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13 Best Gas Grills: Your Easy Buying Guide

Best Gas Grills

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When it comes to cooking, nothing gets the mouth watering more than a good old fashioned barbecue grill. There are hundreds of options when looking at grills but an important decision to make when purchasing a grill is whether to go with charcoal or gas.

Both have their strengths but gas grills have one clear advantage: they’re easy to use. Turn the knob, light it up, and you’re ready to go. They heat up and cool down quickly while still offering the ability to produce delicious smoky food. They’re also a lot cleaner than charcoal grills.

This list of the best gas grills on sale will show you a wide selection of excellent propane-fired barbecues so you can decide on the perfect cooking solution for your backyard. If you’re thinking about taking your grilling on the road, take a look at our list of Best Tailgaiting Grills.

What Are The Best Gas Grills?

Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Small footprint can fit just about anywhere
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Great modern look
Price: $399.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Solid construction
  • Seasoned reversible grates
  • Heats quickly and evenly
Price: $639.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Blackstone 36-Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Four independent burners
  • Excellent grease management system
  • No flare-ups with flattop cooking
Price: $323.11 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 44,000 total BTUs
  • 443 square inches of cooking space
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron grates
Price: $299.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • LED fuel gauge
  • Features rotisserie burner
  • 580-square inch cooking surface
Price: $2,749.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • It gets hot really fast
  • Powdercoated steel construction
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
Price: $279.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 450 square inches of cooking space
  • Stainless steel burners and heat tents
  • Stainless steel exterior finish
Price: $706.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 360 square inches of cooking space
  • Great price point
  • Three stainless steel in-line burners
Price: $215.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Megamaster 6-Burner 753 Square-Inch Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 54,000 BTUs
  • Electronic ignition
  • Great grill value for the price point
Price: $269.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
RevoAce 4-Burner Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • It's a good BBQ workhorse
  • Easy to grill on and easy to clean
  • Gets to temperature quickly
Price: $267.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Event Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • It's enormous
  • 104,000 BTUs to cook up a feast
  • 950 square inches of cooking space
Price: $479.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Monument Grills Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • All stainless steel construction
  • LED control knobs and grilling light
  • Clearview window in lid
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Rinkmo 3-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Side burner for sauces or veggies
  • 606 square inches of cooking space
  • Stainless steel construction
Price: $238.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Gas Grill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Incredible performance
  • Easy to light burners
  • Built to fit small spaces
Price: $569.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Gas Grill

    • Inner and outer burner design uses less fuel
    • Turn burner knob left for indirect cooking, right for open flame
    • Easy-to-clean drop-through residue removal system
    • Tank enclosure can be difficult to open
    • You'll have to contact Fuego directly for the right cover that fits this model
    • No horizontal shelf included however add-ons available to purchase

    If you’re looking for the quality of top-brand names but with a modern look and a small footprint, then take a look at the Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Gas Grill. This workhorse will fit just about anywhere that you have two square feet to offer. The 346 square-inch grilling surface can handle 12 burgers or several steaks with no problem. Fuego manufactures an optional griddle in case you’re wanting to cook up a little breakfast outside as well.

    The cook box design with the hinged dome features an outer and an inner burner ring that efficiently and quickly warms up using less fuel than a standard gas grill.  This design results in a very even convection heat that is distributed across the entire 21-inch cooking surface. A unique cooking solution the Fuego F21C-H also offers is the ability to cook indirectly or with an open flame making sure that a wider variety of food will end up perfectly. 

    It’s compact, heats up fast, and doesn’t look like any gas grill you have ever seen. That means if you want a cover (and you should), you’ll need this one that fits. You may also want to consider adding on one of these horizontal shelves for convenience as well if you don’t have a cooking table nearby.

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  2. 2. Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

    • 529 square inches of cooking space
    • Safe and convenient propane tank installation procedure
    • GS4 system features improved ignition, burners, grease management and porcelain-enameled "Flavorizer" bars
    • It's a little top-heavy
    • Built-in thermometer only gives a ballpark temp reading
    • Propane gauge less accurate than earlier models

    Weber is a giant in the barbecue grill world and its top-rated small gas grill, the Spirit II E-310, has several reasons why it boasts such a large fan base. It doesn’t take up much room on your patio but it sports 529 square inches of cooking space over the three burners. Weber’s GS4 system, which stands for Grilling System 4 (there are four components), features an improved electronic ignition system, stainless steel burners, porcelain-enameled “Flavorizer” bars, and a nice grease management system.

