7 Best Thermal Curtains For Insulation

If you live in a part of the world that experiences all four seasons then you already know the challenge of trying to keep your home climate-controlled through the hottest summers and coldest winters. In many older homes, the culprit is single-pane windows that lack insulation. Instead of making expensive renovations, try these thermal curtains for insulating your home against extreme weather.

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How Do Thermal Curtains Work?

The basic concept of thermal curtains is simple. Instead of allowing sunlight (thermal energy) to radiate through the glass of your window, an insulated curtain created a buffer zone between the glass and the fabric which slows the transfer of thermal energy in both directions.

Thermal curtains can be quite effective on their own but they must be thoughtfully installed if you want to take full advantage of their insulating properties. They should be installed as close to the window frame as possible so as to create a proper seal around the window.

This article from Deconovo suggests that you can even go so far as to install velcro tape or magnetic hooks around the window frame to create a stronger seal. That said, even the thickest blackout curtains won't match the effectiveness of a double-paned window so you should also consider new windows if you are considering this option.

Are Thermal Curtains the Same as Blackout?

Though many curtains are advertised as both blackout and thermal curtains, these are not the same thing. Blackout curtains are designed to prevent the passage of light through its material, which can help keep a room dark for better sleep.

Thermal curtains are designed to block the passage of heat, which can be easy to mix up since sunlight delivers both heat and light. That said, don't expect to see any sheer curtains being advertised as thermally insulating, as the material has to be a certain thickness for it to effectively reflect heat. Most thermal curtains will block out at least 70% of incoming light but it up to personal preference whether you prefer that over a fabric that blocks 100% of incoming light.

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