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11 Best Massage Recliners of 2023

massage recliner


A massage recliner can deliver as robust or as gentle a massage as you’re looking for, all in the comfort of your own home and as often as you’d like. Depending on your needs and desires, there is a wide range of chairs that offer everything from full-on therapeutic massages to simply warming and relaxing massages. The biggest differences between them are price and size, and of course, features.

Therapeutic massage recliners are generally large and rather bulky looking. While they probably won’t make a nice addition to your living room décor, they will relieve your aches, pains, and muscle tension. These chairs are designed to mimic a true hands-on massage, and many offer heat in addition to rollers and airbags that add compression to the massage mix.

Gentler models look more like traditional lift recliners and reading chairs can provide relaxation and heat, but on a much smaller scale. We’ve included a mix in our list of recommendations and sorted them by price, in case you’re shopping on a budget. Be sure to take a few minutes to read through the additional information at the end of our reviews to make certain you pick the model with the features that best meet your specific needs. You’re going to love adding one of these massage recliners to your home. Stiff muscles and joints will melt away.

gold full body massage recliner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 100 massaging air cells
  • Roller system with large massage balls
  • 17 programs
Price: $940.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black full body massage recliner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Developed by medical professionals
  • FDA approved medical device
  • Targets pain points
Price: $3,799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
espresso whole body massage recliner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Warm air technolgy
  • More elegant profile
  • Five massage programs
Price: $1,533.56 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tan shiatsu massage chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Four programs and many options
  • Body scan technology
  • Three zero gravity positions
Price: $1,699.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
massage chair with ottoman Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stylish design
  • Real leather upholstery
  • Separate ottoman included
Price: $2,499.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black electric massage recliner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Independent back and leg adjustability
  • Nine auto-massage programs
  • Heat for both your back and soles of feet
Price: $849.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black faux leather massage recliner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Full body shiatsu massage
  • Heated
  • Four fixed intensities
Price: $899.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
shiatsu massage recliner Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Variety of massage modes
  • Zero gravity
  • Very robust massage
Price: $849.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
red lift recliner with massage and heat Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Power lift
  • Massage, heat and vibration
  • Easy to operate
Price: $559.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
massage gaming chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Height makes it great for gamers
  • Shiatsu massage with heat
  • Keeps spine aligned
Price: $469.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tan massage recliner rocker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Small and stylish
  • Can be used as a regular recliner
  • Offers massage along with heat
Price: $1,999.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Editor’s Choice: 3D Kahuna Hubot Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Recliner

    • More massage programs than most for all needs
    • Massages head and temples to relieve tension
    • Huge volume of airbags to compress and massage
    • Larger massage balls reach all your tender spots
    • Super spendy
    • Airbag intensity can be too strong for some
    • Unlit remote is hard to see
    • Massaging headpiece isn't removable

    When you’re after a truly therapeutic massage, sometimes you require a longer massage time. While most chairs only offer 30-minute programs, the Kahuna Hubot doubles that with up to 60 minutes per session. This 3D massage recliner offers zero gravity positioning for the ultimate in relaxation, allowing your muscles and joints to fully respond to the treatment. 

    Whether you’re looking for a robust full-body massage or something gentler to just help you relax, you control the intensity with up to five different setting options. The chair features an HSL-track system- an advanced system that has an additional ergonomic curve in the lower back area with a longer range of the track. That means you’ll get more benefits from neck to hips. Even the spine specialists at Spine-Health.com agree that massage chairs like this can be super beneficial in lieu of regularly seeing a massage therapist.

    Double size high elasticity massage balls protrude from the chair to reach all your tender areas with a human-like touch, while vibration and air cell movement promote increased blood circulation and muscle relaxation. We like how this chair has lots of flexibility, depending on body size. It offers seven different leg extension settings, and to keep your tootsies perfectly happy, it also has three intensity settings for your feet.

    With more than 100 different air cells to provide both compression and manipulation, and massaging rollers, this chair can be customized to your needs or you can utilize one of the 17 different programs already provided. This chair even offers head and temple massage to ease away the strain of the day, which is unique compared to most massage recliners that don’t adequately work on your head and neck. 

    You’ll also love that the Kahuna offers heat therapy in both the upper and lower back, as well as legs and feet. The chair comes with premium Bluetooth speakers and an easy-to-understand mobile app for the ultimate in control.  It can easily accommodate humans up to 6’1″ and has a 300-pound weight capacity. Get it either black or champagne. While it’s among the most expensive, we think it’s definitely worth the price.