    The gas grill reliably lights each time and provides even heat, while the grease from grilling is directed into the drip pan with disposable inserts for easy removal. Weber has designed the Spirit II E-310 with a bit of a retro fashion with an open lower deck for greater storage under the grill (nothing flammable, please) and a large wheel design for easier portability. The open cart also makes it easier to mount the propane tank on the side of the assembly rather than underneath the grill. Just flip up the side table for access and set it in. This design makes the grill slightly top-heavy so be careful.

    But how does it cook? The answer is incredibly well. This gas grill lights up flawlessly, heats quickly, and features reversible grill plates to accommodate different cuts of meat, thin on one side for fish and shrimp, flat on the other for bigger cuts of beef and chicken. Burgers and dogs cook fast without drying them out. Like just about every grill with an in-hood thermometer, they only give a ballpark reading of what the temperature in the cook box is. The E-310 is “iGrill3 Ready”; simply insert the Bluetooth thermometer (sold separately) into the mount near the right shelf and you’re ready to go. 

    Weber backs up the Spirit II E-310 with a 10-year parts warranty for anything but normal wear and tear. That’s pretty amazing for a product that most people in the US throw out within three years. You won’t be sorry for picking up this gas grill for your backyard kitchen.

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  3. 3. Blackstone 36-Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station

    • 55-pound rolled steel cooktop offers 720 square inches of grilling space
    • Side table features a removable cutting board, paper towel holder and trash bag system
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Tank mount screw is too thick and won't allow a standard tank to seat properly
    • Cooktop is like a cast iron skillet; you've got to keep it seasoned
    • Frame is prone to damage from shipping

    Maybe you’re looking for an alternative to the standard grates of a gas grill? The Blackstone 36-Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station will definitely fit that bill. Instead of open grates, it features a 55-pound rolled steel griddle cooktop with 720 inches of grilling space. There are four burners that create four cooking zones that work with each other to create a nice, hot griddle for cooking burgers, veggies, chicken, fish, and more. Food has less of a chance to burn and you can cook using one zone while keeping another warm. Whether you’re cooking for one or catering a party, the Blackstone gives you options. And if you’ve never cooked pancakes and eggs for breakfast outside, this is your excuse to experience some fun.

    The smooth griddle cooking surface eliminates flare-ups from grease dripping down on propane jets and food falling between the spaces on normal grill grates. The chance for jets and diffusers to degrade is reduced as well since all the grease is kept up top and managed with a wide-mouthed disposal system. If you really want the best of both worlds, Blackstone offers this 36-inch Grill Top Accessory in case you need that open flame experience.

    Cleaning is much easier as well however keep in mind that the surface, like a cast-iron skillet, needs to be kept seasoned. Also keep in mind that because the cooktop is flat, you should think about getting a hard griddle cover along with the soft fabric cover to protect your griddle and keep the elements out. This set of griddle accessories will help you clean and maintain your new Blackstone Gas Griddle Cooking Station, too.

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  4. 4. Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill

    • Two 18" x 13" side tables make prep work a breeze
    • Stainless steel lid and control panel
    • Three-year limited warranty
    • Propane hose is too short
    • Grease pan should be bigger
    • Be careful moving on uneven surfaces

    The Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill is a decent-sized gas grill for your backyard kitchen space. It features cast-iron cooking grates that retain heat longer and radiates evenly. Cooking space is a generous 443 square inches with an additional 167-square-inch warming rack. 

    The four burners are made of stainless steel to give you maximum control over your heat. Keep the temperature hot in one area and warm in another for multi-zone food preparation. And speaking of food prep, the CGG-7400 has two side tables so you can multitask your cooking to your heart’s content.

    The cover, fascia, and control knobs are all made of stainless steel so they won’t rust out on your patio and the rest of the cart figures are painted with a heavy black enamel. Each burner lights up separately with a twist of the dial from a low simmer to high heat. 

    To cap it all off, Cuisinart was thoughtful enough to include a bottle opener right there on the front next to your cooking station. It’s like they read your mind when you were thinking of how more perfect it could be to sizzle those steaks on the Cuisinart CGG-7400 and then delivered.

