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15 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables: Compare & Save

We are all looking for fun things to do within our homes to occupy our time and bring our families together. If you are going to flex that puzzle muscle you need a great table to set your pieces on or in. Check out these awesome gift ideas for yourself or others, the best jigsaw puzzle tables to make putting puzzles together easier and way more comfortable.

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Which Table is the Best Puzzle Organizer?

There are a lot of quality attributes to all of these tables but for the serious jigsaw, puzzler organization is key. Keeping all of your pieces in the right place and organizing them by color, size, and shape is a key move when cruising through your next puzzle. There are certain tables that will help you stay organized better than others.

If you want to stay organized you need to know where all of your pieces are. Whether you are putting together a 250-piece puzzle or a 1500-piece puzzle it definitely helps to have all of your pieces laid out in front of you. Bits and Pieces make a beautiful jigsaw puzzle table that has three separate places for your pieces so you can rest assured that you will be more than ready to finish your next masterpiece.

An angled tabletop is a helpful tool when sitting down to start work on your next jigsaw puzzle. Add an angled top to a table with drawers and you have yourself a home run in the world of jigsaw puzzles. The drawers are a useful way to keep everything in its place. You can simply close the drawers and pick up right where you left off. This wooden table with green felt material will definitely up your jigsaw puzzle game. 

The Puzzle Pal Premier Edition is awesome. Although it is smaller than a larger puzzle table and isn't a traditional table it provides enough space to complete your puzzle with even more space on the sides to keep your unused pieces. You can keep it open at all times or close it up for travel or when you aren't using it. You can also put it on your lap so you can get to work while watching TV or lounging after a long, stressful day.