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35 Best Items to Create a Gourmet Kitchen

If you’ve always wanted a gourmet kitchen, now is the time to make that dream come true. However, you don’t need to demolish your kitchen and start over from scratch. Sometimes, the addition of some thoughtful, well-placed items is all you need to achieve your goals. For example, a high-end coffee maker and a few other commercial-style appliances, combined with the right finishes, can make you feel like your favorite chef.

We found the best items you’ll need, along with some helpful tips from designers, builders, and other experts, on how to create the perfect gourmet kitchen for your needs.

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Tips for Creating a Gourmet Kitchen

According to our experts, islands, appliances, lighting, and faucets are four key components of creating a gourmet kitchen.

Oversized islands

According to Oren Farkash, owner & CEO of South Land Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA, a massive island is one feature that will make any chef jealous. “The extra space makes preparing a large meal a bit easier and helps the kitchen be more entertaining-friendly, even while the host/cook is busy at work,” he explains. “Islands with a secondary sink for more convenient food and handwashing also goes a long way in helping create a gourmet kitchen.” 

As since more families are trending toward eating at home to stay safe during the quarantine, Maverick Watson, project expert at Build.com, says kitchen trends are reflecting this shift. “We’ve seen a trend toward oversized islands crafted of marble, quartz, and other durable material options,” he says. “These large islands are usually designed with plenty of overhang to create a seating area as well, with room for four or more bar stools.”


Appliances (small and large) also play a crucial role in creating a gourmet kitchen. “High-end, top-performing appliances are an absolute must when designing a truly gourmet kitchen,” Farkash says.  “Look for ones with hyper-efficient functions like a speed oven, steam oven, six-burner fuel range, oversized refrigerators and powerful hood,” he says. “Double ovens and a pot filler above the stove will also make your food-prepping life much easier.” 

And don’t forget that you’ll need to power all of those items. “A gourmet kitchen typically houses various small appliances,” Farkash says. “Be sure to incorporate plenty of outlets, so you can easily use multiple appliances within your prep space.” 

Watson recommends one appliance in particular. “A column refrigerator or column freezer is a slim, custom way to personalize the overall performance of your kitchen,” he explains. “Column refrigeration is designed to blend in with the cabinetry and provide dedicated refrigerator space in the section of the kitchen where it will be most useful.”

“These items can range in cooling temperatures, from refrigeration to freezing, and even offer wine and beverage coolers, with or without glass viewing panels on the doors,” Watson says. “They also offer the advantage and the appearance of an entirely custom, personalized, and professional kitchen to any home.”

Layers of contemporary lighting

Farkash considers high-end lighting to be the cherry on top of a luxurious kitchen design. “Depending on the size of your island, two to three pendant lights create more interest and sparkle,” he says. “They also provide ample lighting for food prep and ambiance.” Farkash recommends choosing pendant lights that won’t overwhelm the space in scale or style.   

Watson recommends a variety of lighting solutions. “Recessed or track lighting built into the ceilings offers an overall brightness for the room,” he says. “From there, add in pendant lights over the island or under cabinet lights that shine down on the countertops below.” And he encourages a bold style choice as a way of reinforcing a design theme.


“Kitchen faucets are without a doubt the champion of the most popular room in a home,” Watson says. “A new faucet looks nicer, performs better, and will last longer than an existing faucet,” he says. “Particularly popular for gourmet kitchens, pot filler faucets usually mount to the wall to allow an extremely high, fold-away spout to make room for large, deep pots to fit under them.” If you have a pasta-and soup-loving family, Watson says this may be of particular interest since a higher flow rate can fill a large pot quickly.

Other tips

Anna Tatsioni is an interior designer at Decorilla. She recommends drawer glides for functionality.  “Plus, they can be used with any cabinets with standard dimensions, so they easily fit into any sized kitchen.”

Regarding countertops, she advises against overspending. “Instead, get a high-end look with synthetic options like Corian solid surfaces,” Tatsioni says. “Your kitchen will always appear clean and professional.”

Lastly, she recommends bringing in art and accents. “Passion in your interior design infuses into your cuisine, and simple accents from your travels to different countries will immediately give your kitchen delicious results,” Tatsioni says. “Try hanging utensils that other countries eat with, or photos of exotic food, for inspiration.”

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