill remains a fan favorite for its multiple cooking programs, user-friendly features and sensors that ensure your food is cooked just the way you like. This T-fal grill is spacious enough for four servings. However, you can upgrade to the larger model for eight servings per use. The OptiGrill has a robust 1800 watts of cooking power. There are also two cooking modes, one for cooking frozen foods and one manual mode that keeps you in control of your meals.

    The grill has multiple automatic cooking programs to help take the guesswork out of tasks such as cooking poultry, burgers, red meat, fish, sandwiches and more. Automatic sensor cooking technology automatically adjusts the temperature according to the thickness of the food for more accurate and consistent results. You can keep track of your meal with a light and audible alerts when the food is rare, medium or well-done. An indicator light lets you know when the grill is preheating, and when it’s ready for use.

  4. 4. George Foreman Removable Plate & Panini Grill (GRP3060P)

    • Plates are dishwasher safe
    • Preheats quickly
    • Adjustable floating hinge
    • Lacks an on/off switch
    • Some complain of an initial burning plastic smell
    • Lid is a bit top heavy

    The George Foreman Removable Plate & Panini Grill (GRP3060P) delivers four servings at a time, making it just the right size for families and frequent gatherings with friends. This George Foreman grill covers all the basics, from its removable plates to nonstick coating and dishwasher-safe parts. A slope design ensures grease and oil drips down as the food cooks, leaving you with a healthier meal and less of a mess to clean up. A temperature indicator light keeps you informed as your meal cooks.

    If you’ve previously found yourself frustrated by grills that take forever to heat up, you’ll appreciate the faster heat up time. In fact, the improved heating elements allow the grill to heat up 35 percent faster.

  5. 5. Tayama Electric Grill (TG-868)

    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Drip tray is dishwasher safe
    • Can be easily disassembled for cleaning
    • Takes awhile to preheat
    • Prone to smoking if water isn't added into the drip tray when cooking
    • Poorly designed temperature control knob

    Whether you prefer to grill indoors or you’re limited by space, this electric grill from Tayama may be the solution. The grill measures 20 inches long and has a grilling surface area of 15 x 10 inches. There’s also a separate heater and grill plate so that you can prepare more than one type of food at once. The grill’s ribbed design not only provides even and full heat coverage as your meal cooks, it also leaves those desirable grill marks on the food.

    A drainage channel lets excess fat and oil easily run off so that you will enjoy healthier food, not to mention easier cleaning. The drip tray is dishwasher safe. An adjustable temperature range takes care of tasks from simply keeping the food warm to searing steaks. An automatic shut-off feature protects against possible overheating.

  6. 6. Hamilton Beach 3-In-1 Grill/Griddle (38546)

    • Combined grill and griddle
    • Removable nonstick cooking plates
    • Center grease channel captures excess oil
    • Some struggle to get the grease plates back in
    • Control knob lettering is prone to wearing off
    • Grease drainage could be better

    If you’re looking for versatility in the best indoor electric grill, you’ll find it with the Hamilton Beach 3-In-1 Grill/Griddle (38546). The combined grill and griddle features two distinct cooking areas so that you can prepare your favorite foods in one convenient space. The grids are reversible and are double-sided. You can use the grids as grills, griddles or a combination of both.

    When you’re done cooking, simply remove the grids for easy cleaning. A grease channel in the middle captures excess oil and grease as it drains. The grease tray is dishwasher safe. The cooking surface spans 180 inches.

  7. 7. Elite Platinum Indoor Electric Grill (EGL-6501)

    • Parts are dishwasher safe when adjustable thermostat is removed
    • Removable drip pan
    • Adjustable temperature range from 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Smoke isn't well contained
    • Ridges can be tough to clean
    • Requires plenty of counter space

    The Elite Platinum Indoor Electric Grill (EGL-6501) is designed to make meals for the whole family with its 16-inch rectangular cooking surface. A slightly smaller 14-inch version is also available. The nonstick grilling surface promotes easy food release, whether you’re grilling veggies, meat, fish or another favorite type of food.

    The thermostat has an adjustable temperature range from 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, along with an indicator light to easily keep track of your meal. The removable drip pan captures grease and oil that drains out when cooking. However, that’s not the best part. Simply remove the adjustable thermostat and you can place all other parts in the dishwasher.

  8. 8. Secura Reversible Grill Griddle (GR-1503XL)

    • Double-sided cooking plates function as a grill and griddle
    • Cool-touch handles and base
    • Adjustable thermostat control
    • Can be tough to clean
    • Some complaints of uneven distribution on the grill side
    • A bit bulky

    This portable electric grill from Secura can be used inside and outdoors. The grill has a nonstick cooking plate with 180 squares of available cooking surface. One side of the cooking plate can be used as a griddle, while the other one serves as a grill. A heating element between the griddle and grill plates quickly and efficiently heats and cooks food. Many customers appreciate the fact that this grill comes with a glass lid, which makes it easier to retain moisture and contain splatter while the food cooks. The lid is also removable.

    Cool-touch handles prevent your hands from getting burned after cooking. Grease channels promote healthier eating by allowing extra fat and oil to drip away as you cook. Other features include a heating indicator light and adjustable thermostat control. The grill has 1700 watts of power.

  9. 9. Aroma 3-in-1 Grillet (ASP-218B)

    • Large four-quart capacity
    • Functions as a hot pot, slow cooker and grill in one
    • Removable temperature control probe goes up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Base of pan can be tricky to wash
    • Temperature control knob is quite sensitive
    • Lid doesn't have an escape hole for steam

    If you’re looking for a more compact solution to your indoor grilling needs, consider the Aroma 3-in-1 Grillet (ASP-218B). The small grill has a 14-inch surface, making it an agreeable size for apartments, dorms and smaller living spaces. It’s also lightweight at just under six pounds. Some indoor grills are missing that grilled flavor you get when cooking outdoors, but this one produces the same mouthwatering flavor.

    You can set the temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with the temperature control probe. The Grillet can also be used as a hot pot and slow cooker, meaning it’s a bit deeper than your average indoor grill, with a capacity of four quarts. All non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

Maybe your outdoor space is limited, or you want a solution for year-round grilling. Many fans of indoor grills find them particularly handy during stretches of inclement weather, when grilling outdoors becomes nearly impossible.

Others appreciate the compact nature and overall convenience of an indoor electric grill. While you might be sacrificing some of that beloved grilled flavor you get when grilling outdoors, most indoor electric grills have just about everything you need for grilling.

Indoor electric grills are generally safe, but you should still use some basic safety precautions. For example, avoid immersing cords and heating elements in water. Many of the best indoor electric grills feature removable parts that can be washed by hand. Some are even dishwasher safe. The control knobs should be switched off as soon as you're done cooking. Even if the grill is designated for indoor and outdoor use, it shouldn't be used in the rain.

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