15 Best Gothic Home Décor Pieces

Whether you like to read fantasy novels, have a fascination with the Victorian era, or just love dark and dramatic styles, adding gothic home décor to your living space is a visual way to shake things up. While the word “gothic” can make you think of black or horror-related looks, there are ways to make gothic décor work for your home in a way that adds a cool mix of edge and elegance.

What exactly makes décor gothic? Darker colors such as black, grey, burgundy, and purple are definitely a good place to start. Anything that has intricate detailing like scrolls or damask patterns, or even skulls can add a dramatic touch to your space. While rooms with goth décor may seem dark, there are plenty of cool gothic lighting options to add ambiance and light to your overall design style.

Gothic pieces can add some extra pizazz to steampunk décor too as they both share that Victorian era aesthetic in common.

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