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11 Best Hammock Chairs: Your Easy Buying Guide

Picture this. You’re outside enjoying the breeze, warm sunshine, feet kicked up, one hand behind your head and the other holding an ice-cold beverage. Paints a pretty relaxing picture, doesn’t it? The only thing missing is the perfect seating option, which you’ll surely achieve when you get one of these hammock chairs to call your own. These sweet seats take typical garden furniture to a whole new level.

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Why Wouldn't You Just Want a Hammock?

Hammocks are definitely one of the best outdoor furniture inventions, as they can almost instantly dissolve away stress. They are perfect for lounging or diving into a new novel on a weekend afternoon. The only thing that hammocks have against them is their size, as they can take up a lot of space, they often have a stand that has to be moved when you mow the lawn, and they can also be tricky to set up, as well as to get into and out of.

What Makes a Hammock Chair So Awesome?

Thankfully, hammock chairs provide all of the ease and comfort of traditional chairs, without taking up so much space. Whether you hang yours from a tree limb or patio beam, these chairs (also known as hammock swings) provide a comfy seat that can you can sink down and sway in, just like a traditional hammock.

While you can't stretch out and lie down like with a normal hammock, most hammock swings are large enough that you can still tuck your feet in with you.

Another thing we love about hammock chairs is that they can be used indoors or outdoors, so you can enjoy your sweet swing from a tree in your backyard, or set up a chill hang spot in your basement.

What Is the Best Hammock Chair For You?

When looking for a hammock swing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First is fabric, as you want something that's going to be comfortable next to your skin, especially in summer, when clothes are a lot more minimal.

Also, fabric type is important because you'll want materials that hold up well under the stress of weight and gravity. While cotton hammocks are generally softer, they don't always last as long as polyester hammocks, so that's worth keeping in mind. If it's hanging outside and exposed to the weather, polyester will dry a lot more quickly. Our favorite choices are those that are a blend of these two fibers.

Does Size Matter?

Size is a pretty important factor when choosing a chair. Some hammock chairs are smaller, with a max weight capacity of 250 pounds, while others can hold up to 500 pounds. Even if you don't exceed those limitations, if your child happens to crawl in to snuggle with you, you won't want to come crashing to the ground.

Finally, consider how much extra work you want to put into hanging up your hammock, as not all of these chairs come with hanging hardware.

Of course, if you find a chair you love that doesn't come with hardware, you can always order one of these hammock hanging kits. They also make free-standing hammock chair stands, if you don't have a sturdy tree or beam in your house to hang up your hammock.