Cyber Monday: 41% Off Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Chainsaw

greenworks 12 inch 40V chainsaw

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Let’s be honest, since vicious storms and high winds have been sweeping across the country, lots of us are dealing with downed trees and limbs to clean up. Rather than spending thousands on a clean up crew, or hours of back-breaking work with a hatchet and pack saw, you can make short work of your mess with this Greenworks 12-inch 40 Volt chainsaw.

This lightweight chainsaw has the power to bust through what Mother Nature dishes out. At a little over eight pounds, it’s about half the weight of a gas-powered saw. That means pretty much anyone of any age can operate this thing. With no cord, no gas, and virtually no maintenance, this tool will be a year-round asset in the yard. And it’s easy to take on camping trips for gathering that last-minute firewood as well.

A Powerful 40 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

40 volt lithium ion battery and charger

The 40 Volt Lithium Ion battery delivers instant power when you need it. There’s no priming, no choke, and no mess. At the touch of a button, your saw is up and running. With impressive run time, once spent, the battery is easy to remove and place in the included charger. You’ll be ready to go with a full charge in just an hour. With a full charge, you’ll get about 30 cuts, or 25 minutes run time, and if you’re a city kid like most of us, we promise, you’ll need the break during charging times.

What’s awesome is this 40 Volt battery charges lots of other Greenworks tools, so if you opt to get the great deal on this chainsaw, you can use the same battery for the Greenworks cordless pole saw, leaf blower, string trimmer, lawn mower and more.

Reduce Injury Risk With a 12-Inch Bar

chainsaw bar

The safety factor simply can’t be stressed enough. Wrangling a huge bar is dangerous, and many devastating injuries have happened to folks using big heavy saws. With a 12-Inch bar, this well-weighted chainsaw is easy to handle for all kinds of outdoor work, from cutting small trees and large limbs, to even beginner chainsaw carving.

Lots of cuts mean a looser chain – a work stopper in many instances. Not with this saw. Toolless tensioning makes the job simple and easy, and you won’t need a bag full of wrenches to keep your chain tight and accurate.

Less Noise and Vibration

If you’ve ever worked around a gas-powered chainsaw, you know how loud and potentially damaging the noise can be to your ears. While we always recommend hearing and eye protection when you’re running any kind of power tool, the Greenworks saw is dramatically quieter, and creates far less vibration than a standard saw. That’s another boost for all-around safety, because vibration and the resulting limb numbness can be some of the reasons people lose control of their saw.

A Great Tool for Women

Lots of women love to be the masters of their own tool domain. If you’re partnered with a woman like that (lucky you) you’ll get a full-fledged partner on cleanups and projects galore. While it’s one of the more unique gift ideas for women this Christmas, why not surprise her with a chainsaw of her own?

Get the Greenworks 12-Inch 40 Volt Chainsaw for 41% off with this Cyber Monday deal on Amazon. That means you’ll pay just a few bucks over $100. Even CamelCamelCamel agrees it’s the best price you’ll find anywhere. Snag it before your next storm hits.

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