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15 Best Kitchen Knives: Your Easy Buying Guide

best kitchen knives


Dull knives make basic kitchen tasks even more difficult than they need to be. These best kitchen knives will help you get the job done right, especially if you have a knife sharpener to keep your edge in top shape. Our list includes a variety of knife types for various kitchen tasks.

best kitchen knives Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Versatile
  • Comes in several sizes
  • Stainless steel blade
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kitchen knives Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Full-tang
  • Durable
  • Eight-inch blade
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best kitchen knives Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Textured finger points
  • High-carbon material
  • Comes in several colors
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best kitchen knives Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stylish waved pattern
  • Japanese stainless steel blade
  • Versatile
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  • German steel construction
  • Pakkwood handle
  • Triple riveted handle
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  • Comes in two sizes
  • German stainless steel blade
  • All-purpose knife
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kitchen knife Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Designed for prolonged use
  • Ergonomic handle
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best kitchen knives Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Full-tang design
  • Heat-treated blade
  • Razor sharp blade
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kitchen knife Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Damascus steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Multi-purpose design
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  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Comfortable handle
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  • Ideal for small hands
  • Fine-edge blade
  • Expertly honed blade
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  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stays sharp over time
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kitchen knife Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable handle
  • Designed for fruits and vegetables
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  • Designed for veggies
  • Single bevel design
  • Ergonomic handle
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best kitchen knives Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Optimal balance
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

    • Suited for professionals and home chefs
    • Completes most cooking tasks with ease
    • Balanced and weighted
    • Knife tip isn't factory sharpened
    • Serrated version only comes in one size
    • Some wish it had more clearance for chopping

    The Victorinox Fibrox Pro is priced for home chefs, but with an edge that even a professional would covet. It can handle a wide range of tasks with its durable tapered stainless steel edge.

    If you’re looking for an all-around kitchen knife, consider this eight-inch knife by Victorinox. The laser-tested blade handles many different tasks with ease, including dicing, chopping, slicing and mincing. Another perk is the ergonomic handle, which ensures a stable grip even when your hands are wet.

    The stainless steel blade measures just under eight inches. You can find a range of sizes though, from five to 10 inches. If you’re giving the knife as a gift or for a special occasion you can even get it custom engraved. While the chef’s blade is the most common, you can also purchase a serrated chef’s knife.

  2. 2. Wüsthof Classic Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

    • Comes in several sizes
    • Blade is made with high carbon stainless steel
    • Ground thin for optimal performance
    • Pricey
    • Doesn't come with a storage sleeve
    • Not designed for cutting through bone or similar surfaces

    Wüsthof has a solid reputation for its durable and robust products, and this kitchen knife is no exception.

    One of the highlights of this knife is the fact that it’s full tang. If you’re not familiar, a full tang knife has the highest amount of stainless steel in the handle, meaning it’s less likely to bend during use, according to Knife Depot. In addition to better control, you also have an optimal balance.

    Its versatility makes the eight-inch blade an especially popular choice, but you can find this knife in sizes ranging from six to 10 inches. A custom engraved version is also available.

    The blade is precision forged from high carbon stainless steel for durability and stability. This kitchen knife also comes with a finger guard and full bolster. The best kitchen knives are ground very thin for optimal performance, as is the case with this Wusthof knife.

  3. 3. Mercer Culinary Millennia Utility Knife (6-Inch)

    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Common and unique knife variations available
    • Stands out for its comfortable ergonomic handle
    • Doesn't come with a blade cover
    • Blade is extremely sharp and can easily cut skin
    • Handle doesn't taper much near the blade

    Aside from its affordable price tag, this kitchen knife stands out for its comfortable ergonomic handle, which includes textured finger points for improved grip and slip resistance.

    This kitchen knife from Mercer Culinary comes in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Aside from this six-inch utility knife, you can find it in variations ranging from a 2.5-inch paring knife to a long 18-inch cake slicing knife. Most versions fall somewhere in the middle in terms of size, and range from practical options such as utility and bread knives to narrow fillet knives, wide boning knives and more.

