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25 Best Moroccan Decor Pieces to Buy in 2021

Lush fabrics, bold shapes and designs, and brilliant colors are all things that make Moroccan decor so desireable. While it seems the antithesis of spare mid century modern design, you’ll often see the two styles combined as people opt for a few of these globally inspired items to spice up their homes. We’ve found dozens of pieces worth buying now to brighten your spaces and your spirits.

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What Is Moroccan Decor?

You might be wondering about what exactly constitutes Moroccan home decor, and the answers would be expectedly varied. Naturally, this decor originates from the country itself, which lays on the northwest coast of Africa.

This area has a rich history and interior decor is inspired by stunning Moorish architecture, local culture and even, somewhat surprisingly, Scandanavian design as well according to this article from Home Designing.

Is Moroccan Decor Expensive?

One of the things we love about this design style is that you can spruce up your home interiors with a few simple pieces, or redesign your whole house. It depends on how much you want to spend.

If you've got a very clean design style, consider adding elements that soften the look. Poufs, floor pillows, and throws can add new shapes, and bright pops of color without breaking the bank.

Looking for Moroccan Kitchen Decor?

The fastest way to brighten up a dull kitchen is to redo your backsplash, floors, or a wall with colorful Moroccan tiles. There are plenty of ways to use these beautiful tiles in unexpected ways, per the experts at Moroccan Mosaic & Tile House.

Rather than spending on fine artwork, these can vivid color and brilliant design that will make your kitchen the hub of the house. A little discovery we made while writing this article is the plethora of peel and stick stickers in Moroccan tile designs. It's an affordable way to test patterns and colors before you invest in the time and expense of doing actual tiles. 

Another option to bring color to the kitchen and dining room is to update your dishes to incorporate these design themes. We love this beautiful set from Certified International, but there are all kinds of choices that you can coordinate with your linens and wall colors. 

How Can I Find the Best Moroccan Furniture?

Moroccan furniture is nothing short of eclectic in every regard. In some instances, it can be quite ornate, while in others it's closer to mid century modern or Hygge style. 

There's a fair sprinkling of bamboo and rattan added in, especially if you're looking for more casual decor. Often, you'll find interesting shapes, sweeping arms, and glass tabletops.

But lots of furniture options are a fit for creating your Moroccan home decor because everything can be stylized with accessories and art, from macrame to gilt elephants and wooden wall panels.

Should I Add Moroccan Fabric and Fiber Art to My Home?

Absolutely. You'll want to count on the luscious colors and bold designs and patterns for the basis of your entire style. Moroccan fabrics are often laden with embroidery as well, and tapestries reflect the varied cultures of the region. Whether you reupholster a chair, or cover your throw pillows, you can do it at a reasonable price over replacing everything.

You can also add Moroccan rugs to center your look and then choose macrame wall hangings and other textile arts to bring things together.

The one thing we'd say about Moroccan decor as a whole is that's it's beautifully lush in every regard. With looks that are exotic, and so many interesting pieces to choose from, you can easily transform the rooms of your choice into the kinds of luscious living spaces people will gravitate to.

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