    If you’re looking for many of the same qualities, but can’t pop for a $5K+ massage chair, Kahuna has a new space-saving model at about half that price with many of the same excellent features, sans the head massage, and it has 12 programs as well as manual adjustability.

  2. 2. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

    • Full medical scan feature delivers a custom massage every time
    • Zero gravity option as well as custom recline feature
    • Hip and back stretch helps release back muscle tension
    • Heat therapy increases relaxation and improves results
    • Comes with extra pads for added comfort
    • Seriously expensive
    • Might not fit those with very large frames
    • Neck and shoulder massage isn't as robust as some would like

    Your insurance might pay for the Medical Breakthrough 4 recliner. If you’re suffering from serious pain and you’re looking for a massage recliner that is FDA-approved as a medical device, try this. This zero gravity recliner was designed by doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and pain specialists to give you the relief you need. 

    Each time you sit down for a massage, the chair performs a body scan to zero in on your pain points and deliver the most effective massage by customizing the position of the massage rollers. For back pain sufferers, this chair features inflatable airbags that grip your hips and gently pull the muscles in your back to release tension and boost spinal health.

    One thing you’ll appreciate about this particular chair is that it allows you to recline to any position you’d like, rather than limiting your options to a few fixed positions.  And if you’ve tried other chairs but found them too uncomfortable, you can order this one with extra padding at no extra charge. Sweet. The L track roller system gives you a robust massage from your head all the way down to your bum. 

    Another feature we love about this model is the 4D arm massage function which covers every inch of your arms, hands, and fingers, massaging them from top to bottom, as well as underneath and sideways, all at the same time. If arms and hands are a pain point for you, this is a real bonus and a feature not included in every chair.

    This chair also features heat therapy to enhance overall comfort, relaxation, and results. For even more features, including deep tissue massage, reflexology foot massage, and a full-body stretch, the Medical Breakthrough 6v4 might also be worth your consideration.

  3. 3. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

    • More gentle than many
    • Warm air technology targets your lumbar region
    • Allows you to adjust width and range of massage rollers
    • Retractable ottoman makes it look more like a traditional recliner
    • Smaller and more elegant design than many
    • No foot massage option
    • No arm massager
    • Doesn't have a zero gravity option
    • Cover material may wear quickly with frequent use

    If you suffer from back pain, arthritis, sciatica, or fibromyalgia, consider this chair. You might be on the hunt for a massage recliner that gently but effectively delivers relief without the harsh pinching, pulling, and manipulation delivered by some chairs. The Human Touch WholeBody massage chair offers just that possibility with a combination of technologies to target what your body needs. 

    Designed to mimic the feel of a hands-on warm oil massage, this chair uses patent-pending FlexGlide and 3D orbital massage technologies to help relax you and ease away tension and pain. Warm air technology targets your lumbar region, providing soothing relief for sore muscles and preparing them for the more robust massage to come.

    Unlike many massage recliners, this one offers a retractable ottoman that looks more like a traditional recliner but can be rotated to massage claves and legs with an upward motion that improves circulation toward your core. With five massage auto-programs including full-body, upper body, lower body, relax, and sleep options, you can also customize your massage experience for targeted muscle benefits by using the range function on the control, and the body map pro allows you to target a single area for massage. 

    We think you’ll appreciate the swivel base and smaller chair profile that make this look less industrial than others and more like a décor piece with extra benefits. Another plus? This chair comes fully assembled and ready to use immediately. While this chair doesn’t offer a foot massage function, Human Touch does make a Reflex Foot and Calf massager that might make a good addition to your massage chair.

    If you’re looking for a zero-gravity solution, Human touch offers a couple of options for a greater investment, the Novo XT2 with 3D massage and heat and the ZeroG 5.0 with a Smart 3D massage engine.

  4. 4. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

    • Airbags and rollers deliver full body experience
    • Body scan measures your spine and pinpoints and then focuses on problem areas
    • Offers reflexology style foot massage
    • Affordable considering all the features
    • Too large for small frame sizes
    • Controller buttons are small and do not light up
    • Doesn't offer adjustable intensities
    • Foot massager is to robust for some

    Are you looking for the perfect massage that’s particularly focused on relieving back pain? The RELAXONCHAIR might be the option you’ll want. With three zero gravity settings, it relieves pressure on your spine while giving you a head-to-toe massage experience. This shiatsu massage chair features an L track to deeply knead tissues from your neck to buttocks. 

