Pluto Pillow Review: Everything You Need to Know

Pluto Pillow Review


The hunt for the perfect pillow is something that many people are still partaking in, but if you’re hunting at your local Target or Walmart and are going through each brand and style of pillow to test, you’re pillow shopping wrong. Bring your pillow shopping to the next step: Pluto.

What is a Pluto Pillow?

A Pluto Pillow is a custom made-to-order pillow that you can order from Pluto (a company, not the planet). The company claims to utilize data to craft the right pillow for you, taking the trial-and-error aspect of pillow shopping out of the picture.

How Pluto Pillow Works

When you first go to the Pluto Pillow site, you’ll be asked to give basic details about your current pillow, including its material, softness, thickness, how satisfied you are with it, and more. It will ask you your pillow preferences and how you normally sleep, and then it will bring you to the checkout page.

There are 35 potential variations of Pluto pillow that you’ll receive.

No, you cannot see your exact pillow before you order it. Instead, the pillow in your cart is a placeholder for the pillow that their technicians will create based on the survey.

It took about a week for my pillow to arrive. It came packaged in a premium-looking box to give it that added luxury feel.

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Pluto Pillow Price

After completing the survey, you’ll be taken to a checkout page that shows you two options: a $95 price tag for a custom 24′ x 16′ standard size pillow or a $115 34′ x 16′ king size pillow.

Where to Buy Pluto Pillow

While you can’t buy a Pluto Pillow on Amazon or at any big box retailer, you can purchase one directly from their site.

The Pluto Pillow Warranty

Pluto Pillow has a complete 1-year warranty.

Pluto Pillow’s Return Policy

Pluto has a very generous return policy in which you can return the pillow for a full refund up to 100 days of your purchase date. If you’re unsatisfied, all you have to do is shoot them an email and wait for them to send you a return label. After they receive the returned pillow, they will issue you a full refund.

Our Pluto Pillow Review

Most pillows don’t take long to lose their size and shape with normal use, meaning after a couple of weeks you no longer have the same pillow you purchased but a flatter, less comfortable version. Obviously, it’s not ideal to keep purchasing pillows every couple of weeks, so, typically, people just keep using that same pillow which isn’t allowing them to get optimal sleep. But after using my Pluto Pillow for two months, I can tell you that it has retained its shape and size completely (which is what I’m most impressed with, so far).

So, is Pluto Pillow good? Yes.

Before using my Pluto Pillow, I was using one of those Purple pillows that were, at the time, supposed to be the top-tier pillow option. The problem I had with my Purple pillow is that it wasn’t thick enough. Yes, the material itself was comfortable (most notably when wearing earbuds), but it wasn’t comfortable for my neck. So when I came across Pluto, I was glad to see that the thickness of my current pillow was one of the survey questions.

When I first received my Pluto Pillow, I was thoroughly pleased with the results. My new pillow is the perfect thickness and softness, and it gives excellent support for my big noggin.

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