Best Cyber Monday Vitamix Deals: Get the Vitamix 7500 Blender for $479!

Cyber Monday Vitamix Deals

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Looking for the best Cyber Monday Vitamix Deals? Same. We’ll keep updating this post with the best Cyber Monday Vitamix Deals throughout the day!

Right now, the best Cyber Monday Vitamix Deal is this Vitamix 7500 Blender. You can score this 64-ounce professional-grade blender for just $479.95. That means you’re saving over $49, thanks to this Vitamix Cyber Monday 2019 deal!

That still might sound expensive for a blender. But keep in mind that Vitamix blenders are some of the most legendary kitchen appliances in the world.

If there’s one appliance that can transform your healthy eating dreams into a reality, it’s probably a Vitamix blender. Ready to make delicious hummus or mouth-watering almond butter? How about the perfect pesto?

Vitamix fans swear their blenders have been life-changing. The hype owes to the ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and extreme horsepower: You can blend practically any ingredients.

Plus, Vitamix blenders provide culinary precision, thanks to ten different speed settings. Whether you want a flawlessly smooth consistency or a chunky soup, you can achieve mind-blowing results with your new Vitamix.

And this Cyber Monday Vitamix Deal is an epic deal. Sure, $479 might sound expensive for a blender — but keep in mind that it’s only a few bucks more than what many people pay for a “certified reconditioned” Vitamix unit. And you’ll get a brand-new one for this price!

Plus, it’s not like you’re buying it just for the occasional smoothie. People make tons of healthy dishes and sides in their Vitamix blenders.

But you don’t necessarily have to make purely healthy food with your new Vitamix.

A well-blended cocktail can be sublime. And have you heard about “blender brownies?” (They’re totally trending, because they’re so easy to make: You whip up the batter in your blender. Well, if you own a sufficiently upscale blender.)

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So get a Vitamix today! Or check out our guide to the best Cyber Monday kitchen deals for exciting deals on other Cyber Monday kitchen appliances.

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