    This chair has four preset massage programs, however, you can manually control the speed and intensity of rollers and airbags to customize your experience. It offers five different massage modes including kneading, tapping, kneading + tapping, shiatsu, and rolling. The computerized body scan function detects and measures the length of your spine to ensure you get a complete massage treatment for your body size. 

    The RELAXONCHAIR also offers a spinal decompression program similar to the yoga stretch program available on a few other chairs reviewed. This can help relieve chronic back pain, while airbags around the hip and waist provide compression massage to help align your pelvis and lower back. Airbags also deeply massage forearms, thighs, and legs, while dual spinning rollers offer a robust reflexology foot massage option.

    This chair features an easy-to-read controller with a large viewing screen, so you can see exactly which function your chair is performing at any time. On the downside, the buttons are small, and not backlit, making it difficult to use in lower light situations. If you’re looking for more adjustability, more programs, and a good fit for frame sizes from 5’2″ to 6’5″, the RELAXONCHAIR Classic is a bit more of an investment but offers quite a few more options to customize your experience.

  5. 5. Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with Ottoman

    • Stylish egg design is perfect in a mid mod home
    • Separate ottoman allows you to customize your position for more comfort
    • Built in Bluetooth speakers
    • Multiple massage modes which can be combined
    • Doesn't offer massage for lower legs and feet
    • No USB port to connect devices
    • Expensive price tag for fewer features than some

    If you’re looking for a top-quality massage chair that actually fits into your mid-century modern home decor, this updated design is an option you’ll love. This genuine leather chair features a combination of smooth and diamond stitching and comes in five different colors. It reclines, swivels, and rocks, meaning it’s a great seat even when you’re not getting a massage! But let’s get to the real asset of this chair – the massage features. 

    The curve-hugging SL track delivers a robust massage from the neck and shoulders all the way through hips and glutes. Custom airbags deliver added massage pressure for the hips and glutes as well. And a removable neck pillow allows you to change the position and alignment of your neck massage. The external ottoman allows you to position your lower legs and feet at the most comfortable placement for you, which means this chair is great for people in the same house of different heights. 

    Another advantage of this chair? You can select a full-body massage or any precise spot of your choosing. You can make your massage fast or slow percussive, straight roll, circular kneading – or a mixture of different styles. Built-in Bluetooth speakers let you relax to your favorite music channels or tune into the latest news or podcast to keep you current.

    This chair weighs in at roughly 1/3 the weight of other massage chairs and definitely has a much more appealing look that can blend in with your other home furnishings. It accommodates those up to 6′ tall and up to 250 pounds. You’ll also appreciate the three-year warranty.

  6. 6. BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

    • Lots of features of more expensive models at a value price
    • Independent back and leg adjustability
    • Big arm mounted remote control
    • Body scan technology gives you a custom fit massage
    • Robust arm, leg and foot massage
    • No zero gravity option
    • Not much head and neck support
    • Instructions are fairly vague and confusing

    Those with only a moderate budget, listen up. You should consider this shiatsu massage chair from BestMassage has tons of features and a pretty darned reasonable price. This chair features six different massage modes –  kneading, tapping, rubbing, pressing, kneading + tapping, and shiatsu. 

    The SL track system, which is often only found in much more expensive chairs, delivers a robust massage from the top of your spine all the way to your tailbone, and you can adjust your recliner to any position you’d like. Few others allow independent control of both the back and the leg rest.  And thanks to the large arm-mounted remote, you can control massage speeds, width, and three levels of intensity.

    This chair features airbag massage for your arms, legs, and feet, as well as heat therapy for both your back and feet that increases circulation and improves relaxation and healing. Another feature usually found in more expensive chairs, this one has smart body scan technology to measure your exact frame size and determine your weight so it can deliver a customized massage that’s optimized to you.

    It features nine auto-massage programs including a full-body stretch, but you also have manual control to create a ritual that best fits your needs at any time. Get it in one of three colors – black, brown or burgundy. While it doesn’t offer a zero-gravity option, Bluetooth speaker, or vibration, BestMassage does have a pretty reasonably priced massage chair in that category too.

