15 Best Halloween Inflatables: Your Ultimate List

If you’re slightly competitive and you love to put all your neighbors to shame with your decorating prowess, Halloween inflatables can give you the edge. Why mess with those sticky cobwebs and flat paper skeletons, when you could install a massive blow-up dragon ship in minutes?

Inflatable yard decorations are easy and impressive. Lots of them light up, animate, and create the perfect spooky environment for little ghouls and goblins. Better yet, they almost always come with everything you’ll need to keep them stable – like stakes (not the kind for vampire killing,) sandbags, blowers, and long cords. They also deflate and store well, without taking up half your garage.

We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of Halloween inflatables, from super cute to kinda creepy, so you can turn your yard into kid central this year. Fair warning – they’re selling fast, so we do recommend you order quickly to ensure your favorites are still in stock.

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