  5. 5. Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill

    • Includes a sear station, side burner, smoker burner, rotisserie burner and room for 20 burgers
    • 12-inch lid height
    • Lighted burner control knobs
    • Rotisserie feature great but tough to learn
    • Warming tray is too low
    • Expensive but this is a premium-level grill

    The Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill is a top of the line machine and the most feature-rich grill that Weber produces. Everything about the Summit S-470 is designed to provide the ultimate grilling experience from the smooth operation of the lid and control knobs to how the burners light up on the first try. The cookbox is made of cast aluminum so they’re durable, efficient, easy to maintain, and conduct heat like no other material. Even the shape of the unit is designed to circulate heat in the most effective manner possible. It’s big, powerful, and could be the best grill that you’ve ever used.

    The Summit S-470 features 468 square inches of primary cooking space featuring 9mm stainless steel cooking grates over four stainless steel burners. The grill has an impressive list of cooking options: side burner, sear station burner, smoker box and burner, and a rear-mounted, motorized, infrared rotisserie burner. Whoa. This lid is extra-tall at 12 inches high allowing for a large chicken or piece of beef on the spit. The work surfaces on either side are made of stainless steel as well and feature tool hooks for your spatulas in between burger flips. Control knobs are lighted and there’s also a grill light.

    The Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill lights easy, gets hot fast, allows you to dial in the heat how and where you need it, and will look stunning on your patio. If you’re looking for the ultimate gas grill with all the bells and whistles and a few other instruments you didn’t know about, you’ve found it.

  6. 6. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

    • Smoke chimneys provide excellent ventilation to get convection heat moving through
    • Ignitor probe on each of the three burners for more reliable lighting
    • Great price for a solid little gas grill
    • Reports of flare-ups because of the angle of the flame shields
    • If you're cooking for more than four people, this might be a little small for you
    • Loading and unloading tanks is awkward

    Some folks look at gas grills as consumable products with a finite lifespan; buy low, wear them out, then get a new one. Several reviews of the Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill wrote about that sentiment almost verbatim: it’s a great price and it works hard. It’s made of thick powder-coated steel that is meant to take some abuse. I’m happy to say that while there are other gas grills of higher quality out there, the Char-Griller E3001 is a solid little beast. Just don’t make the mistake of comparing this grill to grills costing $500 or more.

    The three burners put out serious heat for the 438-square inch cooking area but know this gas grill is not meant to prepare food for an army despite the side shelf burner unit. It’s for getting some steaks or burgers roasted for a small family or group of friends and that it does supremely well. Two smoke chimneys in the rounded lid provide excellent ventilation to move that heat through the unit. Char-Griller manufactures a lot of different charcoal-fired grills (hence their name) however the Char-Griller E3001 is their only gas grill and I wonder why since this little guy is a serious contender for toughest working grill in the cooking business.

  7. 7. Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grill

    • TRU-Infrared tech prevents flare-ups and delivers even heat
    • 10,000-BTU side burner
    • Less convection means less airflow for tastier food
    • Grates can be difficult to clean
    • You'll need help receiving this heavy shipment off the truck
    • This grill can get hot easily; be careful not to burn your food

    And now for something a little different: the Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grill with side burner and stainless steel finish. Char-Broil markets this grill as having they call TRU-Infrared technology. Basically, this is how it works: in a typical grill, there are jets that burn propane covered by diffusers (tents that prevent grease from getting on the jets). This framework exists underneath steel or cast iron grates where the food cooks.

    With this Char-Broil gas grill, there is a special cooking grate in between the tents and the grates. This special grate prevents the quick rise of heat, cutting down on the convection cooking process, and absorbs the heat to transfer it to the food evenly. Fans of this type of grilling are vocal and really like the way it works to cook food of all kinds, claiming meat is juicier because of less airflow.

    There are fewer flare-ups while cooking as well. The drawback to this setup is that the special cooking grate can be difficult to clean even when using the included cleaning tool. The cooking surface is an ample 450-square inches (24 burgers!) of primary grilling real estate with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

    Most of the Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grill is made of tough stainless steel. It includes a drop-away side burner for preparing side dishes or for warming food. Although there is a stainless panel to shield the open cart assembly, the propane tank mount is on the left side and easy to access.

    This gas grill is a great size for a family of four who entertains friends and neighbors. This different type of grilling is unique, prevents the flames from scorching your food, and allows any grill jockey to make up juicy, flavorful meat on a consistent basis.