  7. 7. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner

    • Zero gravity settings allow for complete relaxation
    • Heat settings for back and feet
    • Massages from neck to toes
    • Fixed programs as well as programmable function for custom massage
    • Movable thanks to wheels on the back
    • Not as attractive as some
    • Very large so not convenient for smaller spaces
    • Could use more low back padding
    • Doesn't provide robust neck and shoulder massage

    When you’re looking to ease muscle tension, aches, and pains, from your head to your toes, the Real Relax massage recliner delivers the goods. It features full body massaging relief, thanks to eight massage rollers in the backrest, foot rollers, and more than fifty airbags that provide soothing compression to your shoulders, arms, hips, legs, calves, and feet.

    This durable faux leather chair has built-In heaters to add to the comfort for your back, butt, and foot area, plus seat vibration loosens tension in your hips and low back. In fact, this chair even provides shiatsu massage points for your legs and calves. The zero-gravity design has three settings that leave you feeling virtually weightless and ensure your complete comfort while you sit back and enjoy. 

    This chair offers four auto-massage programs to choose from – sleep, mild, relaxing, and strong mode, so you can select what best fits your needs on any given day. You can also program the chair manually to just focus for up to 30 minutes at a time on only those areas that need relief, rather than using one of the full body massage modes. 

    The easy-to-use remote control has a display screen so making chair operation simple. And while this chair may look heavy, it’s actually easy to move, thanks to two wheels in the back. If you’re willing to invest a little more, this Real Relax massage chair also features a rocking function along with a Bluetooth music player and high fidelity speakers built-in, as well as six preset massage functions and a bit more cushy design.

  8. 8. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

    • Ten zero gravity positions
    • Carbon fiber lower back heating improves relaxation and relieves pain
    • Robust foot and leg massage options good for those who spend days on their feet
    • Very affordable for lots of features
    • Massage can be too robust for some
    • Not the best for smaller frame sizes
    • No body scan function of previous models from this manufacturer

    Compared to simple L track massage chairs, the OOTORI massage chair offers a double SL track system to better mimic an actual hands-on massage from your neck to your buttocks. This chair reclines to ten different zero gravity positions at the push of a button to give you all the benefits of a full body massage using both rollers and airbags to manipulate away stress, aches, and pains. 

    A unique attribute of this massage recliner is the yoga stretch program that uses airbags to automatically hold your upper and lower body in position and then gently stretches your legs toward the ground while pulling your core and upper body upwards. Lower back heating allows your muscles to relax and helps to increase circulation to improve the overall effect even more.

    This sizeable chair also has a very robust foot and leg massage which makes it a great choice for those who spend their days standing and suffer from foot and leg fatigue. With kneading, tapping, knocking, pressing and shiatsu modes, this chair offers lots of the features of more expensive models at a pretty reasonable investment. 

    This chair is also equipped with carbon fiber heating at the waist to give robust relief of back and hip pain. Keep in mind, this is one of those chairs that can be too robust for some. If you’re accustomed to more intense manipulation though, you’ll probably love the results this chair delivers. This chair offers many features of some of the more expensive models yet it’s one of the most reasonably priced.

  9. 9. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner with Massage & Heat

    • Great choice for seniors thanks to the power lift option
    • Easy to operate with nine massage modes and five intensities
    • Built in cup holders and USB charging ports
    • Smaller profile is great for tight living spaces
    • Very budget friendly compared to most
    • Not suited for taller frame sizes
    • Doesn't really offer therapeutic massage
    • Heats only in the waist area
    • Remote is overly sensitive
    • Arm rests tend to get loose with regular use

    If you’ve been shopping for a massage recliner that’s a bit less intimidating for an elderly person to use, ou might want to consider this power lift recliner from MCombo. It features more gentle versus therapeutic massage which can still relieve the aches and pains that naturally come with age. With nine modes and five different intensities, this chair has lots of flexibility, and anyone who is looking for a perfect way to relax will love the heat function and vibration in the waist and hip area.

    This chair has some other attributes that make it a great gift idea for someone who is newly retired as it will take them into the more relaxing stage of life. It features a seriously strong frame and a back design that’s anti-tipping, which is always a concern with recliners. Not only can you sit in three different positions, including almost prone at 140 degrees, but this chair is also easy to exit thanks to the power lift that pushes the entire chair up to nearly a standing position. 

    Covered in durable PU leather, it is easily cleaned. The arms feature drink holders to keep beverages secure, and side pockets easily accommodate favorite reading materials, TV remotes, and more. It also features dual USB charging ports on the side to keep devices charged and at your side. This chair has a weight capacity of up to 320 pounds, but it’s only recommended for heights up to 5’9″, which accounts for its smaller profile which is great in smaller apartments and homes.

