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15 Best Adult Mermaid Tail Blankets: Your Buyer’s Guide

If you didn’t grow up to be a mermaid, like you planned, you can still feel like one with adult mermaid tail blankets. They give you the tail you’ve always wanted, complete with a graceful fin. These blankets are great for cozying up on the couch and make perfect mermaid gifts for the holidays.

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Enclosed or open mermaid blanket?

That's the biggest question you have to answer before choosing the tail that suits you. 

These blankets come in a variety of designs from entirely enclosed so you slip into it like a sack, entirely open so you wrap it around you like a regular blanket, and lots of partial options in between.

The benefits of being fully enclosed are that it's a more authentic mermaid experience, you can move your tail around and your feet won't slip out.

However, some people can feel too warm or too cramped in these blankets. More importantly, they're harder to get in and out of. One-third of non-fatal injuries in the United States are the result of falls and most happen in the home. If you're clumsy or older, it might be worth sticking with an open blanket.

Open blankets are safer and less constricting but you can't wave your tail around with your feet because it'll fall out.

Luckily, most blankets fall somewhere in the middle where the back is open but the fin portion by your feet is closed so you can move your tail around as you sing about wanting to be where the people are. 

For more mermaid information, check out this neat Smithsonian article "Mermaid to Manatees: the Myth and the Reality."