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  8. 8. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Gas Grill

    • Steel lid, grates, and firebox are porcelain coated
    • Piezo ignition system provides fast and reliable push-button starts
    • Easy, intuitive setup
    • Does not have as much temperature control as similar models
    • Gas control knobs do not have a stopper preventing accidental shut-off
    • No hooks to hang grill tools

    As the name implies, gas grills don’t get more classic than this. The Char-Broil Classic 360 is a 3-burner gas grill that delivers 30,000 BTUs of heat across 360 square inches of cooking area. The steel lid, cookbox, and grates are all porcelain-covered to prevent food from sticking and for easy cleaning. The cooking surface measures 26-inches wide by 14-inches deep. On the inside, three stainless steel in-line burners are durable and deliver strong cooking performance. The Char-Broil Classic 360 has a Piezo ignition system for quick, reliable push-button starts, and two metal side shelves for those cutting boards and plates you’ll need for that delicious food on the grill. Two six-inch wheels provide easy portability, and two fixed legs to keep it in place.

    Since the Char-Broil Classic 360 is a no-frills, simple, high-performance gas grill, assembly is easy and quick. The small footprint means this grill can go just about anywhere on your patio and not demand much space. It’s sturdy, consistent, and a solid tool for all of your backyard cooking. If you’re looking for a nice little grill, you would do well to consider the Classic 360.

  9. 9. Megamaster 6-Burner 753 Square-Inch Gas Grill

    • Warming rack not attached to lid; less chance of food moving around
    • Six burners provide multiple heat zones
    • Easy to warm up quickly
    • Ignition can be inconsistent
    • Grates move around too much when being cleaned
    • Large gaps between each grate tooth

    The Megamaster 6-Burner 753 Square-Inch Gas Grill features six 9,000-BTU stainless steel burners with 753 square inches of porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. Porcelain-enamel flame shields protect the burners and distribute heat evenly across the surface to make sure your meals are cooked to perfection. Wide side shelves provide more than enough space for tools and cutting boards while you’re busy getting those burgers ready to go. This grill doesn’t have some bells and whistles like other grills like a side burner or shelving however it has one clear advantage: size. Six burners for a grill this price is impressive as is the size of the cooking surface. I like the tank cavity that firmly seats the propane bottle into the lower shelf. The wheels aren’t going to get the grill over soft lawn areas easily but they’ll be more than adequate to move it around your hardscape. It’s like the Megamaster people understood that gas grills have a finite lifespan and put together a really good combination of cooking power and space at a price that will fit into most budgets. 

  10. 10. RevoAce 4-Burner Gas Grill

    • Simple assembly
    • Side burner good for veggies, sauces, or deep frying
    • Four burners provide excellent heat distribution
    • Tool hooks would be nice
    • Needs better tank seating
    • Legs and wheels seem flimsy

    The RevoAce 4-Burner Gas Grill is an excellent choice to cook up a meal for family and friends. The grill features 480 square inches of primary cooking space made of porcelain-coated cast-iron and an additional 180 square inch warming area made of porcelain-coated steel. The side burner is great to prepare sauces, sides, or even deep frying. Each of the four 12,000-BTU stainless steel burners ignite easily by the integrated electronic starter to provide consistent, even heat throughout the grill. The porcelain-coated heat plates reduce flare-ups while cooking under the stainless steel lid with steel liner and black steel endcaps. This gas grill is constructed of steel all around including the porcelain-coated cookbox bowl, control panel, and front panel and the two side shelves. Assembly of the gas grill is quick and easy so you can get to cooking right away. Finally, I found the bottle opener installed on the front of the grill to be a nice touch; all that grilling makes a person thirsty! 

    Note: Liquid propane tank is not included.

  11. 11. Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Event Gas Grill

    • Two folding side tables
    • Heavy-duty lockable caster wheels for transport
    • Ideal for large events for work, church, school, or commercial use
    • No hood or lid to protect grill when not in use
    • There isn't a stock cover out there to use with this grill
    • No real amenities other than electronic ignition

    So you’ve got a party coming up and you’re looking to cook up an insane amount of food for your entire high school reunion? With the Royal Gourmet GB8000 Event 8-Burner Gas Grill, you will have no problem keeping up with demand. This monster features a heavy-duty, capacity storage space cart with tough, lockable caster wheels and two large metal side shelves that fold down for transport. This gas grill supports two separate propane tanks to provide 104,000 BTUs of power over 950 square inches (!) of cooking space. The Royal Gourmet GB8000 can accommodate sixty (sixty!) burgers at one time over the porcelain-coated steel wire grates. Each of the eight stainless steel tube burners puts out 13,000 BTUs each in case things slow down and you only need half of this beast fired up. Grease pans are large and slide out easily for cleaning. If you’re looking to cook up some pancakes and bacon for that camping trip for the elementary school, take a look at this excellent Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle to use with the Royal Gourmet. 