    The sharp Japanese steel blade has a razor-sharp edge for precise and accurate cuts. It’s also made with a durable high-carbon material and is resistant to stains. This knife is available in a wide range of colors.

  4. 4. Soufull Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

    • Chrome material helps protect against rust and corrosion
    • Has a comfortable ergonomic handle
    • Well balanced for prolonged use
    • Only comes in one size
    • Some wish the blade was sharper
    • A bit heavy

    Having a comfortable and ergonomic handle is crucial if you plan to spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen. This chef’s knife accomplishes that goal with its durable pakka handle.

    Not only is the handle comfortable over a longer period of time, it’s appropriately balanced for prolonged use without causing hand fatigue or discomfort.

    This eight-inch knife has an ultra-sharp blade constructed with durable Japanese stainless steel. Added chrome material keeps potential rust and corrosion at bay. The knife’s multipurpose design allows you to use it for just about any ordinary cooking task, including chopping, dicing, slicing and cutting.

    A distinctive waved pattern makes this knife an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

  5. 5. Dalstrong Gladiator Series Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

    • Ideal for super-fine slicing and dicing
    • Wide blade allows plenty of knuckle clearance
    • Properly balanced handle
    • Handle is a bit heavy
    • Some complain of rough edges along the handles
    • Relatively heavy handle

    Dalstrong describes its Gladiator Series as “battle ready culinary tools,” and this knife doesn’t disappoint with its durable high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel.

    This knife is hand sharpened 14-16 degrees on each side and is designed for effortless super-fine slicing and dicing. Not only does it require minimal effort to cut, you won’t have to spend much extra time on cleaning or maintenance as the blade easily wipes clean. Despite its ability to finely chop food, the blade is wide enough to allow ample knuckle clearance. You can easily scoop food or transfer it into a pot or pan.

    Not only is the handle made with eye-catching and durable pakkawood imported from Spain, but it’s also designed to accommodate right- and left-handed users. The properly balanced handle lets you make thicker and heavier cuts just as easily as more detailed ones. Triple rivets reinforce the handle.

  6. 6. Mad Shark Santoku Knife (7-Inch)

    • Blade is very sharp out of the box
    • Triple rivet design ensures handle and blade are firmly attached
    • Blade is easy to clean
    • A bit big for smaller hands
    • Weight could be balanced better
    • Blade is heavy

    If you’re looking for a slightly more nimble alternative to the standard eight-inch knife, consider this seven-inch knife by Mad Shark.

    This santoku knife is made with durable high-carbon German stainless steel. Not only does this mean it’s a well-rounded all-purpose knife, the stainless steel blade is also resistant to rust and stains. A triple rivet design ensures the handle and blade are firmly attached for optimal control and stability.

    The blade is very sharp out of the box and is designed for precise cuts. Oval-shaped divots keep food from getting stuck while cutting. It also makes the blade easier to clean when you’re done.

    If you’re looking for something slightly different, consider the eight-inch or handguard variations.

  7. 7. Imarku Professional Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

    • Chrome material resists fading over time
    • Pakka handle designed to reduce pain and numbness
    • Practical for all-purpose kitchen tasks
    • Could be balanced better
    • Loses its sharpness relatively quickly
    • Food tends to stick to the blade

    If you are tired of constantly replacing your knives, consider this chef’s knife by Imarku, which is designed for longer-term use.

    This multi-purpose knife is made with a durable high-carbon stainless steel blade, giving it an extra element of stability and durability. The knife is a practical all-around choice for the kitchen as it does everything from cut to slice, dice and chop. 

    The pakka handle is not only ergonomic, it also helps reduce numbness and pain in the fingers and hands from holding the knife for a prolonged period of time. The blade features a combination of carbon and chrome, which keeps the finish glossy and ensures it won’t fade or tarnish over time.

