21 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Stuck at Home

Mother’s Day 2020 is probably going to be radically different from anything you’ve ever seen in your lifetime. The coronavirus has put a dent in large celebrations, going to restaurants and movie theaters, and doing anything else that doesn’t conform to social distancing mandates. But regardless of what’s going on, there are still ways to make your mom feel appreciated on her special day.

We found the 21 best mother’s day gifts for moms stuck at home. And then, we rounded up some experts to discuss other ways to make this day memorable and enjoyable for your mom.

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Tips for Choosing Mother’s Day Gifts

There’s a tendency to just hand your mom a gift, and call it a day. While most of the moms I know do like to be showered with gifts, it’s important to get them something that they want, not something that you want. “I wish someone would give me that,” is not the criterion you should use when deciding what to get for your mom.

“Give mom the gift of bedtime bliss with an ultra-soft monogrammed pajama set or a luxurious silk sleep set complete with a pillowcase and eye mask to make lounging much more lavish and to make the sweetest dreams come true," advises Karin Sun, founder of Crane & Canopy.  For moms who love quality sleep (and who doesn't?), she says they'll appreciate a bedding refresh. "Get them luxurious sheets that will look great in their bedroom and help them sleep better than ever," Sun says. "If you know they tend to run hot, look for linen sheets instead of cotton."

Every mom can enjoy a spa day - even at home. "For ultimate relaxation, gift a snug and absorbent robe for bath time or just laying around the house," Sun recommends. "For a more budget-friendly gift that will help mom create a space that not only looks chic but smells luxurious, consider scented candles."

Gifts can be practical or they can be fun - and some gifts are both. Amy Vance, the owner of Eco Modern Concierge in Houston, TX, recommends the following gift ideas:

  • Online Classes like candle MasterClass, yoga, pilates, flower arranging, organizing, etc.
  • Self-care day at home - neck massager, manicure / pedicure supplies, depuffing eye patches, face masks, etc.
  • Consumables - a food basket with a theme like pasta night, pizza night, taco night, etc., wine, liquor, beer 
  • Deliver goods - Have a plant, flowers, baked goods, balloons, etc. delivered.
  • Gifts cards - think of gift cards that are useful like for Amazon, various restaurants that are still open,  the grocery stores, etc.
  • Subscription / Membership gifts - Shipt, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, AAA, AARP (you can be any age to get this), magazines, newspapers, consumable subscription boxes like food, wine, etc. 
  • Volunteer / Support charities together - this can be done virtually, by donating items or raising funds

Other ideas

Avoid spending money on gifts that your mom will probably never use and will end up contributing to household clutter. Katy Winter, founder of Katy’s Organized Home in New York, recommends really paying attention to what your mom likes. She says there are plenty of things you can do that your mom will love.  “I love when my kids put on a show; when I was a child, we used to host circus acts and plays for our parents.” She recommends making a funny TikTok or iMovie video for your mom.

“Or, you could host a formal breakfast at the dining room table with menus and tablecloths,” Winter says. “Another great activity is cutting balloons out of poster board and each child can write ‘What I love about Mom’ on each balloon with some loving words.”

In addition, she says that dads and children can clean the entire house for a day. “I know that would be very much appreciated in my house; or if you have older children, they can volunteer to do a week of laundry.”  

Amanda Clark is the owner of Ever So Organized®, a full-service home organizing company based out of Orange County, California. She agrees that heartfelt gifts will be remembered long after Mother’s Day has passed. “Words of gratitude are the best gift you could possibly give her - whether it’s an elementary school aged son thanking his mom for making the best lunches ever or a grown daughter sharing all the ways her mom has influenced her own motherhood—these sentiments will mean the most to Mom,” Clark says. “My husband made a sweet video of my toddlers telling me why they thought I was a great mom and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received,” she says. “Mom will find herself revisiting these cards, letters and videos over and over again year after year.”

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