    We give a thumbs up to the budget-friendly pricing as well as the five color options. MCombo also makes a massaging game chair that’s quite affordable although it’s a far different style and has fewer of the amenities of our first pick. 

  10. 10. BestMassage Curved Shiatsu Massage Gaming Recliner

    • Low to the floor profile makes this chair ideal for gaming
    • Combines shiatsu massage with heat
    • You can target massage areas individually
    • Built in Bluetooth speaker system
    • Simple to use remote control
    • Not sized for larger frames
    • Doesn't massage butt, legs or feet
    • The chair may overheat with excessive use

    Gamers have their own neck, back, and hip issues, but they likely don’t want to deal with a giant massage recliner that limits their ability to keep playing. That’s why this cool massage chair for gamers is just the ticket to keep them comfortable even after hours of competition. This chair will literally keep you in the hot seat, as it’s got a heating mode for both the seat pad and the lower back. 

    Massaging nodes target tension in the upper back and thoracic region, a particular issue for many gamers. An additional par of massage nodes in the neck cushion eases muscle tension as well. Full wrap airbags on the side provide shiatsu massage to your waist and hips. The super-simple remote lets you customize your message in a snap, allowing you to use all of the modes at once or target a specific area. 

    The low to the floor base makes this chair ideal for play, with the seat height at just 14 inches from the floor. With Bluetooth 3D surround sound, you can increase your audio experience while you play and relax. An added bonus is that it even has a built-in USB charging port on the side to keep your devices fully powered.

    If you’re looking for more of an office chair design that simply massages the lumbar region, this gaming recliner has a retractable footrest and lets you lock in four different positions for gaming, TV, or even deskwork. 

  11. 11. OWAYS Massage Chair 3D Full Back Massager

    • Heated rollers target neck and back areas
    • Vibrators in the seat relax hips
    • Looks like a regular piece of furniture
    • Acts as a rocker and recliner
    • Adjustable massaging neck pillow for custom fit
    • Not robust enough for those who need medical grade massage
    • Requires some assembly and instructions are lacking
    • Doesn't massage legs or feet

    One of the biggest issues with most massaging recliners is their bulky size and unappealing look. Granted, it takes some space to have the myriad of features that they offer, but perhaps you’re on the hunt for something a lot smaller and simpler that still has massaging benefits, but perhaps isn’t that therapeutic, medical grade option. That’s when you may want to consider this 3D massage rocker recliner from OWAYS

    With the looks of a casual lounger, you could be fooled into thinking that this is just a regular piece of furniture, but no. This recliner features eight massage rollers along with heat to deliver a shiatsu style massage to your back, neck, and shoulders. It features two high frequency vibrating motors in the seat to release muscle tension and increase blood flow.

    We love that it has an adjustable neck pillow with four massaging nodes to pinpoint and massage away neck pain. And with the simple to use remote, and easy instructions, you’ll enjoy three kneading levels and three tapping levels with six massaging nodes that target your thoracic area and low back. 

    One thing we love is the cushion design that allows you to use it as a regular recliner and rocker when you’re not using it for a massage. The smaller profile, natural linen cover, and more stylish look make it easy to add this chair to your sunroom, patio, living room or den. Another clever option for those who are limited by space or style concerns is this folding massage recliner.

Why Should You Get a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs can be a boon to your overall health and well-being, whether you want one for simple relaxation or you need one to promote healing and relieve the aches and pains of arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, or muscle pain caused by tension or physical exertion.

These chairs use a variety of different technologies to mimic a hands-on massage. First and probably most important are the track styles, which are usually defined by S, L, or SL. These identify the style of the track as the system along which the massing rollers move.

While this article happens to be published by a particular manufacturer, it does a nice job of explaining the differences between them. 

Won't All Massaging Recliners Do the Same Thing?

It depends on the level of therapy and relief you're looking for. When you're shopping for one of these chairs, you'll perhaps want to consider designs that use a combination of rollers along with airbags to add compression.

Those recliners can make the experience much more robust, targeting tissues more deeply. Do keep in mind, that if you're not used to therapeutic hands-on massages, these chairs can seem a bit rough.

If you're looking for some simple relaxation, there is no need to break the bank because there are tons of recliners with heat and massage capabilities that are, for the most part, less than $500 and fit more easily into traditional home decor.

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