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11 Best Bar Carts for Homes: Your Buyer’s Guide

The bar cart is a great way to give your home or living space a little more luxury. They have a classic look, can hold your booze, and make for a great conversation piece. Add a flair of elegance and style to your living space by investing in one of the best bar carts for your patio and inside your home based on tons of research and killer reviews.

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Which Bar Carts are the Best Utility Carts?

All of these bar carts serve their purpose as mobile bars but some of them are also really great in kitchens and storing items other than booze. The best thing about these carts is that they are multi-purpose. One night they can hold all the bottles of wine and drinks you want to serve your guests. Another night they can serve food or hold framed pictures and trinkets to show off to your family and friends.

This bar cart from Urban Port is not just a great bar cart, it is also another countertop for a kitchen and could even be an item to hold food during a large party. You can store utensils when you aren't entertaining and can even use them to serve snacks during a Super Bowl party.

BADA Shop makes a great-looking rustic bar cart and cabinet. There are spots for bottles and glasses but the main shelf provides a surface you can chop and serve on. Roll this piece out when you need a little extra counter space and you'll find that it is multi-functional.

This bar cart from Winsome Tracing, Inc is not only gorgeous but has a ton of useful space without taking up too much of the space in your home. You can serve food and drinks on this bar cart without issue and move it into whatever room the party is in. When the party is over you can store framed pictures of the family on it and make it part of the rest of the decor.