  12. 12. Monument Grills Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Grill

    • Four heavy-duty caster wheels
    • A ceramic sear side burner on one side and a lidded side burner on the other, both 12,000 BTU
    • 723 total square inches of cooking area
    • Slight variance in cabinet wall attachment to base; can get out of square
    • Complicated assembly instructions
    • Stainless steel is a bit thin

    There are a number of things that the Monument Grills Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Grill has going for it. For one, it’s constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel; every single piece of metal used to construct this grill is stainless steel providing some definitive durability. The lid features a clear window to keep an eye on your burgers or steaks without lifting the lid and sacrificing the built-up heat. Two side shelves with tool hooks each feature a 12,000-BTU burner, one ceramic unit for searing meat and the other is stainless steel for heating up side dishes. The appropriate parts are coated with porcelain for easy cleaning and delivering an even heat throughout the cookbox. There is an LED grilling light and the control knobs all feature a blue LED for better visibility into the evening hours. The four heavy-duty caster wheels provide excellent mobility and the enclosed cart with swing doors provide some storage besides the space for the propane tank. The Monument Grills Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Grill is a definite step up from your average backyard grill.

  13. 13. Rinkmo 3-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill

    • Decent price point for an alternative brand
    • Porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates and warming rack
    • Rust-resistant materials
    • Long assembly time
    • Tricky ignition switch
    • Poor assembly instructions

    Like some alternative brands getting into the yard tools industry like Greenworks, Tacklife, and Sun Joe, Rinkmo is a little known fabricator that makes products of all kinds like the Rinkmo 3-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill. Made mostly of durable stainless steel, this gas grill is a mid-sized barbecue great for any backyard. With over 600 square feet of cooking space and three stainless steel dual-tube burners delivering 36,000 BTUs, you’re going to be able to efficiently cook a feast on this gas grill. Grill grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron for superior heat distribution and cleaning. The side burner is useful for preparing sauces or sauteeing vegetables or used as an additional work surface. The cookbox sits above an open-design steel cart with a stainless panel for an attractive look. Many people are finding products of unexpected high quality coming from these off-brands; the Rinkmo 3-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill may surprise you with its attention to detail and its excellent ability to grill up that next meal.

  14. 14. Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Gas Grill

    • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
    • Good grease management system
    • High-quality construction and material
    • Open cart design
    • Some surface edges may be sharp; be careful when assembling
    • Cover won't fit grill with side shelves in place

    The Weber Spirit II E-210 is an impressive little two-burner gas grill that was made to fit balconies or patios to deliver a high-quality cooking experience in small spaces. Like it’s big brother, the Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill, the E-210 sports the GS4 (Grilling System 4) that includes an improved ignition system, stainless steel burners, porcelain-enameled “Flavorizer” bars, and a great grease management system. I tend to neglect the grease box on my own grill and it’s nice to see one here that’s so accessible to take care of.

    There are 360 square inches of primary cooking space here, enough to prepare enough food for four people with some planning. The heat is even and quick so you’re spending more time enjoying your food than cooking it. The open deck design allows for limited storage underneath the cookbox and oversized wheels provide good mobility. The fuel gauge is an excellent touch for those of us who endlessly wonder if we have enough propane to last through the latest cooking session.

    The reversible grill plates accommodate different cuts of meat, thin on one side for fish and shrimp, flat on the other for bigger cuts of beef and chicken. Burgers and dogs cook fast without drying them out. The in-hood thermometer is okay to get a ballpark reading but if you’re wanting something a little more accurate, the E-310 is “iGrill3 Ready”. Simply insert the Bluetooth thermometer (sold separately) into the mount and you’re ready to go. 

    Weber backs up the Spirit II E-210 with a 10-year parts warranty for anything but normal wear and tear; that’s the best warranty of any grill out there. This is the perfect grill for your small space to grill up some fun this summer.

How Do I Select The Best Gas Grill? 

There are so many varieties and so many options of barbecue grills out there that it’s easy for all the choices to overwhelm anyone looking for a new gas grill on sale. Don’t let too many choices ruin what should be a completely fun experience! Selecting your backyard culinary centerpiece is not difficult (or at least it shouldn’t be).

