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5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers: Your Buyer’s Guide

best robot lawn mower


You might own a robot vacuum cleaner, but what about a robot lawn mower? These handy mowers aren’t the cheapest, but enthusiastic owners agree that the investment is worth it. If you want to learn more about these labor-saving devices, read on.

worx landroid Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Built-in theft protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Offset blades
Price: $1,932.91 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Husqvarna Automower 310 Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mows rain or shine
  • Made for lawns up to .25 acres
Price: $1,045.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
robot lawn mower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Best for medium lawns
  • Handles complex lawns
  • Cuts grass evenly
Price: $2,924.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
mowro lawn mower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Climbs slopes up to 20 degrees
  • Height-adjustable blades
  • Great for residential communities
Price: $699.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
robotic lawn mower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Weather-resistant
Price: $1,199.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. WORX Landroid

    • Cut up to a 1/2 acre of land at a time
    • Designed to work rain or shine
    • Automatic scheduling available
    • Cutting pattern isn't the most specific
    • Traction isn't great in the rain
    • Collision avoidance feature could be improved

    WORX Landroid can cut up to a 1/4 or 1/2 acre of land at a time, depending on which model you select. You can also choose whether you want a GPS-enabled Landroid robot mower. 

    Before it starts, this robotic lawn mower carefully measures your yard then creates a schedule to suit your property. If you’d rather schedule on your own, though, simply opt for the manual scheduling function instead. You can control the schedule and other settings via the accompanying app.

    Once the robot lawnmower starts cutting, its offset blades help to create an optimal border around your property. The mower only cuts a small amount of grass at a time, which helps to fertilize the lawn as it goes. This robot lawnmower operates rain or shine. 

    A ‘Find My Landroid’ feature does more than help locate the robotic lawnmower. You’ll also be notified if the mower ventures outside of its cutting area, which could indicate theft. 

  2. 2. Husqvarna Automower 310

    • Theft protection technology
    • Can use accompanying app to schedule cleanings
    • Tackles slopes up to 22 degrees
    • Warranty is only two years
    • Doesn't have GPS navigation
    • Battery life isn't the best

    Many other robot lawn mowers on our list cut yards up to 0.25 acres, but few are as loaded with features as the Husqvarna Automower 310. For example, this robot mower is Bluetooth-enabled and will work up to 100 feet. You can also set a personalized schedule and make adjustments using the accompanying app.

    Uneven terrain is a non-issue as the Automower 310 comfortably tackles slopes up to 40 percent. An efficient 18-volt lithium-ion battery powers the mower up inclines and across small to medium-sized yards. You can also adjust the cutting height as needed between 0.8 and 2.4 inches. 

    Just as you might expect with a premium robot vacuum cleaner, this Husqvarna Automower robotic lawnmower features advanced navigation technology to minimize collisions and successfully navigate narrow passages. Hidden boundary markers contain the mower and guide it back to its charging station when the battery is low.

    If you’re worried that a robotic lawn mower might leave a mess of grass clippings as it goes, the Husqvarna Automower 310 employs an innovative cutting system that only clips a small amount of grass at a time. This method ensures that the clippings are deposited back into the soil as the mower makes its way around your property.

    The Automower 310 can safely work in the rain. It also features theft protection for added peace of mind.


  3. 3. Gardena R80Li

    • Can operate in the rain
    • Adjustable cutting capacity
    • Handles inclines up to 25 percent
    • Doesn’t have an accompanying app
    • Relatively short battery life
    • Lacks a rain sensor

    The Gardena 4069 R80Li is best suited for medium-sized lawns as well as complex lawn care.

    Gardena R80Li is designed to tackle lawn areas up to nearly .20 acres. An adjustable cutting capacity, up to two inches, ensures the mower can be used for a variety of yard maintenance demands. Its onboard sensors help prevent missed spots, while ensuring grass stalks are mowed to the appropriate length. The mower can tackle inclines up to 25 percent and comes with wire boundary markers to keep it on your property.

    It’s also quiet enough to use during the day or night. An integrated alarm and PIN code deters potential thieves. A Lithium-ion battery powers the robotic lawn mower and delivers up to 60 minutes per charge. Gardena R80Li returns to its charging base when the battery runs low, and will continue to operate even when it rains.

  4. 4. MowRo RM18

    • Auto-stop mechanism prevents it from stalling in place
    • Maximum noise output is 65 decibels
    • Automatically returns to its charging dock when heavy rain is detected
    • Only cuts up to 0.15 acres at a time
    • Machine only comes with a two-year warranty
    • Can't schedule lawn mowings

    MowRo RM18 is an affordably priced robot mower that’s specifically designed for intimate residential communities. If you’re looking for the cheapest robotic lawn mower for a smaller yard, this MowRo mower is worth a close look.

