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7 Best Copernicus Easels: Your Easy Buying Guide

A Copernicus easel can be life-changing for teachers and students — whether they’re working in a classroom or remotely.

Read on to discover the best Copernicus easel for your needs.

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Why is a Copernicus easel the best teaching easel available today?

Copernicus educational easels create a ton of options for the teacher and student, whether in a traditional classroom or at home.

You will not be limited to dry-erase board writing or writing on paper. Rather, you'll have options. You can write with dry erase markers when conducive to your lesson plan; or attach chart paper when you need it.

Copernicus reading and writing centers are also easy to move, because most of them are on wheels.

Copernicus educational products clearly prioritize safety. Each movable attachment has safety locks, and the wheels on the bottom have foot brakes.

Why do I need a teaching easel?

Easels allow teachers to create rich experiences for emotional, physical, and cognitive learning for students.

Whether you're a classroom teacher or a parent, you'll appreciate the ease of use that comes with Copernicus educational products. Most teachers note that they can provide a higher level of engagement from students.

The snap-on tubs are a great way to store magnets, markers, and other fun educational tools, right where you need them.

The multiple large surfaces are an inviting way to encourage children to approach writing and reading in a fun, colorful, safe setting.