  8. 8. Simple Song Gyuto Knife (8-Inch)

    • Handle is made with rosewood
    • Blade is sharp on one side and flat on the other
    • Corrosion-resistant blade
    • Some wish it was balanced better
    • Tends to lose its edge fairly quickly
    • Only comes in one size

    Its heat-treated blade makes this knife stand out for its overall hardness and edge retention.

    If you’re looking for a sharp and nimble kitchen knife, consider this Gyuto knife from Simple Song. The blade is razor sharp out of the box and is corrosion resistant, meaning it won’t rust when it comes in contact with fruits, veggies and meat. The full-tang design means the stainless steel blade runs the full length of the knife.

    On the right side, the blade is sharpened to a 15-degree edge, while the left side remains flat. The end result is a knife that provides one sharp edge and one flat side for added versatility.

    Another unique feature is the handle, which is made of rosewood. This material is naturally strong and heavy and retains its polish. Another perk is that it feels well-balanced as you use the knife.

  9. 9. Deik Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

    • Stylish hand-polished Micarta handle
    • Each side is sharpened to 18 degrees
    • Durable steel blade
    • Balance could be improved
    • Only comes in one size
    • Food can get stuck on blade

    The V-shaped blade on this knife makes for a rewarding slicing experience.

    This chef’s knife features a VG-10 Damascus steel construction, which provides optimal sharpness and edge retention. The knife is also corrosion resistant.

    Each side of the blade is sharpened to 18 degrees, resulting in an improved slicing experience. The multi-functional knife stands up to a wide range of kitchen tasks, including chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing. The knife works just as well on softer and harder fruits, veggies and meat.

    The hand-polished Micarta handle adds a stylish look to the knife without compromising comfort, control or agility.

  10. 10. Farberware Utility Knife (4.5-Inch)

    • Automatically hones blade before use
    • Ergonomic handle with a firm grip
    • Blade is made with high-carbon steel
    • Gets dull fairly quickly
    • Built-in sharpener isn't the best
    • Some find the handle uncomfortable

    If you’re shopping on a tight budget, this Farberware utility knife is a solid option.

    This compact 4.5-inch utility knife is designed to handle the basics. You can find a variety of sizes, from a 3.5-inch paring knife to larger eight-inch knives.

    One unique feature is a built-in mechanism that automatically hones the blade before and after each use, so you won’t have to cut into food with a dull blade. The blade is made with high-carbon steel, which adds an element of durability and won’t rust over time.

    The handle is comfortable and ergonomic and ensures a solid grip.

  11. 11. J.A. Henckels 31161-161 Classic Chef’s Knife (6-Inch)

    • Smooth blade to handle transition
    • High-quality German stainless steel construction
    • Ideal for chopping ingredients
    • Handle is a bit light
    • Some find the handle uncomfortable
    • Blade could be heavier

    This classic chef’s knife stands out for its precise, fine-edge blade, which is expertly honed for long-lasting sharpness.

    If you’re looking for a solid kitchen knife that won’t break the bank, consider this knife from J.A. Henckels. The Classic series consists of some of the more moderately priced items, but that doesn’t mean quality is lacking. This chef’s knife has a sturdy high-quality German stainless steel construction. The blade transitions to the handle without interruption, providing you with more precision and control.

    Cooks with smaller hands should take note, as this knife is specially designed for smaller hands, with a narrower and shallower handle. The broad blade coupled with a curved cutting edge makes chopping particularly effortless.

  12. 12. Utopia Chef Knife (8-Inch)

    • Designed to cut through squash, melon and other large food items
    • Equally suited for home and commercial kitchens
    • Carbon stainless steel construction
    • Not full-tang
    • Weight isn't even
    • Heavy

    Ease of use is the main draw of this kitchen knife, from its versatile blade to a handle designed for precise movements.

    The eight-inch blade on this kitchen knife works well for a variety of tasks, including cutting through larger pieces of food, including squash and melon. The blade is made with carbon stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and won’t tarnish over time.