    Don’t be fooled by its entry-level status, as the MowRo RM18 is packed with features. For starters, it’s powered by a 28-volt 2Ah lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor for maximum efficiency. It’s also equipped with several sharp cutting blades that rotate at 2900 RPMs to keep your lawn looking sharp. The blades are height-adjustable between 0.8 and 2.4 inches.

    Inclines aren’t an issue for the MowRo robot lawnmower, as it can climb slopes up to 20 degrees. No matter how hard it’s working, the lawnmower operates at a maximum of 65 decibels. In other words, it won’t disturb your neighbors as it goes. 

    MowRo RM18 cuts up to 0.15 acres per mowing cycle per charge. While this is plenty for a smaller lot, you may want to check out the MowRo RM24 if your lot is a little bit bigger. The RM24 cuts up to .25 acres per charge and is powered by a slightly larger 28-volt lithium-ion 4Ah battery.

    Inclement weather can strike at any time, but the MowRo RM18 is prepared for changing conditions. Once the integrated rain sensor detects heavy rain, the mower returns to its charging dock until the rain stop. This robotic lawn mower is also dust- and water-resistant.

    Leaving your automatic lawn mower to do its thing is easier when you know it won’t get stuck or run into obstacles as it goes. MowRo outfitted the RM18 with auto-stop safety mechanism that prevents the mower from stalling in place. This mower doesn’t have obstacle avoidance technology but it does back up and find a different path if it hits trees or other objects.

  5. 5. Husqvarna 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

    • Can climb slopes up to 30 percent
    • Larger wheels provide traction on slippery surfaces
    • Best for small to medium yards
    • Mow time per charge could be better
    • Doesn't have GPS tracking
    • Relatively limited Bluetooth connectivity range

    The Husqvarna 115H excels at small to medium yards, with a capacity of 0.4 acres. This robotic lawnmower has a minimum cutting height of two inches, with a maximum of 3.6 inches.

    Its compact size allows this robot lawnmower to conquer obstacles and tighter spaces. It’s also weather-resistant and can run in the rain without getting damaged. Larger wheels not only provide traction on slippery surfaces, they also enable this robotic lawn mower to conquer slopes up to 30 percent.

    For your convenience, the robot lawnmower is Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled via a smartphone. It also has a guidewire to help navigate the smallest passages and lead the mower back to its base when the time comes. The mower takes 60 minutes to recharge and will run for approximately one hour per charge.

    We also have the Husqvarna brand in our list of the best small riding lawn mowers for 2020 because they’re such a trusted brand in our eyes.

Which Robotic Lawn Mower Is Best?

A robot lawn mower makes lawn maintenance even simpler, which is even better if lawn maintenance was never your favorite chore to begin with. According to LawnStarter, households across the U.S. spent almost $15.9 billion on gardening and lawn care in 2015. It's no secret that lawn care can be pricey and tedious, especially if you live on a larger piece of land. The good news is that there are several robotic lawn mowers out there to do the dirty work, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

It's nearly impossible to say that anyone robotic lawn mower on this list is better than another. These automatic lawn mowers aren't cheap, but there's still some variation in terms of pricing. Additionally, some robot lawn mowers are designed for smaller lawns and even urban spaces, while others cater to larger properties. Read on to find out which robotic lawn mower is best for your home.

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

While you shouldn't expect a robot lawnmower to replace a traditional gasoline-powered mower in terms of power and coverage, it's an ideal solution for regular lawn maintenance. Keep in mind that setting up a robot mower can be a tedious task, as it usually involves creating an invisible fence (a low-voltage wire is often included).

You normally don't have to question whether a gasoline-powered mower will be able to cover your lawn, but that isn't necessarily the case with a robotic mower. Some robotic lawn mowers can tackle larger lawns up to 3/4 acres, while others are most useful for smaller properties.

There's also a clear difference between gasoline and robot lawnmowers when cutting the grass. Instead of chopping off large amounts of grass at a time, a robotic lawn mower is most efficient when it trims smaller amounts per round. By cutting off smaller amounts the clippings are simply sifted back into the ground, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Which Is the Best Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower?

The Worx WR153 Landroid L + GPS is an independent and user-friendly robotic lawn mower that can work well for light commercial use. This automatic mower features a nine-inch cutting disc and an onboard GPS, which can help locate the automatic mower if it's stolen. You can use the app to measure the lawn, start or stop the power, check its progress and more. This Landroid mower handles slopes up to 20 degrees.

If you're looking for a robot lawn mower for a larger yard, consider the Robomow RS630. This robotic lawn mower tackles lawns up to 3/4 acres and makes a great fit for suburban homes with features such as Alexa capabilities for voice command and a dual-blade design for maximum efficiency. An integrated rain sensor sends the robot back to its base when it starts to rain, so you don't have to worry about the mower getting caught in the elements.

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