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50 Gorgeous Farmhouse Light Fixtures You’ll Love

When you’re looking to make a farmhouse style statement, you can always anchor your decor with farmhouse light fixtures. Because the look relies on comfort and warmth, expect rustic and vintage designs that incorporate wood, metal and even antlers in some instances.

Farmhouse lighting can add a homey touch to your mid century modern decor, and it fits well with modern industrial designs too. We’ve found 50 awesome options you’re going to love.

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What Is Farmhouse Style?

We love the look of farmhouse decor because it adds such a warm and cozy touch to homes old and new. Because it relies on a vintage feel, you'll often find lots of wood, metal, and other components, especially Edison bulbs, that add to that sense of age while providing modern convenience.

If you're wondering how best to implement this unique design into your home, this blog from Barn and Willow has some great tips to get you started. 

What Is Industrial Farmhouse Lighting?

As we've mentioned in our article, farmhouse lighting crosses many design aesthetics from industrial to shabby chic. If you're looking specifically to create that industrial look, we'd recommend light fixtures that feature lots of metal strapping, cage lights, and even old water pipes to create the look. 

These fixtures can often crossover into steampunk decor and make for a nice mix without looking too harsh. Since recycled materials feature prominently in that design style, look for fixtures with reclaimed wood, rope, and even wheels or pulleys. 

How Can I Incorporate Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Into My Home?

You'll quickly find that it's simple to incorporate farmhouse kitchen lighting into any space where you need added illumination. From farmhouse pendant lights, to those specifically designed to hang over your kitchen island or breakfast bar, there are many of great options. 

If your kitchen happens to have vaulted ceilings, look for fixtures that can accommodate that issue. If you're looking for farmhouse pendant lights, find ones that allow you adjust the hanging height to fit your space perfectly.

Mini pendant lights are another fun option to integrate into your kitchen style as they offer a lot of look without taking up a ton of space. 

Why Is Farmhouse Decor So Popular?

If you're wondering why farmhouse decor is so popular, you don't have to look any further than your television to see all the shows that integrate this style so frequently. 

From the ever-popular Fixer Upper, to Home Town and many others, HGTV, DIY, and other cable networks serve up programs pretty much every hour of every day that will fill your head with fun farmhouse ideas.

We also think this style of decor delivers a feeling of comfort and homeyness that's missing in many newer homes. People, while fond of clean lines and less clutter, do long for some things that can soften the edges. Farmhouse decor is one way to do that. 

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