    This knife is equally suited for home use and commercial kitchens. Chefs of all levels appreciate how the knife stays sharp over time. Another bonus is the ABS handle, which is ergonomically designed to help keep cramps and aches at bay.

  13. 13. Zyliss Paring Knife (3.5-Inch)

    • Durable high-carbon stainless steel blade
    • Sheath cover keeps fingers safe
    • Soft touch rubber material makes handling more comfortable
    • Sheath opens towards the blade tip
    • Not the most compact for traveling
    • A few complaints of rust developing over time

    If you’re looking for full control when cutting up fruits and veggies, consider the Zyliss Paring Knife.

    This compact 3.5-inch knife is specifically designed for working with fruits and vegetables. In addition to cutting up the food, you can also use the knife for peeling and slicing.

    Knife accidents are common. While the high-carbon stainless steel blade remains super sharp over time, it’s also very sharp out of the box. This paring knife comes with a sheath cover to help you stay safe. The cover comes in handy for storage and traveling.

    The ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue while ensuring you have a solid grip on the knife as you work. The soft touch rubber material makes the knife more comfortable to hold.

  14. 14. Tradafor Vegetable Knife (7-Inch)

    • Blade shape is well suited for dicing, cutting and mincing
    • Cuts even the most delicate vegetables
    • Pakkawood handle adds security and comfort
    • Designed for right-handed users
    • Unique angle can make it tougher to sharpen
    • A bit large for smaller hands

    As its name suggests, this kitchen knife is specifically designed for handling veggies.

    Vegetables can be tricky to cut and slice, especially if you don’t have the right knife. This vegetable knife has a single bevel design and is sharp enough to expertly cut delicate veggies without causing damage. In fact, you can slice the veggies as thin as you desire.

    This knife is specifically designed for right-handed users, and features a lightweight yet solid balance. Its combined ergonomic handle and distinctive blade shape make the knife well suited for cutting, dicing and mincing.

  15. 15. KingKut Chef Knife (8-Inch)

    • Full-tang construction
    • Resistant to rust and stains
    • Comes with a blade sheath
    • A bit bulky
    • Included glove only comes in one size
    • Very sharp edge

    This KingKut Chef Knife stands out for its overall value, between its high-carbon stainless steel blade and an ergonomic wood handle.

    The better the blade, the simpler your meal prep will be. This kitchen knife has a high-carbon German stainless steel blade. Additionally, the blade is ice tempered and heat-treated for maximum hardness and durability. A traditional Japanese honing process has created a dependable razor-sharp edge.

    Not only is the knife a solid weight, it also has the right balance for various kitchen tasks. This is due in large part to the ergonomic pakka wood handle, which is mirror polished for added style.

    Most cooks agree that the best kitchen knives have a full-tang construction, and this chef’s knife is included in that category. It’s also rust and stain resistant.

    A blade sheath is included to help keep your fingers safe. The knife also comes with a cutting glove.

Having the best kitchen knife for the job doesn't necessarily mean spending more money. However, most cooks find that pricier knives offer better stability and comfort, not to mention sharper and more capable blades. Whether your budget is limited or you're set to splurge on the right knife, these kitchen knives have all made the cut for various reasons.

Safety is a common concern in the kitchen, and for good reason. Dull blades tend to be more dangerous than sharp ones, as they require more pressure to use and have a greater risk of slipping, according to to the University of Rochester Medical Center. The same source suggests that using your knuckles to guide the knife can help protect fingertips even more. For this reason, it's crucial to get a knife that feels comfortable and stable in your hands.

Kitchen knives come in many forms. Some of the most common types include utility, chef's, paring and serrated knives. You'll also find boning and vegetable knives. Regardless of which type of knife you choose, the most solid one will have a full-tang construction. If you're not familiar, this simply means that the blade runs through to the handle. The best blades are made with carbon or a blend of carbon and stainless steel.

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