What do you typically cook and how often? If burgers and dogs are the high points of your personal cooking show, then an inexpensive run-of-the-mill gas grill will be more than enough to make those summer memories special.

But let’s say you want to get into some exotic territory like smoked ribs or preparing fresh salmon? The grill you’re looking at should have some advanced method to control the heat source and intensity.

That means at least two and preferably more burners on a gas grill to create and maintain indirect and direct heating zones. Two-zone grilling will make it possible for you to create a mouth-watering barbecue like brisket or pork by cooking at a lower temperature for longer.

Think about how much food you create as well. If you’re usually cooking for a dinner for one, you certainly don’t need an eight-burner gas grill. Likewise, if you’re cooking for a family of five, two burners just won’t be enough.

Where will your new small gas grill live once you bring it home? Consider the space and how protected against the elements it will or won’t be. Many grills are built to withstand harsh temperatures but your new outdoor cooking stove will last a lot longer if it has some sort of protection from sun, wind, rain, and snow.

A grill cover that fits your model well is an absolute must-have item. Will you need a more portable grill that can be moved around or are you planning a permanent exterior kitchen setup? Also, keep in mind how much access to replacing your propane bottle you will have. How easy will it be to take that five-gallon bottle safely out for refueling?

Grilling tasty food is a centuries-old practice that has never been easier to do well. One important tool you’ll need is a good (not necessarily expensive but accurate) meat thermometer like the Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo Thermometer. Meat isn’t entirely cooked by the grill; the outside is cooked and that’s what cooks the inside.

It’s important to have a good thermometer for excellent results. Also consider boning up on your skills by picking up Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling. Author Meathead Goldwyn (yes, that’s his name) goes into entertaining detail to explain how and why incredible barbecue is made possible.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Gas Grill? 

What level of sophistication do you feel is right for your backyard? There are loads of economy-priced gas grills that will do the job at a very low cost; the trade-off here is a low-grade material used in construction that isn’t going to last more than a couple of seasons without significant upkeep.

Utilitarian models are priced in the mid-range, offer material upgrades, and some great add-ons as well. These gas grills can last a decade or more making them a prime choice for most of the public. Plus, there are many interesting amenities available such as infrared cooking, charcoal tray accessories, and wood chip smoker boxes. This small smoker tube is a great idea to get more flavor out of your gas grill!

If you’re like me and you are simply looking to cook the seafood and veggies to perfection, these practical gas grills will definitely handle the job. Because grilling is so popular throughout most of the world, the ceiling for what one can spend on a gas grill is fairly high. Enormous grills with more than eight burners, side burners, tall hoods that fit a rotisserie assembly, LED-lit dials for “night grilling”, and more are available...if you feel you need those options.

You’re going to come across the acronym BTU quite often when looking at gas grills. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. While BTUs are part of the equation when talking about heat output, they’re only part of it. One BTU measures how much fuel is needed to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

That’s not exactly helpful when considering maximum temperature and range. We’re not boiling water, we’re cooking delicious meat! You’re going to want an energy-efficient gas grill that can reach a high temperature with a low BTU count. A large grill that burns through more propane might have a large BTU rating and still not reach the temperature you need to cook that pork butt.

What’s the Difference Between Grilling and Barbecuing?

Grilling and Barbecuing are sometimes used interchangeably when people prepare incredible food for their friends and family but there is a distinct difference depending on what you’re cooking.

When you barbecue, this means cooking low and slow using a convection method. Multiple burners on a gas grill are very important when barbecuing in order to create a low-heat zone. Heat is kept between 200 and 300-degrees Fahrenheit to wash over all of the food for anywhere from two to 18 hours.

That indirect transfer of heat over a long period of time is what makes beef brisket so tender and tasty. Low heat also creates more smoke than high heat; that smoke contributes to the overall flavor (and also makes your eyes roll back in your head when you taste it).

Grilling is the practice of cooking over high heat with the grill lid up. That high heat is directly cooking the surface of the food on the metal grates of the grill. The high heat produces less flavorful smoke but time is what we’re going for here with this sort of conduction heating.

Grilling brings food up to the proper internal temperature quickly, thinner meats like steaks, chops, burgers, seafood, and vegetables. Grilling doesn’t necessarily mean crank the heat and scorch it, however, just faster than spending all day cooking a large piece of meat.

By the way, don’t sear your steak first. Grill it on lower heat first so it cooks evenly, then, when it’s almost ready, quickly sear both sides on high heat to get that dark crust and flavor you’re looking for.

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