Cyber Monday Deal: 29% off Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

Juicers can be pricey, which is why this Cyber Monday deal for 29 percent off the Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine is so sweet. A price drop of 29 percent brings the price tag down to just $38, which is a serious steal if you’re looking for an affordable juicer.

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hamilton beach juicer deal

This blender yields delicious healthy homemade juice in just seconds. You can also use a variety of your favorite veggies and fruits. An extra-large pulp bin helps separate the contents so that you can easily separate the juice from the rest. It also means less time spent needing to stop and clear out the juicing cup.

You’re definitely not restricted to fruit juice with this juicer. An extra-wide feed chute provides plenty of room to fit entire fruits and veggies, whether you prefer a fresh cup of orange juice, carrot juice or something else. You can also mix and match and create delicious drinks by combining ingredients such as an entire apple and a handful of kale.

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Aside from its wide mouth chute, this juicer has a powerful 800 watt motor to break down ingredients as rapidly and efficiently as possible. To put this amount of power into perspective, the motor can pulverize a dense beet and turn it into juice in just seconds.

If you’re hesitant to invest in a juicer because you don’t want to deal with a messy cleanup, you’re in luck. This Hamilton Beach juicer contains dishwasher-safe parts. You can remove the food pusher, strainer, juicer cover, strainer bowl and the pulp bin, and either wash the components by hand or stick them in the dishwasher. A cleaning brush is also included so that you can thoroughly clean the machine after each use.

Another perk of this juicer is that it processes your favorite fruit beverages using a minimal amount of heat.

Whether you’re not sure where to begin or you want to try something different, you can consult the included recipe book for guidance.

Get This Deal Here

While this juicer deal is definitely a good one, we’ve found similarly great deals on other juicers.

For example, you can currently score $120 off the Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center. This juicer operates using low RPMs, which not only minimizes heat buildup but also keeps oxidation at bay. You can use the nutrition center attachment to grind up nuts for your favorite nut butter, extrude pasta and more.

Another great deal we’ve come across is $110 off the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite. This super-powerful juicer features a 1,000-watt motor with two speeds: low (6,500 RPMs) and high (13,000 RPMs). An extraction system, complete with a micro mesh filter, helps to extract up to 30 percent more juice and up to 40 percent more vitamins and minerals.

You can also grab the Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer for $200 off. This juicer is a multi-purpose powerhouse that handles veggies, greens and fruits with ease. This slow masticating juicer expertly separates juice and pulp so that you can enjoy a smooth and delicious drink. This juicer also operates at a slower speed to keep heat buildup to a minimum.

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