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50 Best Housewarming Gifts: The Ultimate List

Nothing goes better with a new home than new furnishings. However, moving can quite be quite expensive. In addition to down payments and closing costs (and deposits for those who rent), there’s the cost of moving, turning on utilities, and various other expenses. That doesn’t leave a lot of money for many must-have or even nice-to-have items. That’s why housewarming gifts are so appreciated.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive, definitive guide to help everyone find the best housewarming gift.

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A housewarming gift is your opportunity to celebrate this milestone, and possibly check a  necessary or desirable item off the homeowner(s) list of future purchases.  “I think the best housewarming gifts are ones that make an impact on the ones you care about,” says Eric Goranson, Certified Kitchen Designer, and host of Around the House with Eric G. “Anyone can stop off at the store on the way to a party and get a $50 bottle of wine, etc., but you don’t want your gift to be in their yard sale the following year,” he says.

Goranson recommends considering who the person is and what phase of life they’re in. “For example, a gift for someone moving into their forever home who already has just about everything will be a completely different purchase from an item that you get for a couple’s first starter home.  At the top of his list? Gifts that take advantage of smart home technology.

Matt Daigle, CEO & founder of Rise, which helps homeowners make sustainable home improvements and upgrades, recommends gifts that can make the home a happier, healthier place. “Opt for gifts with certifications like B Corp, Fairtrade, and Global Textile Standard, to take the worry out of whether or not it’s a sustainable product,” he says.

We’ve included both smart home and sustainable items on our list. We also wanted to expand the traditional definition of housewarming gifts: toasters, blenders, trashcans, etc. To be clear, we did include those items, but we found the types of toasters, blenders, and touchless trash cans that any homeowner would really like to receive.

The kitchen and bathroom(s) are just a few of the many rooms in a house. So why not consider gifts for the other areas as well? For example, many people work from home, so consider gifting new homeowners with home office accessories, and if they're Macbook owners, they'll love Macbook Accessories. Also, we realize that the perfect gift may also depend on your relationship. For example, a friend might have a different price point from that of a parent, grandparent, or sibling.

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