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Damascus Kitchen Knives: 11 Singles & Sets You’ll Love

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, having a good set of kitchen knives is just as important as a quality collection of pots and pans. So, if you’re shopping around for new cutlery, don’t settle when you can invest in Damascus kitchen knives. that are more durable and hold an edge longer, even with heavy use.

Durable and long-lasting, Damascus knives feature beautiful blades with intricate patterns and designs. Forged from multiple layers of high-quality steel – from 60+ to upwards of many hundreds – that are folded, pounded, and shaped to create their distinctive figured look. That’s what makes each Damascus steel kitchen knife unique.

These knives arrive razor sharp and kitchen-ready right out of the box. Because they’re a bit of an investment, we’ve found the best single knives as well as sets so you can start with one or dive in and get a full set to replace your old mediocre knives. They’re also worthy gifts for your kitchen savvy friends and family. Getting one might just transform your experience of slicing, dicing, and cutting into your own culinary art form.

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What Is Damascus Steel?

Damascus steel is as much a technique as it is a type of steel. It is made from folding and forging layer upon layer of metal together to create incredibly strong knife blades that can last a lifetime.

Many aficionados rave about the wicked sharp blades which keep their edge for a very long time, while many others love the functionality combined with the unique look of Damascus steel. The look is undeniably cool. 

If you're wondering why it's called Damascus steel, there are many theories. This fun article from ThoughtCo. gives you a fun history of how it got its name and how it's made

Why Are Damascus Kitchen Knives So Expensive?

Creating a Damascus steel kitchen knife is no simple task. It involves hand-forging versus blades that are factory cut and sharpened. Truly hand-crafted knives take time and expertise, so they're well worth paying for.

Some Damascus steel knife makers charge upwards of $3,000 per knife, but if you're a professional chef, you need to invest in the best possible tools of your trade. 

Because creating these knives is as much an art as it is a craft, knife makers like Tim Sowada can make a living while only producing a limited number of premium knives every year. His appearance on A Craftsman's Legacy helped spur our interest in and excitement about Damascus steel knives.

The most amazing thing we discovered that helped to explain the high cost of these knives is the huge amount of wasted material that occurs through this amazing blade-making technique.

Are Damascus Steel Knives Better than Regular Stainless Steel?

The bottom line here is that Damascus steel blades are harder to break and they hold their edge longer than traditional stainless steel knife blades say the experts at Vegas Forge.

While most Damascus steel knives are made with high carbon steel, they do require a bit of regular maintenance to keep the blade protected from corrosion by way of oiling them.

Are Damascus Kitchen Knives Dangerous?

We love that all the Damascus knives we've featured come out of the box razor sharp and they'll stay that way for years. While that may seem kind of scary, especially when they refer to the blade as "scalpel-sharp," you don't need to be worried.

Dull knife blades are far more dangerous than sharp ones, say the experts at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Cuts most often occur because a dull blade requires more pressure to make the cut, increasing the chance that you'll slip - and do so under lots of pressure - a very bad combination. 

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